McCain attacks Obama and Clinton over judicial nominees

In the shadow of the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, McCain took the opportunity today to hit Obama and Clinton on the topic of judicial nominees.

Here’s some video of McCain’s remarks from ABC News:

More video of McCain’s remarks from the Associated Press:


    John is the best candidate for bipartisanship and that is why out of all republican candidates that there were before im so happy this man is the nominee. He is the most qualified out there and is a real American and a real guy. Lets go John take it to those liberals!

  • johnw

    Um.. Nate is this the right video?

  • Josh

    O.S., I hardly think that talking about nominating justices specifically to override the checks and balances system qualifies as bipartisan.

    I don’t think this is going to help McCain any with the neocons, especially after he decided to court the hispanic crowd recently. Neocons always know when they’re being pandered to…except on Sunday, of course. I doubt that they’ll buy into this one. I mean, they didn’t buy into Falwell’s endorsement, and he’s the pope of neoconservatism.

    Roe v. Wade is never going to change, and it’s not the Supreme Court’s job to rule based upon their personal beliefs anyway. The court that ruled on Roe v. Wade was far more conservative than this Supreme Court is, so I don’t understand what people actually think is going to happen with this anyway. Roe v. Wade isn’t even based on the morality of abortion, it’s based on the constitutional right to privacy, and the privacy of such a decision is Constitutionally sacrisanct. Republican presidents aren’t going to change that any more than they’re going to ban gay marriage. Get over it!

  • Michel

    He may have been bipartisan in the past. Righ now he’s desperate for conservative support. And he has dumped bipartisanship. If this speech is not evidence of that, then I don’t know what is.

  • bennett

    Is there not a virtue in having a balanced Supreme court between liberal, moderates, and conservatives? Is this not how balanced decisions are made on the most critical issues? Gotta run this one is short…

  • Michel