Clinton wins Indiana, Obama takes North Carolina (Update) Clinton cancels morning media (Update)

The votes are in and have come down with a split decision on Tuesday night. Hillary Clinton has won Indiana and Barack Obama has taken a somewhat expected victory in North Carolina.

Video from ABC News about Obama’s North Carolina victory:


Here is Obama’s entire victory speech from North Carolina:

Update by Michael

It is now 12:19 AM EST, and it is still too close to call. Hillary Clinton is leading by 1.7%, and there is 9% of the votes left to be counted. All of those votes are coming from Lake County, which currently is showing a 74% leaning toward Obama. This probably will not continue, but if there is a large enough differential, this will shrink Hillary’s numbers down substantially.

She is currently ahead by 20,000 votes. Lake County has over 123,000 voters.

Update by Nate

An Associated Press report on the Indiana holdouts:

Video of Hillary speaking about Indiana:

Results are expected at 1am eastern, will report definitively then about the Indiana Primary.


Indiana has now been called by Fox News for Hillary Clinton. With 100% of the precincts in, Clinton managed to hold to about a 20,000 vote lead.

Ben Smith is reporting that Clinton has canceled morning media:

Tim Russert, a colleague reports, just said that Hillary Clinton canceled her scheduled appearances on the morning shows tomorrow.

It’s a sign of weakness she can ill afford at a moment when questions about whether she can continue are mounting.

Doesn’t mean anything but it could be a sign of some upcoming changes.

Update by Michael at 1:30am, EST
Well, the rural areas of Lake County stemmed the Obama tide. In the end, Lake County went from a 74% to a 55% favor of Obama as the last of the Lake County ballots were counted. Union County finally declared their results, which were very small, but 65% in favor of Clinton. Hillary Clinton ends up winning Indiana by 1.8%. A win is a win, but the margin of victory will not impress many superdelegates.

  • Michael

    My point will probably be made moot soon, but at 11:34 PM EST, it is still too close to call. Hillary Clinton is leading by 3.7%, but there are still 14% of the votes to be counted, and Bloomington and Lake County are still up for grabs. Strong pushes in either could push Obama to victory. I would argue it is too early to give Clinton the win here.

  • Travis

    I would like to second the comments Michael gave. The race has not been called yet at the time of my posting this; and Lake County is HUGE. It is the second largest county in Indiana. It could easily push Obama to a win there; or at least narrow Clinton’s win to a very small margin due to the county favoring Obama. A win is a win whether small or large, but it is not called yet. If Clinton wins… great; but at least give responsible analysis on what is happening at the time it happens.

  • Greg

    Tonight was a big loss for Hillary and the end for her. She lost a “big state” (her choice of words), she falls further behind in popular vote and pledged delegates. Superdelegates will go to Obama in increasing numbers in the coming week as they see her candidacy as having failed.

    She has no metrics left that she can convincingly spin to keep undecided superdelegates from going Obama’s way.

  • Travis & Michael, as of the time I posted, CBS News had called it so I reported. Looks like things are definitly tightening up since then.

    Could be an amazing victory for Obama if he takes both. We’re supposed to know at 1am eastern. I’ll keep updating until then.

  • I am calling Obama the winner in Indiana. There are 90,000 votes still not counted in Lake County, and if Obama manages to maintain over a 60% edge for these remaining votes, he will surpass H. Clinton’s 21,000 vote lead.

  • Travis

    I noticed you have updated this section to be titled “Clinton close to winning” Indiana from saying she had already won Indiana. You have just proved to me that has strong integrity in their reporting. If Clinton wins… great, but I’m gald you have shown us dedicated browsers that you won’t call it until it’s over. Thank you 🙂

  • Travis, well we’re certainly not trying to spin the reporting. As the votes were counted, things certainly shaped up. I just should not have followed CBS News when Fox News and CNN were still holding out on calling Indiana.

  • Michel

    I join Travis’ commendation of this blog’s integrity. Nate, I think is okay you followed CBS, you backed up anyway after realizing it wasn’t maybe so over. I think that’s worthy of compliments from my part.

    Take care.

  • Michael

    One other issue that is still lurking in the background is Union County. Union county has not released ANY of their votes yet– and is about 7,800 people strong. According to the U.S Census, over 98% are White, and there is an even spread according to age.

    Clinton carried most counties around Union, and she should carry this one. I do not know how many eligible voters registered Democrat, but we can assume roughly 3-4,000. If this gets down to 100s, Union could be the deciding factor.

  • Michael

    And thank you, Travis and Michel for your comments!

  • bennett

    Ithink it is over for Clinton, just saw a clip of Russert, he stated that Clinton has cancelled all of her public events for the next couple of days… very telling, she is gonna end it in the next two days,…

  • Craig

    I wonder what’s up will all the voter irregularities…hmm. Obama’s campaign is sneaky. Very, very sneaky.

  • Michel

    Yeah, Tim Russert just said that Hillary canceled her scheduled appearances on the morning shows tomorrow.

    It’s a sign of weakness she can ill afford at a moment when questions about whether she can continue are mounting. Maybe she’s preparing to say good bye to the campaign. I don’t know.

    Roger Simon was talking about it, and I agree completely with him:

    “…I don’t think Clinton has any obligation to quit before the last primary, but she must continue to look scrappy and resolute in the weeks ahead and not sad or pathetic.

    There is a lot at stake for her that goes beyond the Democratic convention. First, if she doesn’t get the nomination this time, she has to exit in such a way as to not damage her political future. If Obama loses the general election this year, he is unlikely to get a second chance in 2012. (The Democrats don’t like to renominate losers; the last time they did it was with Adlai Stevenson in 1956, and he lost again.) Clinton could try for the nomination again, but even if she does not run for president in 2012, she is up for reelection to the Senate that year. Or she could run for governor of New York in 2010. Or she might want to become majority leader of the Senate.

    She has options, but only if she manages her endgame carefully.

    If she becomes known as the candidate who was willing to destroy her party in order to gain the nomination, she is likely to lose not just the nomination but also her political future.”

  • sunday

    it is over for cliton.

  • Dreadsen

    Hey what do you all think about this?

    It’s a delegate counter. You can adjust the slide for each remaining state in the primary. The math I came up with was Hilary needing 77% clean sweep of everything left to get in front. And with a 50/50 split he will have OVER 20 delegates more then needed for the nomination!

  • Michael

    The Huffington Post is calling Obama the Democratic Presumptive Nominee… ‘Nuff said.

  • Frank

    The delegate counter shows that Obama is the nominee unless the Superdelegates vote massiveley for Hillary.

  • bennett

    I wonder how much Rush’s Operation Chaos had to do with the 20,000 vote margin in Indiana? Being someone from the Free-State of Kansas, I can understand these kinds of cheap and dishonest political tactics, it is a part of our history… Jayhawking… but still, I think that Rush’s campaign is pretty cheap and wrong and definitely had something to do w/ Hill’s Indiana outcome… But I geuss that is a plus in the Obama column, though Republicans think McCain will fair well against Obama in the general, their loudest and most intense voice certainly thinks he is a formidable opponent, or else he would not being doing what he is doing… Obama/Clinton ’08 (Hill as the vp of course)…