Clinton draws parallel with the 2000 vote debacle

Hillary Clinton has taken on a new strategy of comparing Michigan and Florida to the 2000 “hanging chad” debacle, civil rights struggles, women’s suffrage, and even slavery. This appears to be her one shot of convincing people that without Florida and Michigan, Obama can be considered an illegitimate candidate who won without counting every state.

The video of Clinton’s remarks from ABC News:

Plus, more of Clinton’s remarks from the Associated Press:

With all that being said, Hillary Clinton is slowly be relegated by the media to the sideline in this campaign. Coverage has shift toward the Obama/McCain battle as they see that as inevitable.

Report on Clinton’s fade from the media:

While Senator Barack Obama gingerly commended his rival’s “perseverance,” the shrinking candidacy of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has all but vanished from the television set, sidelined by bigger news.

Even her victory speech in Kentucky on Tuesday, shown live on cable news, was given perfunctory attention – a footnote to someone else’s page in history. When MSNBC called the Kentucky primary early in the evening, Tim Russert, host of “Meet the Press,” said her success with women and blue-collar voters “means Senator Obama has a lot of work to do” and sketched a rehabilitation plan. He did not mention Clinton by name in that disquisition.

Political analysts on cable news have been saying for weeks that the delegate math did not add up for Clinton. But those warnings were belied by a constant stream of images of her in Easter-egg-colored pantsuits vigorously shaking hands and rousing crowds along the campaign trail. Her numerical odds may have dimmed quite a while ago, but her star power – and sheer tenacity – kept her on screen.

The darkening stage on Tuesday may be one reason that Clinton continues so fiercely fighting to stay in the race. The alternative to victory is not just defeat, it is a cloak of invisibility.

Even the complaints of sexism from Geraldine Ferraro, Bill Clinton and others throughout the day had a glum, postgame undertone.

And with so much attention siphoned to Senator Edward Kennedy’s brain tumor, Clinton did not have much chance to speak up for herself until after her overwhelming victory in Kentucky.

There was a hear-me-roar backbeat to her speech as she decried the “naysayers and skeptics,” dismissed “pundits chattering” and, with a sly smile, promised to keep making her case “until we have a nominee, whoever she may be.”

She was not allowed to enjoy her spoils for long. Fox News quickly resumed discussing Senator John McCain’s foreign policy attacks on Obama.

Pundits on MSNBC, perhaps stung by the Clinton campaign’s accusations of sexism against that channel and its parent network, kept emphasizing that Clinton had run out of time. Keith Olbermann compared her to Wile E. Coyote going over a cliff in the Road Runner cartoons. Russert marveled that Clinton had the gall to act as if the delegate count were a mere “loophole” and that only the popular vote mattered. He reminded viewers that the “elected delegate race is over; Obama has won that.”

The media has just about called this over and I think that may be irritating the Clinton campaign. You have to wonder though, when is the curtain coming down? How far is Hillary willing to take this fight? Michigan and Florida are valid issues as that does not bode well for the Democratic Party to have two large, important states kind of ticked off at them come November. Florida is very important is it can swing elections and, right now, Floridians are none too pleased with the Democrats.

I think the days are numbered and it may have to do with campaign cash. Obama’s counting up the dollars while Clinton is swimming in campaign debt.

  • Babs

    You know, I’m not a Clinton supporter, but everything I hear her say in this video is the truth – if she’s ever told it. And Nate, I think the MINUTE Florida and Michigan are sure they have been thrown under the bus by Howard Dean and the Democratic Party John McCain will have been handed the best campaign strategy he could be handed. He can just sit down until the inaugaration in Jan.

    There’s something very wrong in America when “we the people” means nothing anymore. For the life of me I don’t recall the Constitution saying “We the delegates, one nation, under Howard Dean”. If Obama gets the nomination under these circumstances it will taint his legitimacy throughout the rest of our American history. And that’s just wrong.

  • Babs, you have to realize that the primary process doesn’t have to strictly apply itself to the constitution and it has it’s own set of rules. The DNC knew that they may upset the people of a disqualified state when that state broke the rules. Obama and Clinton knew this and still agreed to those rules. Now Clinton is playing on that as if she’s a fighter for the people. Now ask yourself what’s the cost of not enforcing the rules that everybody agreed on? vs. What’s the cost of not seating all the delegates? This issue is a lot broader than “we the people”.

    I don’t think Clinton is going to go anywhere on this issue. The DNC will simply split the delegates evenly and claim that every state played an important role and was heard and then tell Hillary to shut up cause this really makes the Dems look bad.

  • Robert

    Message to Hillary:

    ***From admin: Content Warning***

  • Jake

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Obama and Edwards pull their names from the ballots because it was decided and agreed upon by everyone that those states would be penalized and no democratic candidates were allowed to campaign there?

  • Babs

    Jake, Obama pulled his name from the ballot in Mi, but his name was on the ballot in Florida. And while he didn’t physically campaign there, he did spend over a mil in advertising there, in fact I think I remember it was $2 mil. So I think the two states carry some differences in circumstances.

    Jared, I agree, this really makes the Dems look bad. The Clinton camp already admits that if the delegates are seated in every aspect the way she wants, she still has to rely on superdelegates to turn the tide in her favor. And that’s probably not going to happen.

    That being said, I maintain my original point. If Fla. and Mi. are not included in everyway “we the people” feel is fair, it will taint Obama’s nomination due to nothing he is responsible for, and that’s wrong.

    Yes, Whobody, I just defended Obama. 😉 *LOL*

  • Whobody

    Pigs are flying on this cold day in hell.

    You’re right though, Babs. Hillary, Obama, and Dems in general need these delegates seated so there is no asterisk marking this primary. While Hillary’s fight to get them seated is a necessity at this point, I don’t think you’ll see the Obama camp raising too many objections (b/c ultimately he’ll still have the upper hand). I think they are staying out of the main push for it, because it would draw attention back to the primary and Hillary’s campaign, which Obama, the media, and even McCain is overlooking at the moment.

  • Babs

    Good point, Whobody. Obama seems to be trying to focus entirely on the general, and this is keeping the primary alive. I’m sure he just wants it over with, however it’s resolved, so he move back to general debates with McCain.

  • What’s funny is that in this case, Hillary’s right, even though her motivation is not to give the states a fair say in the matter, it is just to use them to try and further/prolong her own dying campaign. She most definitely does take it to the extreme though, comparing it to slavery and all. And where was her “righteous indignation” when she agreed to not count their votes? How petty and fake can you get? And of course Obama will agree to seat the delegates, after he’s already sealed up the nomination.
    A bunch of politicians doing the right things for the wrong reasons (though they do quite eloquently proclaim and trump the right reasons).

  • Stalin

    Hillary is going to pull an Al Gore. She will never admit that she was defeated and will always blame it on delegates or Michigan and Florida or sexism. It’s always someone elses fault in the Clinton world.

  • Whobody

    I can only wonder if this will ultimately help or hurt Hillary’s image.

    She is just now fighting for the Michigan and Florida votes like it’s a travesty when she signed on for the same deal as the other Dem candidates. She’s belittling the delegate system by getting technical with the popular vote but ignoring the technicalities of the delegate count. All of the sudden there are cries of sexism, when we know that gender and race have been a factor on both sides (with McCain’s age being thrown in here or there) for the duration of the campaign. She has latched onto working-class, Appalachian white majorities shunning Obama as a proclamation of the white working-class everywhere. It’s no longer about the political issues of America and the polies she stands for. Not the war or struggling economy. It’s a win at all costs, everything AND the kitchen sink strategy.

    It just seems alot like a prize fighter who didn’t take the chance to go out on top with respect their just due after relinquishing the belt, but rather stuck around for a few too many desperate smaller fights and tarnished a once revered image.

    I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve all the respect in the world, but I’m just wondering if the tactics she is using are really going help Hillary in the long-run.

  • The Angry American

    The BOTTOM LINE is that Hillary is simply delusional and always has been. She doesn’t have the numbers, she isn’t going to win and is only splitting apart her party. All candidates agreed to the rules, Michigan and Florida both knew what they were doing and wha tthe reprecusions would be by breaching those rules in holding early elections. I don’t see how they are unfairly being treated in any manner. In fact I think personally it’s pretty sickening to me to see Hillary even use the approach she uses making the voters out to be disenfranchised.

    If people are really ignorant enough not to see she doesn’t care for the voters she just wants the votes for personal gains….they shouldn’t have been allowed to cast votes to begin with. What I see is a dishonest politician who knew her rivals weren’t listing thier names, I see an arrogant politician who left hers on there just for this very type of reason. She’s selfish and she thought she had this thing in the bag from the word go. Hillary doesn’t know how to play fair. But since when have politics been fair.

    I have said from the beginning, she’ll say or do anything to get elected. Who wants that type of person in office…not me. I dont’ want any of the three but that’s besides the point. I’ll take the lesser of 3 evils and at this point I would wager it’s McCain because i think he can be managed, the other two idiots can’t be.

  • The Angry American

    FYI Clinton has campaigned herself into debt and borrowing her own money.

    Ask Hillary how many votes she thinks she would have gotten in either Florida or Michigan had other rivals’ names been on the balots or had people not stayed home knowing thier votes didn’t count.

    Can you really call her so called “victories” in those states an accurate or fair representation of the people of those respective states?

    Hillary has gone the way of Ron Paul, spending butt loads of cash on a failed campaign that has no chance of winning at this point in the game.

  • Babs

    TAA, Obama’s name was on the ballet in Florida, I haven’t heard of any other rivals who’s name wasn’t on the ballet in Florida either.

    Whobody, I’m laughing as I’m typing, but I gotta say it. “and tarnished a once revered image”. When in the world was Hillary’s image ever revered? *ROFL*

  • Whobody

    hahaha. I think there I was still imagining the prize fighters: tyson, holyfield, forman; and not so much Hillary. hahaha — Good one, Babs!