Candidates working hard over Memorial Day weekend

Most of us will be enjoying this weekend with some rest, relaxation, and reflection on this great nation. However, both Democratic candidates will be hitting the sun in Puerto Rico while John McCain is grillin’ & chillin with his VP prospects at his home in Arizona.

A video report from Fox Boston on all three:

A report specifically on McCain’s BBQ from Sky News in the UK:

OK, well Obama and Clinton are still working hard, McCain’s cracking open some cold ones talking the VP game. Perhaps there will be a pool party as well where the VP candidates will compete in a “Marco Polo” tournament to the end. If that’s the case, my money’s on Crist since I’m sure he’s spent a lot of time in the water working on his Florida tan.

A report on the Puerto Rico campaigning from the New York Times:

PUERTO RICO, an afterthought trophy for the United States 110 years ago at the end of the Spanish-American War and an island in limbo since, has become an improbable player in the contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Its primary on June 1 could bolster Mrs. Clinton’s claim to a majority of the popular vote — the combined tally for all the Democratic primaries and caucuses held across the country over the past six months.

Puerto Rico’s formal role in the process is indeed weighty. Its 63 voting delegates — 55 elected ones and eight superdelegates — at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this summer will outnumber delegations from more than half the states (including Kentucky and Oregon) and the District of Columbia. Yet Puerto Rico does not have a vote in the Electoral College, nor will its 2.5 million registered voters cast ballots for president in November.

Interestingly enough, the Democratic Party decreed years and years ago that Puerto Rico should be considered a state for primary purposes, though they cannot vote in the general election. So, following in the tradition of other states finding themselves uncharacteristically important in this primary season, Puerto Rico will have it’s 15 minutes of fame on June 1st.

Monday I will have a tribute to our armed forces in observance of Memorial Day.

  • Jeff

    Puerto Rico shouldn’t be allowed to vote during the primaries considering they don’t vote during the general election so it is unfair that their votes should be counted in decided who will run during the general election.

  • Josh

    I think that it’s kind of awful that we honor our veterans by taking the day off and getting wasted…

  • Michelle

    I am an Obama supporter and plan to stay as such; however, if McCain chooses Bobby Jindal as his running mate, he could have a chance at swaying the Obama voting base of young voters and voters driven by change.

    Jindal took the disaster of Hurricane Katrina head on and did so much more for Louisiana than has ever been publicized. He’s an outstanding man that trandsends party values and will reienforce the idea that McCain is not about being a do-nothing Bush-Third-Term candidate.

    Also, Jindal’s youth and Indian heritage would speak volumes about the Rebuplican party, that it does not just through its lot in with old white men, but with all America.