Barack Obama wins Guam Caucus (Updated)

The 2008 Democratic Primary is producing many firsts in the political circuit. A new first is the importance placed on Guam’s Caucus. Guam is a U.S protectorate, which has four pledged delegates and five superdelegate votes up for grabs. Although Guam’s voters cannot vote in the November presidential election, their role in the primary has significant relevance in the chapters leading up to it. The island has over 150,000 people and several major military bases, such as Anderson Air Force Base.

The Huffington Post reports, May 3, 2008:

Barack Obama was leading Hillary Rodham Clinton in presidential caucuses on Guam, which has assumed unexpected importance in a historic Democratic race in which every delegate matters.

With 15 out of 21 districts reporting, Obama was ahead with 1,393 votes to 1,222 for those pledged to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

More than 3,000 votes were expected in heavy turnout at caucuses in the U.S. territory, where neither candidate campaigned.

Four pledged delegate votes were at stake on the island 8,000 miles from Washington. Guam also has five superdelegates and some of those are being determined in the caucus voting as well.

Slow ballot-by-ballot counting was under way in the territorial legislative building after votes were hand carried from 21 caucus sites.

Long lines of voters were reported in schools, community centers and other caucus sites that were open for voting all day Saturday.

Will this make an impact? Does an voting block strongly built around military personnel suggest anything for us? There are only a handful of delegates here, but the nomination might come down to a handful. If anything, the elections in the United States during the last two elections have reinforced the idea that every vote counts– literally.

Update by Nate:

Obama has been declared the winner:

2,264 – Obama – Winner
2,257 – Clinton

100% Precincts Reporting

A video report from Reuters:

  • Cameroon

    For sure the voters there know better the contents of these two sites and others than the Rev wright issue thats blinding most voters.I am not trying to demean voters but the fact is that when a snake bites you, you must jump when you see a tape worm.
    The truth shall set you free.
    God Bless america.

  • Wow I’ll be the people who stayed home feel really bad.

  • Dreadsen

    oh man 7 point win! Yeah i’d be really pissed if i didn’t want Obama to win and i didn’t vote.

    So what did Obama get? .5 delegate?

  • Sion Griffiths

    They both got 2 delegates each, so it hasn’t really done anything to the race. Indiana and NC are going to be the big tests. Indiana is in the bag for Hillary, I hope and I feel an upset for NC??

  • Joyce

    Did they count twice????