McCain rakes in $22 million for June

Finally seeing some big numbers roll in, the McCain campaign managed to take $22 million in donations for the month of June. Still, it’s short of Obama but it’s a major step for McCain who has been lagging in the fundraising arena.

Story from AOL News:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republican presidential candidate John McCain raised more than $22 million in June, his best fundraising performance of the year, and ended the month with nearly $27 million cash on hand.

Campaign manager Rick Davis said Thursday that McCain and the national Republican Party together entered July with about $95 million in the bank. The Republican National Committee, which has been raising money jointly with McCain, collected nearly $26 million in June and had nearly $69 million on hand, officials said.

The campaign’s fundraising has given McCain the ability to spend more on television advertising than Democrat Barack Obama in key battleground states. Davis said about half of its income had been spent on television advertising.

Obama has not revealed his June fundraising.

In announcing McCain’s fundraising, Davis portrayed the campaign’s financial position as far brighter than ever before. He said the joint RNC-McCain fundraising through direct mail is now exceeding President Bush’s direct mail fundraising in 2004.

“We will have significant resources to prosecute a campaign that is very robust,” Davis said.

The McCain and Obama campaigns have significantly different fundraising calculations to make.

I’m sure Obama’s numbers will be quite large for June since it’s the month he officially clenched the nomination.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    I know some of you will hate me for posting this link, but some of you may find it intriguing:

    Probably an orgy this weekend. And McCain’s VP being decided at the same event.

  • Babs

    Well, the mud slinging from the Obama camp never ceases to amaze me. Where’s the candidate that said he wasn’t going to do any of that?? Here’s the email from the Obama camp this morning:

    Dear *****,
    The McCain campaign is bragging that they are out-raising and out-spending us.

    By collecting huge checks from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs, they raised more money than ever before in June. Combined with the Republican National Committee, they now have more than $95 million in cash on hand.

    I recorded a short video in my office about what we are up against. Now is the time to step up and make your first donation to help us close the gap.

    Please watch the video and make a donation of $25 now:

    Together, we have already accomplished so much in this campaign. But we cannot take it for granted.

    This grassroots movement won’t just happen on its own. It’s up to you to make it happen.



    David Plouffe
    Campaign Manager
    Obama for America”

    Gee, where’s the list of these contributors he’s accusing McCain of? I want to see that. Although I will say the video referenced was heart rendering.

    PS – No, I’m not making a doughnation. 😉

  • Babs

    Interestingly enough, the May campaign contribution figures at, show both Obama and McCain raising less than $22 million in May. Obama raised $21,889,522, and McCain raked in $21,393,773. Not much difference in the two in May, but interestingly there was no press on that. The June figures haven’t been posted yet, but unless Obama stepped up the cash register they are still running neck and neck on more than the polls.

    Also interesting to note, with Obama making claims that McCain is outspending him on “propoganda”, Obama actually spent over twice what McCain spent in May – $25,297,245 (more than he took in, you notice) to McCain’s $10,975,952.

  • nzpudding

    LOL Chris, it looks like it’s going to be a nice male bonding weekend with lots of guys with wide stances!

    Where do you get your ‘propoganda’ figures from Babs? Money spent doesn’t automatically make it propoganda, Obama has a far bigger organisation to run than McCain. That said, Obama’s going to save a bundle on not buying flag pins…LOL


    The truth about Obama: He will attack McCain nonstop, but if McCain comes back with something Obama says he is running to change washington and does not want to run that campaign, even though e made the first attack. Obama always pokes at people then shys or runs away, one day it might come back to bite him in the ass.

  • Babs

    NZ, the figures come from, they are accurate. The “propoganda” I referred to is Obama’s claims that McCain and the RNC is outspending them on “propoganda” (that’s an Obama camp term) against them, I didn’t say Obama’s money was propoganda. 🙂 You can also see breakdowns in their spending there if you wish. Even the individual payroll records. I tend to follow the money.


    Also Obama’s statements about McCain’s money coming from huge washington lobbyists and etc is a joke, it has to be. Obama is linked to so many lobbyist to, and has received a good dea of money from them to. Such a hypocrite, he said he would change washington in a way that he would get rid of lobbyist, but as we all know or should, he has not done that such thing at all.

  • nzpudding

    Babs if Propoganda is the equivalent to negative campaigning, then McCain and the RNC are probably outspending him. Bush far outspent Kerry in 2004 on negative campaigning.

    Obama Sucks, your assertions are ridiculous. There’s absolutely no proof Obama is taking any money from lobbyists for this campaign. If some lobbyists want to donate to his campaign via his website then they’re free to do so, but to say he’s recieved a good deal of money from them without any evidence is the type of diatribe Sean Hannity spews daily.

    And before Obama becomes President, what miraculous changes do you expect him to achieve?


    Well there is proof on politico and also there is nothing wrong with Sean Hannity. I dont know what those changes would be but all im going to say is that Obama has spoken alot about change and i know for sure that is something he does on a weekly basis with all his flip flops.

  • nzpudding

    You’ll have to give me a link from politico where it proves Obama is taking a good deal of money from lobbyists. That said, if you go to WhiteHouseForSale.Org it lists the lobbyists and bundlers linked with each candidate. Seems McCain has 5 (five) times more lobbysist linked to him than what Obama does and McCain has over 1000 mega-donors where Obama has none.

    Sean Hannity is an absolute dick. Whenever he’s interviewing someone and they prove him wrong he quickly shuffles his papers and changes the topic to something else because ‘it’s too important’. I’d like to smack him upside the head with a flip-flop that’s for sure.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    I’m disenchanted with the conservative media like Hannity and the liberal media like Keith Olbermann, because it’s essentially COMMENTARY through and through, and often hypocritically accusatory. And McCain and Obama are both unacceptable; the blame game of “Obama’s worse” or “McCain’s worse” really matters little because they are both DISHONEST MARXISTS. And Marxism is the antithesis of the Constitution.

  • nzpudding

    The stunts the Republican commentators like Hannity are trying to pull against Obama aren’t going to work like they did against Kerry in 2004. Voters need to know what a candidate is going to do for them and not be told what the other guy isn’t going to do.

    People like Hannity ‘ad nauseum’ say how bad Obama is going to be for America, but fail to advocate how good McCain would be. I find that sort of commentary a real turn off, which is why I don’t watch much of Hannity & Colmes anymore.

  • Babs

    nzpudding, do you instead watch Chris Matthews, who tells us Obama is “a gift to us”? Is that what you mean by advocating how good someone will be for us? Hannity goes overboard sometimes, but he’s in good company with a whole host of others on the Obama side.