Video: John Edwards’ morning media (5/9/08)

John Edwards came out of wherever he’s been hiding to do the Today Show and an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. News was made as he slipped up and said he voted for “him” in North Carolina, perhaps meaning Obama. Edwards quickly retracted the statement saying he didn’t mean “him,” rather he may have meant “them.”

His appearance on the Today Show:

Video from MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

Edwards doesn’t think Clinton can win but he’s still holding out on endorsing either one of them. I’m betting he’s hedging on the chance that an Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket will materialize and Edwards doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of either of them.

  • IndiMinded

    I think it’s pretty obvious that if Edwards is basically just biding his time before he endorses the same candidate that he voted for, if he HAD voted for Hillary Clinton he would not be going on talkshows today and declaring that the candidate he expects to endorse is probably going to lose the race. That would just be shooting his teammates in the foot as he considers joining their team.

    Talk show hosts want to hear him say the words, but his strategy speaks for itself. John Edwards voted for Barack Obama, and may be endorsing him in the not-too-distant future.

  • Dreadsen

    AH HA! Right after about 9.5 minutes listen for him to say “Well I just voted for him on Tuesday”. Did he mean Voted for ’em which could mean either or. Or did he slip by saying “Him”.

  • Stalin

    Who will the dead children tell Edwards to vote for? Stay tuned…The fact that you liberals even care what this latter day hippie says is scary.

  • Indi

    His endorsement is of no consequence now. He tried to play smart on his endorement but failed like hi bid for presidency.

  • IndiMinded

    You know honestly I’ve always kind of disliked John Edwards (that goes about equally for both the politician and that Crossing Over guy), and I think endorsements aren’t really too meaningful. It just kind of bothers me to see news anchors focusing on a question so much when the answer seems obvious. I mean he’s not endorsing anyone, he’s just out telling everyone that Hillary’s pretty much lost… so those guys can’t guess which of the two candidates he’s trying to help out? Really?

    I must admit, I like him more now that he’s not running for president though.

  • Babs

    Indiminded, I agree with you, endorsements aren’t really too meaningful. If we examined every person who endorsed a candidate, especially all the celebrities, no one would get elected. None of them walk on water. *L*