Hillary raises assassination, mentions Bobby Kennedy (Update) Regret and Obama’s response

In an interesting, and I’m guessing poorly worded statement, Hillary Clinton mentioned assassination in discussing calls for her to withdraw from the race. She reminded people that Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June.

Story from the New York Post:

Hillary Clinton today brought up the assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy while defending her decision to stay in the race against Barack Obama.

“My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don’t understand it,” she said, dismissing calls to drop out.

Clinton made her comments at a meeting with the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader’s editorial board while campaigning in South Dakota, where she complained that, “People have been trying to push me out of this ever since Iowa.”

Obama, the first African-American to advance so far in the race for the White House, has faced threats, sources have said.

Robert Kennedy, the younger brother of President John F. Kennedy, was gunned down in 1968 after winning the California primary. He had been a hero on the left for his civil rights agenda and calls to end the war in Vietnam.

Barack Obama, who leads Clinton by nearly 200 delegates and has already secured a majority of pledged delegates, has been the subject of threats. Early in the campaign, the Secret Service gave him a security detail at the request of Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Illinois).

Clinton criticized an “urgency” to end the campaign prematurely, saying, “Historically, that makes no sense.”

Video of statement in an interview with the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader’s editorial board:

I don’t want to misconstrue her statement by implying she thinks Obama might be assassinated, God forbid. I’m certain nobody is wishing that on any candidate. However, I suppose she’s raising a valid point but this is not going to go over well I’m betting.


Since this broke this afternoon, Hillary Clinton has now released a statement that she regrets what she said. Also, Obama’s campaign has a released a statement as well.

Story on the regret from MyWay:

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton quickly apologized Friday after citing the June 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in defending her decision to keep running for the Democratic presidential nomination despite increasingly long odds.

“I regret that if my referencing that moment of trauma for our entire nation and in particular the Kennedy family was in any way offensive. I certainly had no intention of that whatsoever,” the former first lady said.

The episode occurred as Clinton campaigned in advance of the June 3 South Dakota primary.

Obama’s response:

Her remark about an assassination during a primary campaign drew a quick response from aides to Democratic presidential front-runner Barack Obama.

“Senator Clinton’s statement before the Argus Leader editorial board was unfortunate and has no place in this campaign,” said Obama spokesman Bill Burton.

Meanwhile, the Time Blog is reporting she made a similar statement back in February:

Though she has now apologized for that very strange and tasteless comment to the Argus-Leader, this was not the first time she’s said it. This from her interview with TIME Managing Editor Richard Stengel, published March 6:

TIME: Can you envision a point at which–if the race stays this close–Democratic Party elders would step in and say, “This is now hurting the party and whoever will be the nominee in the fall”?

CLINTON: No, I really can’t. I think people have short memories. Primary contests used to last a lot longer. We all remember the great tragedy of Bobby Kennedy being assassinated in June in L.A. My husband didn’t wrap up the nomination in 1992 until June. Having a primary contest go through June is nothing particularly unusual.

A pattern emerging? I doubt it but it is interesting she’s mentioned it more than once. Do people really have this notion that she’s still in due to the awful chance that Obama could be assassinated? It’s an awful thought but why else is she mentioning it?

  • Kay

    The thoughts had already been going through my mind about the increased risk to Obama’s life if Hillary was the VP.

    Why did she say it? She is an intelligent calculated person.

    Scary skeletons in Clinton’s closet. The Clintons have powerful connections. No charges are being made:

    James McDougal – Clinton ‘s convicted Whitewater partner died of an apparent heart attack, while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in Ken Starr’s investigation.

    2 -Mary Mahoney – A former White House intern was murdered July 1997 at a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Georgetown . The murder happened just after she was to go public with her story of sexual harassment in the White House.

    3- Vince Foster – Former White House counselor and colleague of Hillary Clinton at Little Rock ‘s Rose Law firm. Died of a gunshot wound to the head, ruled a suicide.

    4- Ron Brown – Secretary of Commerce and former DNC Chairman. Reported to have died by impact in a plane crash. A pathologist close to the investigation reported that there was a hole in the top of Brown’s skull resembling a gunshot wound. At the time of his death Brown was being investigated, and spoke publicly of his willingness to cut a deal with prosecutors. The rest of the people on the plane also died. A few days later the air Traffic controller committed suicide.

    5- C. Victor Raiser II- Raiser, a major player in the Clinton fund raising organization died in a private plane crash in July 1992
    6-Paul Tulley – Democratic National Committee Political Director found dead in a hotel room in Little Rock , September 1992. Described by Clinton as a “Dear friend and trusted advisor”.

    7-Ed Willey – Clinton fund raiser, found dead November 1993 deep in the woods in VA of a gunshot wound to the head. Ruled a suicide. Ed Willey died on the same day his wife Kathleen Willey claimed Bill Clinton groped her in the oval office in the White House. Ed Willey was involved in several Clinton fund raising events.

    8-Jerry Parks -Head of Clinton’s gubernatorial security team in Little Rock . Gunned down in his car at a deserted intersection outside Little Rock . Park’s son said his father was building a dossier on Clinton . He allegedly threatened to
    9-James Bunch – Died from a gunshot suicide. It was reported that he had a “Black Book” of people which contained names of influential people who visited prostitutes in Texas and Arkansas

    10-James Wilson – Was found dead in May 1993 from an apparent hanging suicide. He was reported to have ties to Whitewater.

    11-Kathy Ferguson- Ex-wife of Arkansas Trooper Danny Ferguson, was found dead in May 1994, in her living room with a gunshot to her head. It was ruled a suicide even though there were several packed suitcases, as if she were going somewhere. Danny Ferguson was a co-defendant along with Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones lawsuit. Kathy Ferguson was a possible corroborating witness for Paula Jones.

    12-Bill Shelton – Arkansas State Trooper and fiance of Kathy Ferguson. Critical of the suicide ruling of his fiance, he was found dead in June, 1994 of a gunshot wound also ruled a suicide at the grave site of his fiance.
    13-Gandy Baugh – Attorney for Clinton ‘s friend Dan Lassater, died by jumping out a window of a tall building January, 1994. His client was a convicted drug distributor.

    14-Florence Martin – Accountant & sub-contractor for the CIA, was related to the Barry Seal Mena Airport drug smuggling case. He died of three gunshot wounds.

    15- Suzanne Coleman – Reportedly had an affair with Clinton when he was Arkansas Attorney General. Died of a gunshot wound to the back of the head, ruled a suicide. Was pregnant at the time of her death.

    16-Paula Grober – Clinton ‘s speech interpreter for the deaf from 1978 until her death December 9, 1992 . She died in a one car accident.

    17-Danny Casolaro – Investigative reporter. Investigating Mena Airport and Arkansas Development Finance Authority. He slit his wrists, apparently, in the middle of his investigation

    18- Paul Wilcher – Attorney investigating corruption at Mena Airport with Casolaro and the 1980 “October Surprise” was found dead on a toilet June 22, 1993 in his Washington DC apartment. Had delivered a report to Janet Reno 3 weeks before his death.

    19-Jon Parnell Walker – Whitewater investigator for Resolution Trust Corp. Jumped to his death from his Arlington , Virginia apartment balcony August 15, 1993 . He was investigating the Morgan Guaranty scandal.

    20-Barbara Wise – Commerce Department staffer. Worked closely with Ron Brown and John Huang. Cause of death unknown. Died November 29,
    21-Charles Meissner -Assistant Secretary of Commerce who gave John Huang special security clearance, died shortly thereafter in a small plane crash.

    22-Dr. Stanley Heard – Chairman of the National Chiropractic Health Care Advisory Committee died with his attorney Steve Dickson in a small plane crash. Dr. Heard, in addition to serving on Clinton ‘s advisory council personally treated Clinton ‘s mother, stepfather and brother.

    23-Barry Seal -Drug running pilot out of Mena Arkansas , death was no accident.

    24-Johnny Lawhorn Jr. – Mechanic, found a check made out to Bill Clinton in the trunk of a car left at his repair shop. He was found dead after his car had hit a utility pole.

    25-Stanley Huggins – Investigated Madison Guaranty. His death was a purported suicide and his report was never released.

    26- Hershell Friday – Attorney and Clinton fund raiser died March 1, 1994 when his plane exploded.

    27-Kevin Ives & Don Henry – Known as “The boys on the track” case. Reports say the boys may have stumbled upon the Mena Arkansas airport drug operation. A controversial case, the initial report of death said, due to falling asleep on railroad tracks. Later reports claim the 2 boys had been slain before being placed on the tracks. Many linked to the case died before their testimony could come before a Grand Jury.

  • Joyce

    hey Kay…give it up already…nobody is listening…check out this site below, and then maybe you can do an indepth report on Obama’s Associates…


  • Jerry

    This is exactly the kind of news that should be exposed! Its unfortunate what Hillary said, hopefully greater precautions are taking by the secret service in his regards.

  • Kay,

    That is very interesting and quite informative. What source can I go to in order to have that verified?

    Hilary’s comment here doesn’t exactly make sense.

    “My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don’t understand it.”

    I don’t understand it either. It makes sense that she would use her husband’s example of “wrapping up the nomination in June” as an excuse to continue campaigning, but what in the world does Bobby Kennedy’s assassination in June have to do with her continued compaign until June or longer? And that is the second time she’s mentioned that fact as a sort of excuse to keep from dropping out. Curious and kind of weird.

  • Patrick

    Joyce, Kay is absolutely right.
    The Clintons are criminals and shady.

    check out

    for example, this struck me particularly:
    “Suzanne Coleman
    Had affair with Clinton when he was attorney general. Died of “suicide” with gunshot wound to the back of her head. No autopsy allowed. Was 7 months pregnant at time of her death. She had told friends it was Bill Clinton’s child. (See Danny Williams). She was 26 at the time of her death.

  • Patrick

    If Obama is the president and Clinton is VP,
    it would be incredibly dangerous for Obama. I would be willing to bet that there would be an attempt on his life if Clinton is his VP.

    (I voted for Obama and hope that he is informed enough not to have Clinton as his VP)

  • Patrick

    Joyce, people are READING.
    Kay makes a great point, however you fail to. As does your link, since it has no sources. Not only that, but its information seems extravagantly [conspiringly] theoristic.

    Obama most likely is not religious at all, given the fact that he is well educated and intelligent (There is an inverse relation between religiousness and education level).

    To be elected to the highest office in our country, one has to at least present themselves as being Christian.

    Certainly W. Bush isn’t religious, nor was his father, nor are the Clintons. Its just a matter of getting the uneducated Christian votes, of which there are millions.

  • Patrick, I warned you in a prior post about respecting everyone’s religious beliefs. If you fail to do so in the future you will be unapproved for commenting.

    This is an open forum where everyone’s view must be respected, especially religious views, which you are continually bashing.

    I like open discussion, but not open insulting, which I will remove and ban if need be since it is not tolerated. Please be respectful.

  • Mike

    Had she mentioned the RFK scenario once, I could see this as a mere misstatement (even if analogies to Gary Hart in 1984 would have been more fitting to the current situation). The fact that she has brought it up repeatedly implies this was no off-the-cuff remark, but tactics. Stupid tactics, maybe, a desperate hail-mary pass to woo superdelegates, but tactics nonetheless.

    Advice point #872 for Clinton: Hinting around that your opponent might get assassinated probably won’t make him more likely to pick you as the VP.

  • Josh

    It has been a solid truth throughout history that the fall of any empire is preceeded by vast incidences of corruption, extortion, and propaganda. The fall of America’s empire will be no different, and friends, we are spiraling closer to that end everyday when it barely merits attention that someone can come out and make vaguely disguised threats toward a political opponent in a national election.

  • Betty

    I agree that it is very stupid of her to say what she did. Now if something does happen to Obama, then folks will conclude that she and Bill had something to do with it. I totally agree with Josh.

  • Babs

    What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you say the name President Kennedy? His assassination, no? What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you say Bobby Kennedy – his assassination, no? Yes. Who will ever forget the pictures or the audio that acommpanied that night?

    I see this as a whole lot of tado over nothing. I don’t in anyway see that Clinton was drawing “disguised threats” or even being stupid, she stated a fact about a timeline she was discussing. When Kennedy was assassinated IN JUNE he had just won the California primary – and he wasn’t even the front runner in the race, Humphrey was leading him in the delegate count by 168 delegates. His assassination had nothing to do with the election itself. But it was the MOST memorable piece of history surrounding the 1968 election, and it would be impossible NOT to reference his assassination when referring to his run for the nomination! To say that Clinton didn’t get the nod until June, and Kennedy was still campaigning – from behind – in June when he was assassinated doesn’t carry a threat or even rate a blooper to me. It’s just the facts.

  • JK from Ohio

    Hillary is hanging around, suspending her campaign, waiting for “something” to happen. She’s waiting for Obama to take a bullet. I completely believe she wants to be president that badly.