Video: Clinton supporter Terry McAuliffe on Fox News Sunday

A few Obama and Clinton surrogates made the rounds this weekend on the political shows. I found this appearance of Clinton supporter Terry McAuliffe to be somewhere entertaining considering Hillary’s recent RFK Jr. reference and the backlash it caused.

Here is the full interview from Sunday morning:

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  • SjP

    Fox does it again! See and hear for yourself at:

    Much Obliged, SjP

  • unknown

    damn…i didnt used to like chris wallace…but i do now…he IS fair!

  • i really don’t see the point about asking a spokesperson for a candidate about a candidate’s actions. You are not going to get any special insight into the candidate via a spokesperson– you cannot derive a new stance from the candidate this way (or, least, you shouldn’t), and the conversation becomes a rather comical inane one about hypotheticals and conjectures about a person who is not present.

    It’s one thing when pundits dissect, another when it is a carbon-copy like Axelrod or McAuliffe “standing in” for a candidate.