McCain: ¡Voto para mí!

McCain’s been working hard at courting the Hispanic vote, just today launching a new Spanish version of his website. Plus, according to a press release from his site, he’ll be attending the La Raza Annual Convention in San Diego on July 14, 2008.

Some video of McCain addressing his move to court Hispanic voters from ABC News:

I gotta say, I think this is a lose-lose move for McCain. First of all, he’s not going to make friends with conservative voters with this type of pandering to the Hispanic community with the underlying issue of amnesty legislation already haunting him. Second, most new Hispanic voters tend to register as Democrats.

Still, let it be known that McCain isn’t the first politician, and he won’t be the last, to pander to specific interest and ethnic groups.

I hearken back to my “McCain fauxtoshop” from way back when he announced an exploratory committee.

  • Michel

    McCain and Clinton are working hard to get the support of most reactionary voters in the Cubans and Jewish communities here in Florida. Specially McCain, who is trying the same old politics of having strong agressive stance towards the Iran and Cuba. Those policies have done nothing in the past but they know that in the political campaing playbook there are very specific intructions about campaigning here in Florida. You only need to shout “Viva Cuba libre!” and attack everypossible enemy of Israel, and then you’ll have many voters in your favor.

    However, I hope they can realize in time that time is passing away, and the interests of younger generations in those communities aren’t the same as their parents’ and granparents’ interests. Obama has realized that. And if he hasn’t, then I still give him my support for speaking out what he believes even with risks of compromising his campaign.

    Anyway, things don’t look as good for the Republicans here in Florida as they did three or four years ago. McCain NEED to pull off stunts like this to regain support for his party. He just needs to be more creative and put more effort than the way he’s doing it.

    Take a look

  • Michael

    I wish the Republican Party (NOT CONSERVATIVES) could make up its mind about its stance on secondary languages in this country. This certainly works against the central Republican platform as of late, which refuses to cater to anything other than English.

    It is also unfortunate that, if we are going to agree that Spanish is an important political language, that the candidates who speak English and Spanish are out of the race– and were never given much consideration (e.g., Dodd, Kucinich, Richardson, etc.).

  • Babs

    Michel, I can see why you think Florida is not the republican stronghold it used to be, because I believe from your previous posts you are in the southern tip where the latin population has exploded. But if you travel out that area into central and northern Florida I think you would find you’re mistaken. You see, I am a native Floridian myself with plenty of family, friends, and contacts scattered all down the coast from northern to central Florida. Remember, Florida is a retirement state replete with both natives and snowbirds, and that sector is still largely republican. As far as Obama’s following in Florida, let’s just say I don’t think he’ll carry the state. It would be a closer race in Florida between Hillary and McCain.

  • Michel

    Hey, don’t look at me, I’m just pointing out that the GOP is losing support in the state. But yes, Florida is mostly a Republican feud, even down here in the south.

    However, it IS losing support. And that has been without any kind of heavy attack from the part of the democrats. After the National Convention then the DNC and the democratic candidate will aim at McCain and his party. Let’s see what happens then. It may be counter-intuitive… the democratic attacks may trigger new support for the GOP. Who knows how mass psychology works?

  • Christopher Schwinger

    McCain probably wants to make Spanish a required second language in American schools.

    Michel, I was going to clear up something from the earlier “Health Care” post. I don’t think we ARE doing fine with our current health care; I’m just saying that when the government stayed out of it, for many many years before HMOs were established, we prospered as a nation. Once we’re entangled in this mess, it will be much harder to get out. It already is. Government started the problem and needs to somehow fix it–and then stay out of it.

  • Michel

    It looks like some GOP leaders are becoming increasingly afraid of a general election disaster. No kidding.