Video: Bill defends Hill, argues with Obama supporter

Today in West Virginia, Bill Clinton got into a little confrontation with a woman attacking Hillary Clinton’s health care plan during the 90s. She purported to be an Obama supporter and apparantly this all rubbed Bill the wrong way.

Here’s video of the exchange:

A report from Political Radar:

ABC News’ Sarah Amos reports: While speaking at Fayetteville High School in Fayetteville, West Virginia, former President Bill Clinton was interrupted by a woman who said he and Hillary Clinton promised to fix healthcare when he was president and then did nothing.

Clinton got angry during the exchange, clearly upset by the woman’s claim.

“And do you know why it was defeated? Clinton asked, “I can’t believe you are saying this. There are, there are millions of pages of documents that we have released. Showing the exhausting work that was done, the tens of thousands of people who were consulted, the rallies and movements we had all over the country.”

The former president then added: “This is, one of the problems, one of the problems of this whole presidential campaign is how many things that people have said that are flat untrue.”

Bill Clinton angrily defended his wife, telling the woman Hillary’s first universal healthcare plan failed because of Republican opposition.

  • Michel

    If her health care plan was shut down because of Republican opposition, then how can she say she’s the best candidate to fight the Republicans and their candidate? How? They ran over her. The Republican Attack Machine ran over her.

    There were too many big interests against her plan and it was strongly repelled, and it ultimately failed. She may have started fighting the control of the health care industry… but in 2005 she had become the second largest recipient in the Senate of health care industry “contributions”. They paid her more than $854,462 dollars. So how can she be the best candidate to stand against big corporative interests like big oil companies or HMOs?

    Are we supposed to believe this?

    My take: She is a good liar. Her husband isn’t. But I think we knew that already.


    Obama is a good liar to..basically both Democrats are great liars and both she would be the best candidate by far in the national but whatever democrats and the farfar left dont realize this and want to have a nominee who in no way is going to win this election

  • Michel

    Yeah O.S., yeah, we know, Obama’s a liar too, he s*ks, he can’t take McCain, the only Democrat who could take him would be Clinton, I can’t realize this because I’m in the far left, bla bla bla, yadda yadda yadda.

    Please be a nice a boy a speak up WHY you believe these things, instead of just… trolling. I don’t think you can explain yourselve because you haven’t done it in the past, but I’ll still give your the benefit of the doubt.

  • Curtis

    Go Bill! I’ll be voting for Hillary in Oregon!

  • Josh

    If it was the Republican’s fault, then how did Clinton’s Senate campaign end up with almost a million dollars in healthcare lobby money?