McCain/Huckabee: Could this be the GOP ticket?

Mike Huckabee was on NBC’s Meet the Press earlier this morning with Tim Russert where he flat out stated he would like to be John McCain’s vice president. I haven’t heard any other Republican come out quite this strongly about a yearning to be on the ticket. Romney may have hinted a bit but the word is he and McCain sort of dislike each other. Huckabee has been pitching for McCain for weeks now.

Here’s the video of Huckabee discussing this VP notion with Russert:

A report from USAToday:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Sunday he would like to be John McCain’s running mate.

“There’s no one I would rather be on a ticket with than John McCain,” said Huckabee, who was a stronger than expected challenger against McCain for the Republican presidential nomination. “All during the campaign when I was his rival, not a running mate, there was no one who was more complimentary of him publicly and privately. … I still wanted to win, but if I couldn’t, John McCain was always the guy I would have supported and have now supported.

“But whether or not I do the best for him, that’s something that only he can decide,” Huckabee said on NBC’s Meet the Press.

Huckabee, an ordained Baptist minister who had strong support from religious conservatives, won the leadoff Iowa caucuses and contests in seven other states. He left the race in March after Arizona Sen. McCain clinched the nomination following a series of big victories.

Huckabee also apologized again for remarks he made Friday to the National Rifle Association. Responding to an offstage noise during a speech, Huckabee said it was Democrat Barack Obama diving to the floor after someone had aimed a gun at him. Huckabee issued an apology Friday evening.

Sure, Huckabee could bring McCain some religious street cred but what else does Huckabee add? They’re both rather moderate on amnesty/immigration, a double no-no for conservatives. Plus, Huckabee’s a bit lenient on his fiscal policy.

However, the bottom line is that Huckabee has proven he could help McCain carry the south strongly, an area where they’ll need help going against Obama.

In terms of the religious credibility Huckabee would bring, this would fit into McCain’s overall campaign strategy of sticking to a center-right position on most issues. Huckabee is quite charming as a surrogate, the media tends to like him, plus he’ll bring in religious conservatives. Could this be a win-win for McCain?


    All i can say is if it is McCain/Huckabee 2008, there is noone stopping that freight train. Huckabee is a real man of the people and those two make a great ticket. God Bless them.

  • Bob

    Huckabee isn’t moderate on illegal immigration or fiscal responsibility.

    The founder of the Minute Men raved over Huckabee’s plan for handling the illegal immigration issue. Huckabee has always said that the federal government has failed in doing its job, and I think he could carry some great influence on the conservative issues. At the State level, he just tried to deal with the immigrants humanely as it was the federal governement that required the illegal immigrants to be educated in public schools. Huckabee just tried to extend that logic to community college since the federal governement wasn’t fixing the problem. At the National level he would try to fix the problem.

    I always hate hearing people bash Huckabee about fiscal responsibility. You have to look at the context of his state and why he had to raise taxes. The State Supreme Court ruled that Arkansas had to improve their education system. So they had to raise taxes to comply with that court order. And their roads were some of the worst in the country. Over 80% of the voters elected to increase the gas tax to fix the roads. Thanks to Huckabee, Arkansas education and infrastructure went from some of the worst in the country to some of the best. He was the third Republican in the state to be elected to a state-wide office and had to deal with a 90% Democrat Legislature. He has more executive experience than anyone else, and most importantly, I think even as VP, he could have major influence on changing healthcare to be more preventative. Since he battled Type II diabetes, he actually has credibility. As we spend around 17 % of GDP on Healthcare (mostly chronic and preventable diseases) compared to 3-4% on Defense, I thank that is the most important cost factor that unfortunaltely never gets talked about. He would be very fiscally conservative at the National level.

    I hope McCain picks Huckabee!

  • IndiMinded

    Huckabee would probably draw much of the religious base to the polls, but at the cost of any independent the slightest bit worried about the separation of church and state.

    It’s obvious that with McCain’s age his VP of great importance to his campaign, and a man of the cloth in the white house is a little bit scary. On the plus side, Huckabee is obviously an intelligent man and a deep thinker. If he’s ever giving sermons in my area, I’ll be sure to attend!

  • It definitely would be a strategic move on McCain’s part. I like Mike Huckabee, his calling in life was obviously to be a Pastor. That said, I have concerns with his fiscal and immigration policies. We know John McCain’s position on immigration, but Huckabee takes it one step further and actually argues that we as tax payers should be paying for illegal immigrant child to go to college. The government gives away too much financial aid out to “legal” citizens as it is, why not continue going into debt as a country for people who are not even citizen of the United States? We have politicians running to hand out free cash to people who wouldn’t even bother becoming citizens.

    So if it comes down to McCain and Huckabee we will end up with two men, one who openly doesn’t understand how the economy works (McCain), and another who wants to waste tax dollars on educating illegal immigrants (Huckabee)…YAY!!!

    As a Republican I just drip with pride (sarcasm of course).

  • Josh

    Speaking (tangentially) of illegal immigrants going to college, I recently read in Fast Company that Mexico has more undgrads than the U.S. does…

  • Bob

    Conservative Gal…Huckabee pushed for illegal immigrants to be able to win merit based scholarships. It wasn’t to get all illegal immigrants to be educated. As a state, Arkansas had to educate illegal immigrants from K-12 by law. He wanted those who would qualify for the merit-based scholarships to be able to move out of poverty and extend the law from K-12 to include the possibility of college.

    I agree with you that I don’t like the idea of us spending money on the illegal immigrants. But when the federal government failed and left the states in that situation, what are they supposed to do? Have them remain uneducated dead-weight on society?

    Huckabee at the national level would push for one of the harshest solutions to illegal immigration that was proposed by a presidential candidate. He wants to solve the problem so that we don’t leave states in the same situation. He wants the illegal immigrants to literally go home and get in line.


    Conservative Gal it seems like you hate every conservative out there…so that leaves me with only one answer to who you like and i can tell this from how you speech:RON PAUL!

  • O.S, you know what they say about making assumptions………..

    You actually can quote me as saying ALL OVER this site that I was a huge Fred Thompson fan and financial contributor to his campaign. As for Ron Paul, silly you should know what my only issue with him is, he’s against the war in Iraq. That said I do like Ron Paul, he’s a kool kat! I know it upsets you that I’m not bowing at the alter oh John McCain, we’ve had this argument before, he’s not a conservative. Conservatives don’t look into switching their party affiliations to democrat. The thing that upsets me entirely is with the popularity of John McCain comes this new breed of so called conservatives.

    Please, don’t accuse me of hating every “conservative” simply because I dislike McCain or Huckabee. I’d be more than happy with a Fred Thompson, Duncan Hunter, Mitt Romney, and even Ron Paul if he’d just change his tone on the Iraq War. Almost forgot, the ever eloquent Alan Keyes. I prefer a candidate who has conservative principles and stands by them, not throws them under the bus at every opportunity like McCain.

    Bob, I know you may state now that Huckabee supports the harshest penalties but excuse me if I’m not eager to jump on board a campaign of promises to be more conservative when they’re elected, that’s a crock. Secondly, even if Huckabee supports harsh penalties on illegal immigration, he won’t be the president! Huckabee will be the VP which basically means he’ll be attending state funerals in foreign lands, little more. Therefore, unless McCain states he’ll be taking Huckabee’s view on the matter, it makes no difference since McCain’s in the pro-amnesty crowd.

    As for the student plan, I don’t think they have to become dead weight. However, they can work hard and pay for a cheap college as they go. Community colleges and state schools exist for a reason. I wish more students would attend college when they’re financially ready so they don’t leave with massive amounts of debt.

    Josh, thank you for the interesting tidbit.

  • A McCain/Huckabee ticket is not going to help McCain’s deficiency in economic issues. Romney would suit him much better than Huckabee in this respect, but then Huckabee offers the religious vote that Romney would not get. Still, I do not see Huckabee drawing more additional voters to McCain’s cause than losing some (staunch conservatives will feel these two fail to represent the Republican Party, neither candidate is in bed with the neo-conservatives).

    That said, Huckabee would add some executive experience to the ticket– and might require Obama to do the same for his (thus, excluding Clinton).

  • Sam

    I think instead of focusing on financial aid to college students, the government would be much more effective, by driving down tuition rates. What colleges are charging now is absolutely absurd, especially when you compare tuition charged today to tuition charged 20 years ago, including inflation.

    Conservative Gal – delaying college education until students are financially ready would be detrimental to this country. Students need to attend college as soon as they are mentally ready. China and India are graduating massive amounts of engineers every year, while US graduation rates for engineers are at an all time low. This is also a national security issue (thought that would get conservatives excited) since future technology will be created by engineers. I feel education is the key to keeping our advantage in the world, and must not be delayed in any way.

  • Jeff

    Why can’t Americans just have what most other developed countries have where students go to University and don’t have to pay until they finish their course and have a job that pays them a certain amount each year and the government draws out annual ammounts to gradually cover the cost.

    Why do Americans make things so financially difficult for the majority so that only the minority of rich people can be happy (ie: health care, education, etc.).

  • Babs

    CG, do you then disagree with Fred Thompson in his belief that McCain is a “rock solid conservative” in all the issues that matter? I can pull the quotes out if you haven’t seen them, he says it repeatedly.

    IndiMinded, I can see your point about having “a man of the cloth” in the White House, but having grown up with a Baptist Minister father I have to say I think your fears are unfounded. There are SOME baptist ministers I would agree with you on – Jerry Falwell for one – but I haven’t seen Huckabee overly inject his religous beliefs into the mix. The majority of Baptists tend to take a more common sense approach to things rather than a biblical approach, and are not in general charismatic about it. It’s the Jerry Falwells and Hagees and Wrights, however, that get the most press. So I would have no problem with Huckabee as a running mate, and it would help the numbers in the south, absolutely. Romney would play equally as well in other areas, but they would attack his wealth and call him “elistist”. Either of them carry their own set of cons into the mix.

  • Stalin

    I like Huck but he doesn’t have the best record on immigration and taxes. I would rather see Romney. I think that his religion cost him the nomination and that is really unfortunate. He has good solid conservative values and a great business sense.

  • Babs

    He also has that Hollywood star quality that actually seems to mean something this election. I can live with either of them.

  • Sam, education is extremely important. I’m not suggesting people wait till there 40 to attend college, I’m just proposing that parents take responsibility and open college mutual funds with a long track record or 529’s that will outperforms the S&P so students can attend college and not be horribly in debt when they graduate. College is an investment that should be made with money already earned. Never be a slave to the lender! If parents are not prepared to pay for there children’s education and kids have to pay for there college themselves all I’m saying is start off at a community college and get a part time job lifting boxes at UPS. This nation is so inpatient that the thought of actually waiting a year or two to start furthering your education b/c your saving the money to attend and not be broke is un-thought of. Responsible actions taken will only strengthen that student. My husband, this sites creator Nate has worked his way through college and will be graduating this semester with a 3.9 GPA and a bachelors degree. He did it in 3 years and still managed to run a business before the age of 25. Can you imagine the opportunities students would have if they were coming out of college debt free. Sally Mae wouldn’t have a permanent bedroom in there home and you would be looking forward to the day when you can kick the old lady to the curb!

    Babs, I completely disagree with Fred’s comments and yes I did hear him state that John McCain was conservative. These does not mean that I agree with everything the man says, Fred is wrong here, but how much of what he said was just politics and him defending the republican candidate? In the last interview with Hannity, Fred wasn’t to quick to claim that McCain was a conservative. He said that McCain was strong on national security and spending. The point is that Fred was wrong in commenting that McCain is a conservative, however he did distance himself from McCain when he put it out there that he would not accept an invitation for VP.
    A side note, are you(Babs) suggesting that McCain is a conservative?

  • Babs

    Lord no, CG, I still don’t understand the meaning of the word, apparently. I keep asking, but no one seems to be able to explain it so a poor old country girl can understand. *L* But when someone that IS reputed to be a conservative like Fred Thompson says, and I quote, “John is a rock solid conservative” (Fox & Friends last week), then why shouldn’t I believe him? That’s all I’m asking. Do I CARE if he’s a conservative or not? No, I don’t. I don’t think being or not being a conservative means you’ve got snakes wrapped around your head and you’re the devil’s spawn. 🙂