McCain hosts potential VP candidates at Arizona home

McCain’s planning a little Memorial Day soirée hosting some potential Vice Presidential candidates including Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, former GOP candidate Mitt Romney, and even Florida Governor Charlie Crist among others.

Video report from the Associated Press:

The report from MyWay:

CLEVELAND (AP) – The Memorial Day guest list at Sen. John McCain’s Arizona home runs to at least three Republicans mentioned as vice presidential running mates, but a top aide said Wednesday that vetting possible veeps is not on the agenda.

“It’s purely social,” said Mark Salter, a senior adviser to McCain.

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney were all invited to a Memorial Day gathering at the senator’s home in Sedona, Ariz. Romney ran for the Republican presidential nomination in last winter’s primaries, but dropped out months ago and has endorsed McCain.

Ten couples in all were invited. McCain often hosts friends and political acquaintances at his compound.

McCain said more than a month ago that he was in the “embryonic stages” of selecting a running mate for the fall campaign, but neither he nor aides have disclosed additional information in the weeks since.

It will be the first visit to Sedona, Ariz., for all three.

Romney dropped out of the race in February after it became apparent it would be near impossible to topple McCain in the convention delegate race. He endorsed the Arizona senator a week later and pledged to help him win the nomination.

Interestingly enough, I don’t see Huckabee mentioned. Perhaps that notion is more the yearning of Huckabee than a possibility given by the McCain campaign.

We’ll see what comes out of this meeting next week.

  • Whobody

    Yea! Party at McCain’s! $10 says Jindal can do the longest keg stand…

  • Are you kidding? Crist has spring break experience being from Florida and all..

  • Babs

    Well, I just don’t understand where my invitation went to, I’m sure I was invited. 😉

  • Josh

    Let’s crash it….LOL

  • Josh,

    I agree, it beats my Memorial Day plans..

  • Josh

    Yeah, let’s see, I’ve got….work, then more work, then sleep, repeat…lol

  • Babs

    Well, don’t expect any sympathy from me. I’ve got 4 grandchildren coming and the NEW TV went out last night! OMG, no TV, no WII. I’ll be ready to kill them all before the holiday weekend is over. Pass that keg, please, while I begin to pull my hair out. 😉

  • Josh

    Sounds more like you need a bottle, Babs…. 😛

  • Babs

    Yeah, I could drink it, then use it as a weapon. 😉