Clinton willing to fight all the way to convention

Hillary Clinton did more than just imply today, she flat out stated that she’s willing to take the fight for Michigan and Florida delegates all the way to the Democratic convention.

The news from Political Punch:

In Boca Raton, Florida, today, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, told the AP that she’s willing to take her fight to seat Florida’s and Michigan’s delegates (also known as her fight to be the Democratic nominee) to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colo., this August if Democratic leaders in the two states want her to.

“Yes I will,” she told the AP. “I will, because I feel very strongly about this.”

It seems crazy to me that she’s willing to let this campaign drag out for several more months but it appears that might happen. I say might because I still am betting she drops in June once the primaries are over. Then factor in the problem with the Florida and Michigan delegates which, even if they are seated, will not give her any kind of delegate lead.

Video of Clinton speaking in Florida from the Associated Press:

I can’t possibly see this dragging to the convention, Democratic Party leaders will never allow that to happen. It will be ended sometime in June when the Clinton and Obama campaigns come to an understanding. I’m suspecting it will have something to do with paying off Clinton’s millions in campaign debt.

  • Debbie from Modesto, Ca 56yr young w/female

    I am outraged at her tenasity. She has LOST. Why can’t she let Obama win. She is selfish and showing her true self.
    It is time to get behind our canidate.

    The process has been very exciting, I haven’t felt like being a part of the promotion of the Democratic Party since the 70’s, I know how boring. That’s my point, this campaign is thrilling, so let’s get on with it and show Americans how out of their minds the Republican Party is right now.

    Bush/McCain/Clinton-they all sound they same, lying politians — Hey, where’s that gas tax holiday?

  • Travis

    Hillary is such a selfish person. She knew the rules that Michigan and Florida would not count when she began her journey; and publicly acknowledged that Michigan and Florida would not count. Then when some people (a lot stayed at home knowing their vote wouldn’t count) in Florida voted and she came out on top, she immediately jumped on a plane and threw a celebration party there to try to manipulate the perceptions of Americans.

    Do we really want another President that changes the rules when it benefits them whenever they want? We had that in George W. Bush.

    Do we really want a President that knows how to run up huge amounts of debt, not manage their campaign well, and not know when to quit? Clinton’s campaign is MILLIONS in debt, is badly managed, has no chance of winning besides changing the definition of winning, and is being drawn out to the detriment of positive American progress. Sounds like something G. W. Bush would do.

    I used to have high respect for Hillary and Bill Clinton (I voted for him both times for President), but not anymore after their reckless display of disregard for the American people during this primary season.

  • jack

    No longer able to win the election, Clinton’s campaign has decided to destroy the opposition instead. They are working the book of tactics that Karl Rove used to such great success: right on the edge of acceptability. She knows it too well. The republicans are behind this.

  • Babs

    JFK fought it all the way the convention, and became President by what I believe is still the smallest margin in history. They said America wouldn’t elect a Roman Catholic as President.

  • Johnny

    I hope and pray that she fights to the convention. To be honest with you, I don’t think Obama has a hope. First of all, he can’t win the general election. People that are in politics know this. Second of all, Hillary is an experienced veteran and has lots of IOUs to pull out of her hat. We’ll see, but that’s how I feel about it.

  • Whobody

    What kind of IOU’s?

  • Michel

    “… [Obama] can’t win the general election. People that are in politics know this.” – Jonny

    People that are in politics? You mean… like the 306 democratic superdelegates that support him? What, those people want their party to fail at the general election? Do they have a political death wish?

    If one dem candidate has hope of winning the general election, that’s him. He not only brings masses of people around his campaign, recruits new voters and has a shamefull amount of money to make a large campaign, but he also has a very different message than McCain, and that will help him to build a stark contrast against a nominee that’s carrying all the dead wheight of the current unpopularity of his party.

    I know that’s how you feel about it, because many desperate politicians are trying to make a case out of his inelectability, but don’t buy that lie. See all the pros and the cons, you’ll see that he has a very bigger chance of stumping over McCain than Clinton’s.

    To make your own conclusions, you need to see differing sides:

    And, as a side note, did you know that even one more McCain aide left his campaign? It was Mark McKinnon, the lead media consultant for McCain, and he abandoned the camp because he was hnoring a pledge of not campaigning against Barack Obama.
    He says he will provide unnoficial counsel for McCain, but never regarding how to fight against Obama.

    Irrelevant coincidence? Probably. I don’t think Clinton could’ve pulled that out, though.