Video: Obama says Clinton would be on any VP short list

Still refusing to elaborate too much, Obama did confirm that he thinks Hillary Clinton would be on a vice presidency short list. The speculation has been running rampant since it appears he’s clinched the nomination.

Here’s the video from the Associated Press:

Clearly she has to be on the short list but the question of whether or not she’d accept is something else.

  • Babs

    This is too funny. He seems very respectful of Clinton, saying he doesn’t have the nomination sewed up, blah blah. So why is his camp (according to Fox News) already planning a huge celebration May 20th to announce his clenching the nomination? I think this has become such a farce, media pronouncing him the winner, him saying he hasn’t won but planning victory parties, this is more ridiculous than the race itself was. Why bother to even let anyone else vote?

  • Dreadsen

    Well he better put the champagne away. Because who ever is his V.P. might be commander in Chief if these people get their way.

    He better pick someone like Richardson as V.P! That might nullify any assassination!

  • Michel

    Richardson for V.P. would be a terrific choice. Not only would get him more ground with the hispanic community but it would also underscore his campaign for change, and placate those who say he needs to have a white as vp.

    But, on the other hand, Richardson is officially despised among hardcore Clinton supporters. Most of them would go to vote for McCain just for pure resentment. I know that’s not the “politically correct” thing to do but polls seem to point that hate and resentment against Obama is still pretty heavy in some specific groups.

    There are a couple of articles at Politico that list all the reasons why Obama should take her as VP and, on the other hand, why he shouldn’t. Great articles, try to find them.

  • Babs

    I think the DNC may look at the “dream ticket” as a way to do damage control over the possible defection to McCain if Obama is the nominee, as well as alleviating any major dissention at the Convention.

    Also, some may think Clinton would add a bit of credibility to Obama as the nominee.

  • Tulane Law

    clinton adding credibility. babs are you serious. is she still being held captive under enemy fire. no, i’m sorry. she is a P.O.W in Bosnia. No, i misspoke. her house is being target by enemy missles. hahahahahah. please. i am upset that nobody blasted her worse for that. i did 8 years in the Military. yes, bosnia is a combat zone. well, so is Iraq and have you ever heard of Condi having to be rushed anywhere because of snipper fire. these people are flown into the rear where they see nothing but heavy brass (high rank). they are not flown in, under any circumstance, any area that is disstressed. she is a lie from the fiery pits of hell. she adds credibility to nothing. oh, look who her husband is. i guess it runs in the family. i am a republican but there are none in this race so OBAMA is my choice. I think it would serve him well to offer the VP to (hope your ready for this one) either John Edwards or my favorite Mike Huckabee. That would really represent his message of change. A dem and rep running on the same ticket. I vote for that all day long. McCain isn’t doing as well as people think. I know in my small circle we don’t like him. he has two issue that he agrees with us on: immagration and gay rights.
    God bless you all.

    Babs please reply I’d love to read your feed back. I say this because you seem smart. I think you just misspoke. lol

  • Babs

    No, Tulane, I didn’t misspeak, Obama is touted as the junior senator with no experience. Hillary is considered old school and old politics. Many believe Obama needs a running mate with a little more seasoning to them than he has, thus credibility in the arena of experience. It’s a theory thats widely held obviously, since there’s so much debate over the “dream ticket”. If we’re talking credibility in the arena of honesty, neither of them make the grade.

    Now let me ask you a question. If you’re a republican, but you don’t like McCain because you don’t feel he’s a true republican, why go as far to the left as you can get with Obama? And what if McCain chooses Huckabee for his running mate? Will that change the landscape for you?