Clinton, battered and bruised, vows to press on

Despite the blowout loss in North Carolina and the nail biting victory in Indiana, Hillary Clinton today said she plans on fighting it to the end for the Democratic nomination. New information has come out about her struggling financial situation as well in the past month.

A video report on it from ABC News:

Also, a report on her financial situation from MyWay:

WASHINGTON (AP) – A campaign aide says Hillary Rodham Clinton loaned herself $6.4 million in the past month.

Politically wounded and financially strapped, Clinton plunged back into the presidential campaign Wednesday even as Barack Obama declared that Tuesday’s primary results left him with a “clear path to victory.”

Obama beat Clinton soundly in North Carolina and fell just short in an Indiana cliffhanger, a rebound for the Illinois senator that presented Clinton with fast-dwindling chances to deny him the Democratic presidential nomination.

The loan more than doubles Clinton’s personal investment in her bid for the Democratic nomination. She gave her campaign $5 million earlier this year.

Clinton has been struggling financially behind the record fundraising of her Democratic rival, Barack Obama.

ut even as Obama planned to take the day off from the campaign trail Wednesday, Clinton showed no public signs of easing her pace. The campaign added a noon Wednesday appearance in Shepherdstown, W. Va., to her schedule. On Thursday, she planned to campaign in West Virginia, South Dakota and Oregon.

Arguably, Obama probably has reason to argue for her withdrawal at this point. Some prominent Democrats have already taken the opportunity to do so such as George McGovern, who today is endorsing Obama and asking Clinton to drop out.

I don’t know where she can really go from here in terms of pledged delegates. The few states left aren’t going to swing it and the chorus for her withdrawal is only going to grow.

  • She’s run out of options and anything that she can come up with now won’t be taken seriously. Pile on the fact that she’s running out of money, the inevitable voices for her to step down, and the super delegates finally taking sides just shows what a tough situation she’s in right now. I can only imagine what she’s thinking right now but I would have to guess that the decision making process has shifted from a political strategic one to a personal one. She has a political career to think about and Bill’s wallet is looking pretty empty. I never expected Hillary to step down if she knew she still had a shot, but this is different.

  • Dreadsen

    Well From what I’ve heard she’s going to stick it out till June with an all positive campaign talking about issues to make things as graceful as possible. If this is true maybe she is going to try to help mend the party with the rest of her campaign. Kind of an expensive option to do this though. Unless she’s waiting to see if something horrendously negative comes out on obama. Rezko trail is over. So the hopes of something negative coming out of that is over. She just loaned herself another 6.5 million and I’ve heard she didn’t even get the original 5 million back. So I hope she uses the rest of this time to try to get her supporters behind Obama if all of this is true.

  • IndiMinded

    I continue to believe what I’ve believed for a while now: Hillary’s continued presidential bid is a deliberate attempt to build a block of voters who are likely to vote only for her, so that Obama will feel great pressure to take her on as VP.

    Let’s face it, failed presidential bids don’t come back to succeed the next time around. That doesn’t happen. Her only hope to become president, if she doesn’t succeed now, is to ascend from vice presidency. Obama doesn’t particularly want her as VP, but if the party’s divided enough he may have no choice but to take her on.

  • I think IndyMinded is probably right on this one, it is just sad that Clinton has fallen to this type of tactic at the detriment of her own party.

    I think she would make a better case for VP if she dropped out and made a strong speech in support of Obama. I don’t see it happening, but who knows, I didn’t see Edwards dropping out when he did either. I for one would rather see an Obama / Edwards or Obama / W. Clark ticket.

  • Why shouldn’t Hillary take it to convention? Reagan did it in 76, Teddy Kennedy did it in 80.

  • Dreadsen


    Yeah I have thoughts on that too.
    Too piggy back on your thought, her attempt to pour the dirt on Obama could also have been part of the plot. Damage him enough so that he wouldn’t be strong enough to do it on his own.

    Do you think she’s gonna try taking this all the way to the convention?

  • H Jeff

    Hiliary says she is more electable than Obama because he is unable to get the middle-income white vote and she can. Obama on the other hand not only gets the young new voters and is improving on the woman’s and middle income white male vote but solidly has the African-American vote. Hilary’s arrogant presumption that the African-American vote voters will come back to her if she is the nominee is very telling of her dismissive attitude of this block of voters. Can she or any democratic candidate win without the African-American vote, I don’t think so. And if she believes she can recapture the African-American vote because democrats will vote in their best interest why will the middle-income white vote not do the same and vote for Obama. She is truly desperate.

  • Debbie from Modesto, Ca 56yr young w/female

    Turn out the lights, the party is over! The only reason she is staying in now is she needs money, money, money! She owes herself now 11.4 million, soon she will have to explain where that money is coming from. Her income is gone, so we have to ask, where did Bill get his money. Is part of it the trade deal working on with Mexico?

    If shes staying in just to ruin his chances, shame on her.

    !!!GO OBAMA!!!

  • Cameroon

    You know she deals with people who have not completed colledge and so she know how to manipulate them.In that field she calls Obama an elit and its true.Well thank God the last nail on the coffin was hit.The corps only has to be burried even if it starts breeding again.
    She is just acting a bull in a chinese shop.She just wants to spoil everything and forget of what lies ahead of her.
    Moreso you know shame always sooth Defeat but she wants to take pride to marry shame and defeat.She could stoop down to Obama if Obama stop praising her.He does that too much.
    From Texas to Pennsylvania to Indian This time she met her doom But the question I want to ask myself is this:If she succeeded in winning N.C and Ind and with all The negative tactics would American still vote for her knowing all what she is?Up to this point i do not see why she is still supposed to be staggering despite all that surrounds her.
    God Bless Obama
    God Bless America
    God bless me

  • Drake

    She knows there is a big chance she’s not going to get the nomination. It’s just politics. The longer she stays in the race, the more democrats are weakening against McCain, and who knows, maybe she does get the nomination after all. The clintons don’t like to lose. And I bet daddy Bush is behind this too. This government doesn’t allow Obama to win. they’re addicted to power. It’s Clinton or McCain. I hope Obama kicks ass!!!