Video: Hillary apologizes for RFK Jr. reference

Hillary Clinton apologized on Friday for the reference to Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s assassination during the primary when speaking to why she should continue staying in.

Here is the report and video of her apology and retraction of the statement:

I’m just going to say she’s lucky this happened as we’re heading into Memorial Day weekend. Thus, not as many people are paying attention to news so this won’t get as much play in the media perhaps.

Still, a rather unfortunate choice of words.

  • Jan

    Did anyone else notice the booze bottles in the back ground? She’s shooting shots with the guys, and now they interview her in a liquor store! We wants a lush for president!?

  • Len

    “I’m sorry if you were offended” is hardly an apology.

  • Nate, it’s not just a poor choice of words. These are sound bytes out of her campaign (she’s said them before). I think the problem was that she had rehearsed some of these lines too often and got stuck cycling them out when it was no longer considered appropriate.