Obligatory Father Pfleger post and video

Against my better judgment, I will post this story since now McCain has jumped into the mix. Apparently Obama has some more pastor friends making statements that just aren’t helpful to him. This time it was Chicago political activist Catholic Priest Father Pfleger speaking at Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

Here’s the video of Pfleger’s remarks, if you haven’t already seen them:

Obama’s campaign immediately issued a response denouncing the statements:

Obama made it clear he wasn’t happy with the comments – in which Pfleger pretended he was Clinton crying over “a black man stealing my show” – and said he was “deeply disappointed in Father Pfleger’s divisive, backward-looking rhetoric, which doesn’t reflect the country I see or the desire of people across America to come together in common cause.”

Pfleger, too, issued an apology, saying he was sorry if his comments offended Clinton or anyone else. He did not return several calls for comment on Friday.

Meanwhile, Cardinal Francis George of the Archdiocese of Chicago issued a press release Friday in which he criticized both Pfleger’s involvement in a political campaign and a “personal attack” on Clinton. George said Pfleger has promised not to campaign or even mention any candidate by name.

Finally, McCain decided to jump into the action today:

Surprise, everyone condemns the statements, including Pfleger who outright apologized for them, which is a step above Rev. Wright. Pfleger, unlike Wright, isn’t going to hurt Obama the same way. Obama can’t be held responsible for what Pfleger says, furthermore, Pfleger was not Obama’s pastor for 20 years, etc…

  • Debi1208

    Anyone who accepts a speaking engagement at Trinty in Chicago from this point on is in it for the notority. Did you see the show he put on? Obama is going to be looking for a new church in Washington DC anyway.

    What happened to the sparation of State & Politics.

    Bacark Obama/Chuck Hagel 08! We could kick butt!

  • Jake

    I’ve been a Catholic my entire life, and I’ve never once seen a priest act in such a shameful and disgraceful manner. It’s hurtful to think that his behavior and speech will affect how my faith is perceived by others. And for what?


    This man is a disgrace. He is a disgrace to whites and a disgrace to America. ever notice how he speaks like a black man, it is particulary scary to me. Also more video has come out about him speaking about rape, and that is how whites are, we rape the color. I said it before and ill say it again, this is a racist anti-white church, the whole congregation was standing and clapping and praising Pflager and the worst part is THIS IS A WHITE MAN SPEAKING SUCH DISGUSTING THINGS ABOUT WHITES.

    Watch “The Producers” and tell me he doesnt talk like the Hippie Hitler, LOL!


    This man is not a man of God, he does not speak on behalf of God, and is a disgrace to all white people and Catholics in the world. NEver has catholicism preached such a horrible message. We are people and followers of our savio Jesus Christ. Who was actually raped over and over and over again for all of our sins.

    This video is disgusting.

    How any person can support Barack Obama oustands me and is gross. I dont care if he doesnt share the same views and you may think it should not be a big deal, HELLO HES RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF OUR COUNTRY FOR HEAVENS SAKE!

  • OBAMA_SUCKS, consider this a warning, do NOT turn this into an inflammatory thread. I will edit/nuke posts if you make more statements like “How any person can support Barack Obama oustands me and is gross.”

    People are entitled to support whoever they want, do not post inflammatory remarks as this will descend quickly in a thread I’ll have to moderate.

    For this reason, and this alone, is why I considered not posting this story. However, it has turned into yet another story concerning this issue since even McCain is condemning it.


    I guess im not entilted to my view but ok I am sorry, I was just making a statement. Just as a religious person this is hard to take, when a father of your own faith speaks these things, and then to think that he is friends and was on his campaign, is hard to take.

    Obama needed to issue a better respnonse than what he gave, it was the same that it always is and has been throughout these issues and I do not believe him.

  • OS, I empathize with you as I’ve been offended personally by a lot of the twisting and criticism of religious leaders throughout this campaign. I’m not Catholic, but I can certainly understand how you feel, I’d be equally as offended.

    However, I just want to avoid a flame war here, that’s all. Your opinion is welcome, and I let your post stand, I’m just making a point to let everyone know to just keep this discussion respectful, that’s all.

    So carry on everyone.. pretend I’m not here..


    I myslef will try to keep it as respectful as I can even though the temptation will be strong to stray from that, I will not be like Judas and betray Jesus Christ, thus i will stay out of this discussion until I feel the desire or need to speak incase someone else puts something I feel as disgraceful either to my faith or, something on the matter of Obama.

    Thankyou for not nuking my post Nate.

  • Grey

    As someone of deep religious convictions, as someone who believes that in Christ love reigns above all, I’m saddened that such degrading and condemning statements could come from those that claim to preach the gospel. A man once said that the greatest obstacle of the church is the Christian, and once again that statement is proven in Pfleger’s incendiary sermon.

    I still don’t get how this is a reflection on Obama at all. The amount of sway these non-issues receive is ridiculous.

  • Robert

    That was definitely one of the more interesting sermons by a Catholic priest that I’ve seen.

    When I see things like this, it actually pushes me more towards Obama. I believe he himself will help Americans move beyond these divisive attitudes.



    Is that a joke. Obama will help people move beyond these attitudes. Are you being serious. Obama is the one who has always been drawn to these types of crazy nut mostly leftwing people. He has been friends with Ayers, Wright, and now This guy and your telling me he’ll help people move beyond this type of attitude. Pfleger and Obama have been good friends for a long time, thats why Obama gave Pflager and his Church 200,000 dollars and thats why Pfleger gave money to Obama both in 1996, and 2001. But hey thats your opinion even If i cant respect it, I must but for you to say this brings you more towards Obama ludicricy

  • Josh

    O.S., you really don’t understand how politics in America work. McCain has just as many loose cannons on his side of the race, but you don’t see them because the “news” you prefer to watch is likely slanted right. Watch CNN or read the NY Times if you want to find out about McCain’s cronies, as these organizations. This is what these so-called “news” organizations thrive on in an election year, they go around trying to find the most entertaining garbage they can dig up on whatever candidate their corporation opposes because that’s what makes them money. Not so different from National Enquirer if you ask me, but at least that magazine doesn’t try to pose as a legitimate news source.
    It is interesting to me that you would question Obama’s integrity, especially when he’s the only remaining candidate who has largely stayed away from these kind of tactics. I have to say that McCain, as well, has tryed to stay clear of slimy tactics. We’ll see how long that trend continues moving closer to November.


    Josh the NY times is liberal propaganda, plain and simple it is. Don’t act like Obama hasd tried to stay clear of attack politics, he has always attacked until someone brought it to his doorstep, than once brought to him, it is seen as some kind of outrage by him and the liberals at msnbc and nbc. Well see how Obama can take it in the debates when McCain destroys him over foreign policy and his connections with domestic terrorists, racist bigots, and others. Maybe then you will realize the man you may like for president is very screwed up, maybe not on policies but in his friendships and family.

    If McCain has as many loose cannons than name them to me. I want to know what loose cannons say the type of things that a Rev Wright or a ft Pfleger say, or what a Michelle Obama says, and even what a Barack H. Obama says.

  • Josh

    You are so exceedinly uninformed it hurts. Just because you like a network to pander to you doesn’t mean it’s news, it’s just entertainment.

    What about Hagee, and Parsely, Falwell, Robertson, and all the other bigoted “pastors” in his clique? What about the 126 lobbyists that are currently working or raising money for the McCain campaign. These 126 lobbyists represent a smattering of respectable clients such as Phillip Morris, the Blackstone Group, Exxon-Mobil, Shell Oil, the governments of Panama, Saudi Arabia, Kurdistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Somalia, and Nigeria, as well as just about every healthcare, pharmaceutical, and insurance interest on the planet. These are the people that make up McCain’s “straight talk, no pork” campaign, or rather, the interests that make it up. By contrast, there are no lobbyists running Obama’s campaign. These are really bad people…they don’t just say bad things, they do them all the time.

    If we are to judge Obama according to people like Wright and this Pfleger guy, then we must also judge McCain by his ties to shady individuals. By this judgement, the strings that control McCain lead back to a venerable who’s who among brutal dictators, sheisty heathcare CEO’s, and Oil Czars. I’d much rather take the guy who supposedly hates whitey than the guy who is best pals with some of the worlds biggest scumbags, thank you very much.

  • Dem ’08

    WOW, LOL I can see who don’t care for you Obama_Sucks! Nate called you out and made a threat for speaking your mind in a mild manner I might add. If this post even makes it through I will be suprised….LOL

    This web site is biased and now you can’t even speak your mind….Sick!

  • Dem ’08, everyone is welcome to respectfully speak their minds, what don’t you understand about that?

    If you can’t grasp that concept, I have no problem with editing your posts if you personally insult people with name calling, etc… I don’t ask much, just that people be respectful and intelligent in their posts.

    I would direct you to the 5000+ other comments on this site that are not, and have not been edited in any way. Pretty much everything goes here, assuming it’s respectful.

    If you didn’t notice, there is a disclaimer on every comment section:

    “Note: The comments section below contains opinions and views from the online community at YouDecide2008.com, read at your own risk! Please don’t assume that YouDecide2008.com agrees with or endorses any particular comment just because we let it stand, this is an open forum. Be respectful or posts will be removed.”

    See that last line? I simply ask you to be respectful, what is so hard about that, Dem ’08? There are numerous posts I disagree with here yet they stand on the site.

    Open your eyes and stop accusing me and this site of things that aren’t true, I don’t appreciate it.

    Plus, you’ll note OBAMA_SUCKS’ post is still there, I simply warned him to keep the debate civil, which goes for everyone, what’s wrong with that? This site has always, and will always be a bastion for all points of view, just not insults and attacks.

  • Robert


    The rhetoric I have heard time and time again from Obama on racial issues is in stark contrast to the YouTube clips of Wright and Pfleger.

    I do not judge people by the company they keep. One can disagree with people and still be close to them. People do no solve problems by turning their backs on each other.

    This is also support Obama in electing for discourse with Iran and other rogue states.

  • I’ve been a reader of this site for over a year, never felt the need to post until recently. I regard it as one of the absolute most objective sites covering this election. Every point of view is posted in some form or another. It’s very difficult to have an open forum and try to keep it clean without peopele accusing you of bias.

    Give Nate and Michael a little credit, this site has always been open for everyone’s opinion. It’s got to cost time and money so I personally appreciate the discussion and posts.

    Ignore the naysayers, this site is great.


    ***Nuked by Admin*****

    Reason: Please, don’t call someone a “disgusting person” or a “worthless arrogant and intollerant liberal.”

  • os, I was directing my comments more to dem ’08 and anyone who thinks similary to him. I know you didn’t accuse the site of bias, he did.


    I understand that and was just saying I never have because I like this site a lot of the time haha except when people like Josh piss me off.

  • Josh

    You have exactly no clue what you are talking about…and you can’t even commit to a simple measure of restraint…you asked me what kind of loose cannons McCain hung around with, and I told you. I’m not so sure how this makes me arrogant. There’s no reason to resort to name-calling because you cannot refute my argument. The truth, OS, is what can be proven. For instance, there is proof that all these people work for McCain, though I’m not going to go to the trouble to list them here. You claim that these same lobbyists, who are paid by the McCain campaign to work for the McCain campaign, are in fact lobbying for Obama. Here’s a question: What’s McCain paying them for then?

    I find it kind of offensive that you’d consider me to be worthless and intolerant. I also find it kind of interesting, however, coming from someone who posts as “OBAMA-SUCKS”, someone who has picked fights with just about everyone on this board, even on your own side of the fence. Your posts are often so childish and incoherent that I wonder if you are even old enough to vote!


    my posts are childish, your post on often so childish and hateful its gross. I dont pick a fight unless it is brought on to me. You brought a fight up when i was trying to have a discussion you acted like the child. I also can post under any name I want, and do post under this name because the man is not fit to be my countries next commander in chief in any way, HE is a left wing puppet.

    My question to you is How much is Obama paying all those lobbyists he has working for him on his campaign?

  • OK people, break it up.. Don’t make me call your parents..

    The bottom line is both campaigns have ties to lobbyists, big surprise. Lobbyists are in Washington and involved in campaigns. Is one lobbyist better than another? I don’t particularly care since lobbyists are involved on all sides of an issue.

    If McCain is condemned for lobbyist ties, then Obama must be condemned for lobbyist ties, and vice-versa.

    Here’s another shocker, lobbyists work with and support the politicians who agree most with the lobbyist’s point of view. So surprise, pro-choice abortion lobbyists flock to Obama, anti-universal health care lobbyists flock to McCain, nothing new there. The same holds for every other issue they disagree on.

    Now, the discussion of whether or not lobbyists, on either side, are good for democracy, that’s another discussion for another day. However, lobbyists are involved with every politician in some form.

  • Josh

    As are the pastors in question, Nate. That was my only point, to illustrate that if OS wanted to look at Obama in that way, he had to look at McCain the same…then it was all willy-nilly the sky is falling…It’s not as if I were trying to pick a fight, but this guy just happens to be offended by the very presense of liberality, so I’m not so sure what you want here…

  • Josh

    Nate, we should have a discussion sometime about the influence of lobbyists, I think it would be interesting. I’m willing to bet that that opportunity will present itself at some point in this election…

  • Dem ’08


    I don’t care what you like about my opinion! I don’t care if you edit or block my post! Not so long ago there were some heated words thrown around but you never had anything to say. I guess that the regulars could not take the truth and ask you to step in. I don’t know about that but how else can you explain your sudden interest in “keepin it clean”!
    This site os no doubt biased and so are you if you blast a person for this:“How any person can support Barack Obama oustands me and is gross.” No one else might see this post but you will.
    As a matter of fact, I don’t see anything wrong with this post so if it don’t get past you…..well we will just see huh!
    Keep in mind that this is an opinion based deal here! Don’t hate on Obama_Sucks or anybody else for speaking their mind in a mild manner! If you can’t handle a statement like OS posted then you need to shut this site down.

  • Dem ’08, you’re completely missing the point. I don’t censor anyone’s respectful opinion. I have never, nor will I ever delete or edit a post just because I disagree with the opinion, I can’t make that more abundantly clear.

    I did not “blast” his post, I simply pointed out that I want this discussion kept civil, he obliged, and we reached an understanding.

    I don’t care what your opinion is, I simply care if you are only discussing in a childish, inflammatory manner. I’m sick of babysitting so I am now asking people to just be respectful and I won’t have to edit anything. I am not interested in censoring opinion, just name calling and childish nonsense, of which you are well-acquainted which is clear from examining your past posts.

    My interest in “keepin it clean” is that childish name calling drives people away, that’s all, it’s very simple, please try to comprehend this.

    Please note, I have not nuked a single one of your posts attacking me, so stop acting like I’m deleting everything I disagree with. Just state your opinion in a respectful manner and things are fine, is that so difficult to wrap your head around?

    If I thought OBAMA_SUCKS’ post was inappropriate, I would have deleted it, don’t you realize that? All I asked was to keep this discussion civil and you are flipping out over the fact that you have to discuss without calling people names. I don’t “hate on” him or anyone else, I appreciate everyone’s point of view, even yours if you state it intelligently without resorting to name calling and other childishness. Did you noticed me and OS had a dialog after that? Nobody was mad, nobody was edited, we reached an understanding and I empathized with his opinion on the matter. You just have a problem following simple rules, which you need to get over.

    Furthermore, don’t tell me when I need to shut this site down, you don’t pay the bill and spend time keeping it up. More like if you can’t deal with these mind numbingly simple rules, then you need to find a new site to post on.

    I can’t believe I have to defend myself in this manner. You act as if you’re entitled to post here. You’re not, it’s a privilege based on your actions and respectfulness toward other posters. I choose to allow comments and discussion of ALL opinions, assuming they are not purposely inflammatory.

    So either abide by these ridiculously loose and simple rules, or you won’t be welcome here, it’s that simple.

    Can I possibly be anymore clear on this? Everyone’s respectful opinion and comment is welcome. There is great discussion here most of the time, I love reading it all.

    Dem ’08, if you think you’re going to intimidate me in any way, think again buddy. If you think I am interested in deleting opposing points of views, the 5000+ other comments by other people, most of which I probably disagree with, speak otherwise. I welcome opposing points of view, just not flame wars and personal attacks.


    Josh, I never once brought up lobbyist until you decided too. All i said was about Obama’s “spiritual advisors” oh, and by the way a new one came out again today, His name is Lawrence Lessig he is a an extremely radical left wing man. He is also gay and has made movies mocking Jesus Christ, and also insisting that Jesus Christ is homo-sexual also. Just another Obama advisor who i find very insulting and not one thing amusing about.

    I am not offended by liberalism it is only, liberals like you that offend me and this country, oh and in the other article Ill make sure from now on that I wont love my country anymore because I now know and realize, thanks to you that I am going to destroy my country. So i’ll make sure of that now. Thank you.

    Oh and look up Lawrence Lessig and find out some stuff on him, hes a really really “interesting” friend of Obama! 🙂

  • fibonachi

    First off, Lawrence Lessig is not a homosexual; he’s had two children with his wife, Bettina Neuefeind, a human-rights lawyer. Second, he didn’t make the video. Filmmaker Javier Prato did. Third, you asked us to look up information about Lessig, but how much did you look up, and how much did you hear and take at face value? I spent a total of 3 minutes searching, and found a lot of information contrary to what you posted. Next time, try to back up your claims with a bit more fact, or offer up your sources for review.

  • republicain

    WOW, obama_sucks, I hope this little note in wiki is not the reason you heard he was a homosexual.

    “In May 2005, it was revealed that Lessig had experienced sexual abuse by the director at the American Boychoir School which he had attended as an adolescent.[16] Lessig reached a settlement with the school in the past, under confidential terms. He revealed his experiences in the course of representing another student victim, John Hardwicke, in court.[17] In August 2006, he succeeded in persuading the New Jersey Supreme Court to radically restrict the scope of immunity that had protected nonprofits which failed to prevent sexual abuse from legal liability.[18]”

  • republicain

    That was all I found about that claim, matter of fact everything I read was also contrary to what you had said.

  • frank

    Is it possible that it’s true? Not that I believe it is mind you, just making a point. For just one second get over your self and think about it.

    I’m not offended first, it’s called freedom of speech. Secondly even though it was a rant, it’s still another eye opener of our ugly little secret in our Country.

    Lastly, why is it, just because a regarded priest whom happens to be part of an embattled Church says something, the Media and Right Wing nutso’s jump all over this? Is full blown HATE, really behind this?


    If you would like to talk about lobbyist, Im open to that debate and i will start it off. Basically both campaigns and every campaign have lobbyist in them, it is not about the amount of them that are on the campaign, but the influence that they have on the candidates. McCain and Obama both have lobbyist but while Obama has buckled under pressure from them, McCain has not and never has.
    1. The 300 billion dollar farm bill. While Obama voted with the big interest, McCain voted against the farm lobby.
    2. High-way funding bill of $286 billion, with some 6,000 pet projects, which included the notorious $223 million “Bridge to Nowhere”. McCain was one of the few to vote “no” while Obama voted “yes” on this special interest frenzy.
    3. Not only in spending do special interest use their strength. The Colombia free trade Agreement markets US goods and provides support for a democracy that is under siege from terrorist, But Big Labore objects to this. McCain supports the pact while Obama and his democrats caved to the union demands to nix the deal.
    4. These same Unions endorse Obama; the AFL-CIO’s PAC has funded a $53.4 million negative-ad campaign agaisnt McCain.
    5. In 2001 McCain investigated the Air-Force Boeing deal that would cost $26 billion, $6 billion more than it should have, he withstood attacks until the CEO resigned and he saved us taxpayers $6 BIllion dollars. Where was Obama on this? he had said ” We had failed to prioritize US companies”, confessing his “bias” for Boeing, (whose headquarters are in his state).

    All in all you may be able to say names of lobbyist, but the real facts are what kind of pull and pressure they put on the candidates and how the candidate reacts to them. But then again “prestige” papers like the NY Times and Washington Post only still would like to count, because there is no case for McCain being a friend of the lobbyist. Thank you.

  • Josh

    O.S., there are 126 lobbyists working for McCain while there are none working for the Obama campaign, though ,to be sure, all politicians at this level have some association with special interests. Just look at McCain’s proposed executive policy for the clear correlation. For instance, McCain’s health care “plan” would give billions in tax cuts to the top 5 insurance firms (believe me, these people don’t need a tax cut in the least). McCain’s campaign staff includes several lobbyists for all five of these corporations.

    McCain’s campaign also included several lobbyists for members of the Military-Industrial Complex, people that would sure love for him to be elected so that they can continue to reap untold profits off of the failed “war on terror”. McCain’s staff includes lobbyists for Boeing (interestingly enough), Lockheed Martin, and many corporations that supply equipment and munitions to the U.S. Military. The large group of Big Oil consultants that are on McCain’s payroll also have much to gain from continued conflict in the Middle East.

    Members of McCain’s campaign have also worked for a myriad of foreign governments, most of them dictatorships or other nations that we don’t generally consider on the “up and up”.

    Of course the AFL-CIO endorsed Obama, they usually do endorse the Democrats, because Republican policy has historically been disasterous for labor. These groups aren’t made up of White-Coller academic elite. They are made up of hard-working, blue-collar folks who are trying to make ends meet. These people have skills that they have spent a lifetime honing, only to have their jobs shipped overseas because Republican policy allowed it to happen. That’s what a lot of these “free-trade” policies end up doing. NAFTA is another example of a policy that has allowed this to happen, and that was Bill Clinton’s baby, so it’s not all Republicans, either, but hisorically the majority of it has been. The whole Boeing-USAF debacle is another prime example of policy that hurts American workers, because thousands of American workers have been cut out of the deal. I will agree with you on the farm bill, though, that was a complete mess.

    It’s not only that I can state the names of 126 lobbyists that work for McCain (though I won’t here, too much space). If there were no correlation between McCain’s past and proposed policies and the influence of these individuals, then it wouldn’t mean squat. The correlation is clear, however, and the consequences of allowing this correlation to take shape with a McCain presidency will not bode well for the average working American.

  • Josh

    btw, O.S., don’t think that I was trying to argue that the NY Times is a better news source than right-wing organizations. I prefer to gather my news from many sources, mostly foreign, because I want to make sure that I get a clear view of the situation, free from slant of any kind. I personally hate the NY Times and the Washington post!


    By the way Joshua, Obama does have lobbyist working for him, and second thank you for acknowledging what my main point was about, It is not about the number of lobbyist on a campaign staff, it is the influence the have on the person, and McCain is not a friend of lobbyist in that way which Obama clearly is, in the ways I pointed out to you, which basically payed no attention to, and I new you wouldn’t, thanks for proving my point. 🙂

  • Josh

    I’m not sure how I proved your point, but if that’s your logic, fine. I clearly stated how I see lobbyists influencing McCain, his policy proposals are exactly aligned with the wishes of these lobbyists! McCain is every Big Oil, Healthcare, Pharma, and defense contractor’s wet dream, he has clearly shown a penchance for working toward their goals, and these goals are 180 degrees opposed to the goals of average Americans.

    Think of it this way, if someone were to come into your home, pay all your bills, and completely cater to your every whim, would you not consider them a “friend”. McCain is essentially this person to these lobbyists, a friend. Obama, likewise, is a friend to some lobbies, but the difference is in the scope of these lobbies. McCain (even sans the influence of lobbyists) is a friend to Big Oil, Healthcare and Pharma giants, and defense-related companies. Obama is the friend of education, labor, and equal-rights lobbies (among others), the kind of lobbies that push American society forward, as opposed to the kind of lobbies that work to subjugate and limit the growth of average Americans.

  • fibonachi

    The first video lost its credibility when it referred to Lessig as “openly gay”, and in the second he never claims to have made the video, rather he is using the video to prove a point about “remix” creativity (taking popular songs, generally without copyright permission, and have them lip-synched for comic or other effect). Also, if you look at Javier’s IMDb page (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0695388/), you’ll see that it lists “Jesus Christ: The Musical” under his credits as the Cinematographer, Director, Writer, Producer, and Editor. He’s also posted the director’s cut of the aforementioned video on youtube, under his username “javierprato”. I don’t see Lawrence Lessig’s name mentioned anywhere as being involved with making the video. If you find some other proof, then please share it with the rest of us.



    To say that McCain lobbyist are only hindering average american is false, and also to say that the only Obama lobbyist are education, equal rights and others, are a complete lie. Most big oil companies go to Obama. I proved my point that I was right about how Obama is more influence by his lobbyist than McCain and you proved that by not answering 4 out of my 5 main points that I made because you simply ignored them, and they proved that it is not the amount of lobbyist, but the influence they have and which candidate folds under their pressure, and I made it clear that that person in Obama.

  • Josh

    You have “proven” nothing. A short while ago you had one point, now five? What is your point. Just because you say something doesn’t make it fact, or proof of any kind or any thing. “Most big oil companies go to Obama”, you can run around making from-the-hip statements all day, but they’re still false, and I’m certainly not believing them with nothing to back them up. You’ve said basically the same thing in your last couple posts “I proved my point that I was right about how Obama is more influence by his lobbyist than McCain”. How did you prove that, you didn’t show any link between any lobbyist and Obama at all, you just stated a few votes that Obama made, and I happen to agree with his votes on most of these issues. On the other hand, I have stated that there is a clear correlation between the lobbyists on McCain’s campaign and the policies he wants to pursue as president.

  • Dreadsen


    What did you mean by this statement

    “ever notice how he speaks like a black man, it is particulary scary to me”

    What is speaking like a black man?

  • Josh

    Well, Dreasden, O.S. doesn’t seem to care much for Blacks, or gays, or anyone else that’s not exactly like him for that matter. Plato compared this type of thinking to that of a dog, who is kind and welcoming to that which it knows, but vicious toward those who he does not recognize.


    It scray that a white man would speak like that. Do not make this into a race thing, and if that offended you im sorry.

    Your statement about Plato is exactly how you and Dreadsen act towards me so you classify as a dog to. I would call you a name here because you just calledme a dog, which I dont like you doing, but hey name calling is not allowed, so whatever.

    Nate lets get a new story on this guy, Rashid Khalidi, it should help the Jewish people of this board see some insight into Obama’s views of Israel and Palestine. It will also help spark discussion over association with my friends like Josh here. 🙂

  • IndiMinded

    Rashid Khalidi? what happened to Lessig? O_S, we really gotta take these stories one at a time or we’ll never uncover all of Obama’s horrible secrets!

  • Dreadsen


    What’s scary about it?

    You are also misrepresenting Josh’s argument to fit me.
    I have never called you any bad names yet you have called me
    many vulgar names.

    I would like for you to use actually evidence or verifiable facts to back up your rebuttals instead of just making statements.


    *****Reported to Admin*****Edited******

    What is scary,

    He speaks in a very odd way for a caucasian person to speak. It is almost to the extent that he sounds like a phedophile. I believe its scary for a white man to speak slurred like an african-american. Its as if he believes he is black aka a w*****.LOL jk but it sounds very odd coming out of his mouth. dont know how to say it because i do not want to seem racist.

  • IndiMinded

    You’re off to a great start. did you just say that black men speak like pedophiles?

  • IndiMinded

    Really I’m just giving you a hard time O_S… but honestly I’ve got no idea where you’re coming from here. I mean that’s just bizarre


    No to some extent its not bizarre at all. People speak in different ways its true, and here it sounds like he was brought up in a predominatly black neighborhood, I just dont like seeing a white male thinking that he is black. MAYBE IM JUST BIZARRE!

  • OBJB

    O.S. your statements are extremely concerning. To say he sounds black – which is curious in itself – then follow up with “to the extent he sounds like a pedophile” (no “h”) is in fact completely off base. I cannot draw any parallel to his verbal content, physical gestures, or vocal tone (if thats possible) that would justify any connection to pedophilia. Further, the word ending in igger has no place on this site. Thinking the use of that derogatory term would in some manner add humor to your already wayward post begins to take this thread down a very dark road.

    I’ve always had trouble understanding why you went under your current alias as you’ve rarely provided any content or substantial reasoning for your positions and/or biases; however this has provided better context as to where your coming from.

  • OBJB

    O.S. your statements are concerning. To say he speaks like a black man – which is curious in itself – then follow with “almost to the extent that he sounds like a pedophile” (no “h”) is far off base. I can’t see how his verbal content, physical gestures, or vocal tone (if thats possible) says anything that could even make someone remotely think pedophile. Further, the use of the word ending in igger has no place on this site, adds no humor to an already prejudice riddled post, and takes conversation down a dark road.


    Sorry for the word, did not mean it in any wrong way.

    Second maybe you havent read my latets post on McCain and Obama, I have provided a great deal of facts and evidence for my beliefs, not biases. Look at it, its in one of my earlier post on this thread. It provides deatail andf fact layed out in points.


    Oh and im sorry for the word i said before, If i wanted to be correct, I have to end it in an “A” not an “er” because that is seen as ok in the african-american community, so next time ill be sure to do that.

  • Dreadsen


    So all black people speak this way? All black people speak with slurred english? ( i didn’t notice slurred english)

    Maybe you should see the movie “The Apostle” Robert Duvall is the actor in the movie. There are plenty of White people who speak like this in the Pentecostal churches. You just aren’t aware of these things.

    Maybe you should see how a lot of Caucasian people speak in the south. Look at how the slave owners spoke. They spoke very bad English and this was passed on. Go to a Nascar race or type of Nascar on youtube and listen to how a lot of those people talk.

    Shouting and Yelling isn’t limited to black people. You just have to get out more and look for cultures out side of the one you are familiar with.

    And as far as providing evidence you haven’t provided any proper evidence in Rebuttal to Josh’s posts. I was even waiting to see what you were going to bring up but you just came back with statements. Those don’t count as evidence.

    Also the “word” you are talking about is divided in the african american community. Some use it some don’t use any variation of it. Some won’t even allow other blacks to call them by any variation of it. Some of them feel that it’s okay for anyone to use it of any color. There was a march to record producer studios protesting them using that word and trying to push them to censor it.

  • Michelle

    Whoa, I have really been out of the loop! Nate, I’ll first and foremost say that I come to this site first for all of my election updates and think you are completely just with keeping people in check with rude and inflammatory comments. I’m honestly much more inclined to acknowledge people’s opinions if there are conveyed without disrespectful statements.

    Secondly, I’m a Catholic person, white and female as well, and I must say that I was brought up to love others despite their faults and not hold their sins against them because they are misguided or “know not what they do”. So I could care less what any preacher says: Hagee, Wright, Pledger, etc.

    Thirdly, I have never before cared about an election. I care about this one because I am 100% behind my candidate’s stance on the issues and policies for the future. I agree with Barack Obama’s views, not these pastors associated with him, just as I’m sure those who support McCain agree with McCain’s views and not Hagee’s or that other guy (the one who was saying Islam is an anti-Christ religion and whatnot).

    I love you Nate! Keep up the fine work!

  • Jack Ryan

    It is not the comments that scare me the most, it is the morons in this church who are standing and cheering for this man. He is a want to be stand up comedian. Unfortunately he has one big problem, he is not funny. What a great example for the children of this church. Why didn’t one parent, stand up and say, hey clown, it is not OK to speak in an offensive, disrespectful and moronic manner about our former First Lady. If you want to do your little stand up bit, do it in your own house not ours. We want to teach our kids about the concept of respect and you are a disrespectful moron. Our kids deserve a better role model than you sir!! No, instead they stood there and cheered for this guy. Obama sat in this church for 20 years with these people, go figure!!