Staff shake up at Team McCain

Nothing too major and it’s probably expected throughout a campaign season. One can recall numerous changes in the Clinton campaign and a few in the Obama campaign over the past year.

Video report from CBS News:

  • Babs

    I think this was a good move, one that was needed inside the campaign, and one that was being asked for by volunteers close to the campaign (I can attest to that one). The second good move came from Schmidt on Sunday:

    “Former Rudy Giuliani campaign manager Mike Duhaime will be the new political director for John McCain’s campaign, officials announced Sunday.

    Duhaime is the first hire by Steve Schmidt since he took over operational control of the campaign last week.”

    Stay tuned. 😉

  • nzpudding

    I’m hoping this gives McCain a bit more of a fighting chance and he can express himself properly and not pander too much to the hardcore conservatives. Not that I’m against conservatives (well not all of them…LOL) but he doesn’t seem to be comfortable with them.