Obama draws record crowds in Portland, Oregon

Obama drew a tremendous crowd addressing supporters today in Portland, Oregon. Reports say there were over 75,000 people who turned out to listen to Obama.

A report from the local Fox affiliate in Portland:

Here’s a report from The Trail:

PORTLAND, Ore. — Sen. Barack Obama has seen his share of large crowds over the last 15 months, but his campaign said they have not approached the numbers gathered along the waterfront here right now.

The campaign, citing figures from Duane Bray, battalion chief of Portland Fire & Rescue, estimated that 75,000 people are watching him speak.

The scene suggests this is not an exaggeration. The sea of heads stretches for half a mile along the grassy embankment, while others watch from kayaks and power boats bobbing on the Willamette River. More hug the rails of the steel bridge that stretches across the water and crowds are even watching from jetties on the opposite shore.

This image basically sums it up:

I would say most Democrats have decided he’s the nominee as well, can’t deny it much longer. He’s taken the position and Hillary Clinton has almost dropped off the news cycle entirely in the past week. I’m sure his crowds will get bigger as he officially claims the nomination.

  • Obama08

    If this doesn’t show how much this man can bring this country together… I don’t know what else will. Hillary, it’s been fun, but time to pack your stuff. America, I hope you are all ready to make the most important choice in recent history. Bush himself has never brought so many people together. January 20th can’t come soon enough.

  • IndiMinded

    Wow. If Obama had somehow been able to gather the 2,264 people who had voted for him in Guam, along with the 5,378 people who cast their vote for him in Wyoming, and amassed them with the 28,347 in Hawaii and the 26,126 in Nebraska along with the 6,674 who voted for him in Alaska – if he had somehow been able to get all those voters into one place, well they would only be about 6,000 people smaller then that crowd was yesterday in Oregon.

    I saw on the news that the Decemberists were playing for him. I’m sure most people just showed up for the concert.

  • Babs

    Yeah, they forgot to mention that little tidbit, didn’t they, IndiMinded.

    Interesting you brought up the numbers. I did some math – it took eleven states to garner 500,141 voters combined and those eleven states Obama won. There were over 2 million voters in Ohio alone, where Hillary won, and over 4 million in California where Hillary won. So 11 for Obama, 2 for Hillary, but look at the numbers. It’s odd, isn’t it. I think these are the kinds of figures Hillary is throwing out to the DNC and the superdelegates, isn’t it?

  • IndiMinded

    Well I haven’t done much math on that front, Babs, but last I heard, Obama’s still likely to claim the popular vote, so I’m not sure how much of an argument she’s got.

  • Kent


  • Babs

    I don’t think she’ll succeed at this point, but I understand her reasoning. With the popular vote so close, and it is, she’s trying to make a case breaking it down to demographics. And she’s partly right, so if Obama falls into another alligator pit before the convention she might have a chance. I believe part of her case will be the Buyer’s Remorse argument. A lot of people in my neck of the woods think if most of the states were to re-vote, the numbers would change, because there’s been so much scandel around Obama since the early primaries. Like I said, I doubt she’ll succeed, but she’s got the most pausible argument going she can have. She can also argue that some of the SuperDelegates are not voting their constiuency, which is theoretically what the DNC says they should do.

  • Whobody

    Even with the Decemberists playing, the crowd was upwards of 75,000. That is a music festival size crowd — main stage, feature act. While the Decemberists have been at festivals that draw that many people total, I doubt they’ve ever played a one-hour set to that many people. So while they’re from Seattle, it’s a little ridiculous to assume the crowd was just there for the band.

    Since November they’ve (the band) been playing venues of 1,500 to 3,000 and I think recently played one at the Hollywood bowl which holds 18,000. — But, come on, 75,000! If they could draw that kinda crowd on their own, they would be doing it a little more often.

    If it would have been Pearl Jam, you’d have an arguement.

  • Babs

    The count seems to be changing, not that it matters, but some news media are reporting 70,000 and some 65,000. I don’t think they know unless they sold tickets. Do they have a count yet on how many swooned and fainted at this one? 🙂

  • IndiMinded

    That was just a joke Whobody, though I do happen to be a big Decemberists fan, personally. 😉

    Babs, I’m sure Hillary will make every argument she can. America probably IS suffering from some buyers remorse – when you have two excellent candidates, and you can only choose one, well it’s bound to happen. I mean, buyers remorse is real, after all. But one could argue that it was partly a feeling of being stuck with Hillary to begin with that made everyone so eager to turn to Obama, a relatively unknown candidate, to begin with.

    So maybe if we voted again Hillary would win, but by the end people would start to feel regret that we hadn’t gone with Obama.

    I get the distinct feeling republicans have had some buyers remorse themselves, and with Bush’s approval rating, there must have been those among the public who would have liked to cast recast votes for our last election at some point along the line. But ‘what if’ scenarios like that just aren’t particularly constructive IMHO

  • Babs

    I agree with you, IndiMinded, but then I’m not Hillary. I’m just saying this is going be part of her argument, she would be silly not to make it a part when the race is so close and Obama has begun to routinely get slapped around. I think the DNC’s biggest fear is the backlash from either side when the other finally gets the nod. I can’t imagine this ending on a largely positive note. But I do agree buyer’s remorse may not be constructive for Obama, because its something that can’t be disproved with actually doing a revote. But for Hillary, it’s a lifeline she’ll try to use.

  • Stalin

    I wonder if they played the Soviet National Anthem that they frequently do at their concerts. That would be very appropriate for an Obama rally I think. 🙂

    Also, the Portland metro area has a population of nearly 2.5 million people, so I’m not surprised this many people would show up.

  • IndiMinded

    Perhaps you get the reference of their band name, the Decemberists, as a historical reference to a soviet civilian uprising? The anthem is meant to be ironic. But if anyone would be unable to appreciate that subtle irony, I’m glad it was someone called Stalin 😛

  • Whobody

    Comical insight, Stalin. Good eye.

    Just FYI,

    They play the Soviet National Anthem, most likely, due to the fact that they’re named after the Decemberist Revolt in Imperial Russia in 1825.

    Russian army officers led about 3,000 soldiers in a protest against Nicholas I’s assumption of the throne after his elder brother Constantine removed himself from the line of succession.

    Because this was in December, the rebels became known as the Decemberists.

    The Decembrists also wanted to implement a liberal political program, thus their revolt has been considered the beginning of a revolutionary movement. The uprising was the first open breach between the government and liberal elements.

    Some here may be interested in the band name’s political tie-in.

  • Whobody

    Missed your comment while I was typing, IndiMinded. Good stuff.

  • Stalin

    The Soviet Union wasn’t formed until 1922 and the Decemberist Revolt occured in 1825 as you say. So what does the Soviet National Anthem have to do with the Decemberist Revolt? I think they have some splaining to do… actually I really don’t care, just having some fun.

  • Whobody

    Actually it would make more sense for them to use a Soviet anthem than it would anything from 1825 to 1922…

    The Decemberist Revolt failed and Russia’s monarchial absolutism continued for almost a century. The Revolt can be acknowledged as the first modern revolutionary activity which would eventually lead to the revolts of the early 1900’s, the pressure for change from absolute to constitutional monarchy, and the Russian Civil War which then created the Soviet Union (coincidentally, offically in DECEMBER).

    The Soviet Union anthem which was first adopted in 1922 (the Internationale) was actually a socialist, communist, anarchist anthem. The National Anthem of the Soviet Union was written and picked up in 1944 as a more personal anthem that applied more to the people of the Soviet Union instead of an international movement. So it’s probable that the band didn’t want the association with the international socialist anthem, but rather something that was written by/for the Russian people.

    The Decemberist Revolt kicked off the modern Russian revolutionary movement which didn’t really substantiate itself until a century later.

    So that’s a possible explaination to your question.
    Or maybe the band thought it sounded cooler with the mood lighting they had at the time.

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