Video: Howard Dean on Fox News Sunday (5/4/08)

DNC Chairman Howard Dean was on Fox News Sunday today with Chris Wallace to discuss the current state of the Democratic race for the nomination. They touched on superdelegates and alleged bias of Fox News.

In a playlist from YouTube in 2 parts:

A short report on it from Top of the Ticket:

Your audience is important to us,” Dean, who hadn’t appeared with Wallace for almost 19 months, said when asked about the sudden spate of Democrats on Fox. “A lot of your audience are working-class Democrats, the kind of people who will vote either way, and we’d like them to vote Democrat.”

Wallace followed up by asking whether Dean had second thoughts about the Democratic boycott of the network.

“No, I think it was the right thing to do, because there are some things in the news department that have really been shockingly biased, and I think that’s wrong,” Dean replied.

But, he added, “we shouldn’t punish the viewers of Fox by staying away.”

When Dean says “shockingly biased,” he means they are not shockingly pro-Democrat. Thus, they appear to be “shockingly biased.” What’s funnier is that Dean admits they need to reach “working-class Democrats” who, apparantly, watch Fox News. I thought it was a bunch of right-wingers watching? Where’d I go wrong?

  • Josh

    Come now, Nate…You and I both know that Fox News is as much slanted to the right as some other networks are to the left. There is no such thing as “unbiased” reporting in America, that’s why I watch the BBC or Reuters.

  • Josh, if that’s the case, then shouldn’t we call the other networks “shockingly biased” as well since they lean the other way? That is directly in line with your statement, isn’t it?

    I’d ask Howard Dean to admit that every network is “shockingly biased” in some direction.

  • Josh

    Of course, they’re all shockingly biased, that’s why I don’t watch them anymore. I’m not so self absorbed that I would support yellow journalism even if it does reflect my political views. It’s sad that I have to stream foreign news channels on my computer to get the feeling that I’m not somehow being pandered to. It’s a total and disgraceful mockery of what journalism is supposed to be, but what do you expect, we live in an American Idol nation, where people have to be told what to think.

    Hell yeah, Dean should admit that every network is “shockingly biased”. Not that it’ll happen, but…

  • Fair enough, I can agree with that. Whatever happened to at least trying to report the news as fact, minus the spin and opinion? Doesn’t get ratings so it doesn’t happen.

  • Michael

    This is comical. Chris Wallace becomes an aggressive reporter arguing against the identity-politicking of the DNC and Howard Dean. He does not only ask, but attacks– and does a good job of making his case.

    But where was he went the Swift-Boating came for Kerry? Identity-politics was more or less reinvented during the last 8 years by the Republican Party (see the documentary with Republican and Democratic leaders in “So Goes the Nation”). At least the networks like NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN go through the performance of trying to attack or critique the Democratic nominees.

    Tim Russert was biased in his Meet the Press with Obama. Chris Wallace was not biased, he was the Republican embodied in his FOX NEWS Sunday with Howard Dean.

  • Lets make a deal. How about we have NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN cover everything Republican and Fox cover everything Democrat? That way we’ll get our hard hitting questions with red faced out of breath responses. An all new take on Fair and Balance.