Obama begins outlining his campaign against McCain

With the Democratic nomination in his sights, Obama has now begun taking on McCain much more directly and leaving Clinton to the wayside. Earlier today and yesterday, Obama mentioned many of the ways he plans to differentiate himself from McCain.

Here’s a video report on it from Reuters:

Also, a report from Yahoo News:

BEND, Ore. – Barack Obama began sketching the outlines of his expected presidential contest against Republican John McCain on Saturday, saying the fall election will be more about specific plans and priorities than about questions of political ideology or who is more patriotic.

Barely mentioning Democratic rival Hillary Rodham Clinton, Obama said he was open to campaigning with McCain in “town hall” events. But he also warned that controversial issues such as McCain’s ties to the Keating Five savings and loan scandal are fair game, and he called McCain’s proposal for a temporary halt in the federal gasoline tax a pander and a gimmick.

He did not mention that Clinton supports a similar plan.

Obama also said he soon will campaign in Michigan and Florida, two battleground states whose Democratic primaries were essentially nullified by party disputes, angering many voters.

Saying he still has not secured the nomination, Obama nonetheless entertained several questions about the likely outlines of a contest against McCain. As he campaigned in Oregon, whose primary is May 20, Obama picked up four superdelegate endorsements, erasing Clinton’s once-substantial lead among the party leaders who will determine the nominee.

Obama mentioned some specifics:

Speaking with reporters in Bend, Ore., Obama brushed aside suggestions that the fall campaign may be largely about his race, liberalism or patriotism.

“In a contest between myself and John McCain,” he said, “there is going to be a very clear choice on policy that I don’t think is going to have to do with ideology and who theoretically is more liberal or who’s more conservative. I think it is going to have to do with who has a plan to provide relief to people when it comes to their gas prices, who has a real plan to make sure that everybody has health insurance, who’s got a real plan to deal with college affordability.”

“So rather than an abstract set of questions about, ‘Is he too liberal, is he too conservative, how do voters handle an African American, et cetera,’ I think this is going to be a very concrete contest around very specific plans for how we improve the lives of Americans and our vision for the future,” he said.

I’m guessing that Obama will be brushing up on foreign policy because the danger will be whether or not he sounds as experienced in that area next to McCain. On the other hand, we haven’t heard much from McCain other than he refuses to go “negative” on Obama, but it doesn’t appear all aspects of the Republican Party will tow the same line.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    Attention is focused on the divisions in the two major parties, but how many of you have been paying attention to Bush’s power to declare martial law? http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=41728

    You can also hear it on YouTube: 2008 ELECTIONS WILL BE CANCELLED


    Conservative website cites Bush’s martial law POWERGRAB

    What if Bush attacks Iran, calls a national state of emergency, and then declares martial law to avoid getting booted out of the Oval Office come January 2009?


    You suck

  • Josh

    Here’s doubting that the Supreme Court would let that one go….

  • Fris

    Talk of martial law eh? I think I can hear the riots already..

  • paul

    Martial law is a left wing idea to avoid talking about real problems. They love to come up with crazy idea’s and never real do anything about them.

  • Dreadsen

    Oh yeah those damn left wings. Coming up with Rev Wright, Flag Pins, National Anthems to avoid talking about the issues. They should be ashamed of themselves.


    exactly and very well put Paul. That is so true.


    Dreadsenleft wing brought those issues upon themselves by giving the nominee to the man that you did. Barack Obama. You also forgot to say Bill Ayers and Hamas.

  • Dreadsen


    I’m still waiting for your response in our other thread.
    Since you are posting. We were getting somewhere. Then you left. I have a link to it if you need it.

    Now using your logic it’s okay to talk about things which are not about the issues as long as it is hurting the candidate which you dislike.

    But it is not okay to bring about things which are not about the issues when it’s about the Candidate or party which you support. You know like making a willing and conscience decision to get the support from someone who advocates and promotes violence and genocide of an entire group of people.

    Explain why this is okay.

    Oh and while you are at it I would like to see you come back to the thread which you have abandoned once we were getting somewhere.

  • Dreadsen


    I have challenged you on Bill Ayers and Hamas in the past and you have yet to present this case. But you still yell it out.
    You have no case with Ayers or Hamas. To not derail this thread off of topic I can bring you to the other one where I wanted to have a full discussion on this with you. If you are going to constantly yell it out at least back it up and DEFEND the candidate YOU are pushing when making a parallel comparison of “guilt by far and LOOSE association”.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    If you think Bush can’t get away with robbing our freedom, first examine the PATRIOT Act. Then watch this:

    What happens if you ask Bush about the CFR/Fed Reserve?

    It’s not even two minutes long. Bush won’t answer the question and lets Alex Jones get arrested for talking about the CFR and Federal Reserve. If Bush were not hiding something, and respected our First Amendment rights, he would have stopped the guards from taking Alex Jones away.

    Please examine the World Net Daily article listed above before dismissing what I have to say. Aren’t we adults here?


    The patriot act is good and was needed. If you are not a terrorist or a criminal in any type it should not affect your at all Chris. Take this leftwing view somewhere else or go sit with your liberal friends and discuss this so you all can agree on it and think its right and think that you are doing something to help, but really you just sound like an idiot. These are just idiotic far left fake problems you are coming up with. They are not needed and are unwanted here.

  • Dreadsen


    You don’t have the Moral Authority to claim that anyone is bringing up far left or fake problems. When you constantly bring up the most fake problems all the time and stick to them.
    You don’t talk about issues you talk about fake problems. You are gigantic hypocrite and very funny. I enjoy seeing you post such contradictory statements.

    Christopher Schwinger

    Didn’t Obama and Clinton both vote for the patriot act?

  • Christopher Schwinger

    I’m sorry if I’ve haven’t made my views clear. I’m not a left-winger just because I claim Bush is unconstitutional. The PATRIOT Act licenses Bush to do things that the Constitution doesn’t, which in itself is unconstitutional. Instead of tapping our lines, Bush should be removing “gun control” and providing citizens with firearms!

  • Christopher Schwinger

    Practically everyone in Washington approved the PATRIOT Act, but that does not mean it is constitutional. And to place personal ambition above the Constitution, as we all know, is treason. But I don’t want to start talking about Bush’s ambition here . . .

    For over seven years, I’ve had a generally favorable outlook toward Bush. But that was before I saw some very disturbing YouTubes. A conservative person like I has not suddenly gone bonkers by saying Bush could become a dictator. Just see the World Net Daily article I mentioned above, if you’re interested.

  • Dreadsen

    Christopher Schwinger

    Well if you notice O.S. thinks that everyone who doesn’t just lay down and believe in Bush is a left winger. Meaning any and everything from his point of view must be agreed with. Meaning anything that someone who is not a democrat does must be accepted. And if you don’t you are far left winger, idiot and other variety of names.

    There are many republicans who aren’t happy with Bush either.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    Thanks, Dreadsen. What I am trying to do is communicate the cause of the mess we’re in, and steer people back to the Constitution. You’ll rarely hear of the Constitution on the MSM. Understanding the Constitution and understanding your history (retooling your thinking) is critical to saving American freedom. There are some videos already on the Thompson Coalition website’s globalization page (www.thompsoncoalition.com), and my friends will eventually put up more. Go to Google Video and type “Freedom to Fascism” and “ENDGAME”. Those are two videos that changed my perspective significantly.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    I try not to invoke the terms “liberal” and “conservative” too much, because party politics is not what I’m interested in. A lot of self-proclaimed liberals were aware that something was wrong with Bush’s foreign policy long ago, while many conservatives favor his foreign policy just because liberals oppose it. The bickering needs to end, and we need to see that the people above our visible politicians have been working toward one world government since the Illuminati of the Enlightenment. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the financial elite have successfully taken control of the American economy and media like never before. And this is NOTHING compared to what we will see if we don’t wake up. I don’t know how to convince people of these things, for I used to blow all this “conspiracy” stuff off, myself. The two videos in my above post changed me forever. They are VERY LIBERATING. Education is liberating; we just haven’t been given it properly by our NEA-controlled public schools or MSM.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    Another thing I wanted to mention is a response to Josh’s post. Bush is accountable to people beyond the reach of the Supreme Court, and it becomes very obvious when you learn that the proposed North American Union will have its own court and its own constitution, to override our beloved system. And there is no accountability from the people, since the people will not have created this government. This government will be forced on them–on US.

  • Michel

    From the Seattle Times:

    “Michael Dudley is the son of a preacher man.

    He’s a born-again Christian with two family members in the military. He grew up in the Bible Belt, where almost everyone he knew was Republican. But this fall, he’s breaking a handful of stereotypes: He plans to vote for Democrat Barack Obama.”

    Read the full article: “Young Evangelicals Abandoning GOP Over Iraq, Economy” here…


  • Babs

    I think Obama is being naive if he thinks an Obama/McCain race won’t include these issues. But time will tell.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    I thought I’d have a little fun here and show you all http://youtube.com/watch?v=H7eBTFSv7nE&feature=related

    (1 minute 2 seconds)

  • Babs

    *ROFLMAO* Thanks, Christopher!! I needed a good laugh!