Video: Tim Russert explains the Obama/Clinton battle

Saw this and had to upload, it’s too funny. Tim Russert and his trusty magic eraser board thoroughly explain the current contest between Obama and Clinton, it’s all spelled out clearly.

From Jay Leno via Fox News:

  • Christopher Schwinger

    That IS hilarious!

  • Joyce

    OH Timothy,Timmy, Timbo…You are a Riot!!!! How Funny you are!

  • Michael Anichini

    That was amazing. Finally some levity.

    I’d like to thank the creators and administrators of this website for all their work and attention. You’ve often had the most relevant updates and issues before any other news org gets around to reporting them. Though it goes without saying, it’s been an incredibly intense election so far, and the issues have at times been heatedly debated between the visitors to this website. I hope this continues to be a safe place for intelligent discourse. Cheers Nate, Mike et al.


  • Babs

    Ditto, Michael Anichini, ditto. 🙂