Poll: Voters don’t believe Obama on Rev. Wright

A new Rasmussen Poll out shows that a majority of voters believe Obama only denounced Rev. Wright because it was politically expedient to do so. Furthermore, a good portion of voters think Obama believes some of things Rev. Wright says.

Here’s the poll from Rasmussen:

A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that just 30% of the nation’s Likely Voters believe Barack Obama denounced his former Pastor, Jeremiah Wright, because he was outraged. Most—58%–say he denounced the Pastor for political convenience. The survey was conducted on Wednesday and Thursday night. Obama made his statements about Wright on Tuesday.

Wright held a mini-media tour last weekend capped by a press conference at the National Press Club on Monday. Only 33% of voters believe that Obama was surprised by the views Wright expressed at Monday’s press conference. Fifty-two percent (52%) say he was not surprised.

Fifty-six percent (56%) say it’s at least somewhat likely that Obama “shares some of Pastor Wright’s controversial views about the United States.” That figure includes 26% who say it’s Very Likely Obama holds such views. At the other end of the spectrum 24% say it’s Not Very Likely that Obama shares such views. Just 11% say it’s Not at All Likely.

Just 7% of the nation’s voters agree with Wright’s views of the United States. African-American voters, by a 64% to 12% margin, disagree with Wright. Eighty-one percent (81%) of all voters are following the story somewhat or very closely.

I’ll tell you right here, I as well believe he strongly denounced Wright because he needed to so for political reasons. I say this because of several reasons. First of all, Obama must have known Wright was controversial which is why he prevented Wright from being a part his 2008 campaign announcement. Plus, being in the church 20 years or so, I can’t believe word didn’t get around about how controversial Rev. Wright actually was.

However, even if Obama only denounced Wright now for political reasons, that doesn’t mean anything sinister. If I were Obama, I would have hoped Rev. Wright never became a controversy in this campaign. There’s no reason I, as a candidate, would have wanted to bring up Wright unless I had to.

What will matter is whether voters feel Obama has denounced and distanced himself from Wright enough.

  • Dem ’08

    I keep telling you Obama supporters that this story does matter. If you think it don’t matter you are lost. Obama will likely be able to pass this but it will hurt him and it will resurface if it’s Obama/McCain.

    20 years…..come on! This story is more important as an issue that his policy because we know what his policy says. We don’t know about this story.

    He is saying “let’s just forget it”….LOL
    POW, POW,…..Dance Obama Dance….LOL

  • Michel

    So, isn’t that a subjective comment, Dem’08. Let me reformulate it to show you.

    I keep telling you Obama detractors that this story does not matter. If you think it does matter you are lost (and very very distracted). Obama will likely be able to pass this and it won’t hurt him much, and of course it will resurface if it’s Obama/McCain, but that won’t prevent him from delivering a great campaign and beating McCain.

    “20 years…..come on! This story is more important as an issue that his policy because we know what his policy says. We don’t know about this story.”

    … We don’t know either how he likes his coffee, decaffed or not. Is that an issue? We know about his policies, but we don’t know about how he likes his cofee! If he makes a mistake in a crisis at 3 a.m. because of his coffee, then We… Are… Doomed!!!

    I don’t care if this story resurfaces in the general election. It will, but I don’t care.

    McCain doesn’t know yet what is the pression of running against a Democrat who has fought his way to get his party nomination. And Obama won’t be getting in dirty attacks, but he will not tolerate his rival’s political mistakes.

    Gas tax holiday? 100 years in Iraq if neccesary? McCain’s health care plan? Same old foreign policies that led us to to this point? Same old dependance in foreign oil?

    McCain can bring Wright up if he wants. It will be laughable.

  • Dem ’08

    Fact is you see that I am not attacking Obama here. You can play like it don’t matter if you want but most of America says it does matter.

    Again you don’t discuss what matters to America, just defend everything that comes near Obama. Don’t tell me you are not biased.

    I think you know this matters but you will never admit it. SAD

    Coffee? I don’t drink coffee so I don’t care! Maybe Obama can call Wright and ask for some help in getting his coffee made so that all of America agrees. What do you think? LOL

  • Josh

    What are you talking about, just the other day you were on here saying that you were satisfied with Obama’s handling of the situation.

  • bennett

    It is hard for me to believe that Obama, after a close 20 year relationship with the Rev., was not aware of some of his more extreme political and social views. That being said, you can be longtime freinds with people that believe lots of different things than you do, I know I have freinds that I disagree with on any number of topics big and small…

    I love Obama, I think that he would make a tremendous leader and President, but this along with Michelle Obama’s dumb comments about never being proud of her country, coupled with the idiotic issue of the lapel pin and the Pledge and the “bitter” comments is going to be a problem for him in the general. McCain probably won’t attack Obama much on these issues, he has too much class and dignity for that, but some 527 swift boat like group will, and they will repeat the audio and vedio clips over and over. Only time and polls will tell, we are on completely new grounds in this election.

    I would also add this, I think people expect politicians to act like politicians, and so the wording of this poll may have been a bit off.

    In my opinion, one dynamic that is going to surprise many about Obama in the general is how much support he is gonna get from first time voters (young and old),independents and moderates both Republicans and Democrats. You have seen this dynamic playout in nearly every primary; think about how many for folks have showed up for Democratic primaries compared to the Republicans, and this was true even before McCain had the nomination.
    One great thing for the Dems and their long drawn out primary is that it is building a true 50 state general election coalition. McCain may have the luxury of an early nomination and so be able to mend fences in his own party and with the voting public, but the Dems are holding record turnout primaries in every state 6 months before the general.

    I think McCain is a great candidate, but the Republicans have a serious brand name problem that they are trying to overcome. This is gonna hurt him badly.
    Obvioulsy McCain is not a social or religious conservative and I would be willing to bet that those conservative constituencies are going to see a depressed voter turnout compared to Bush’s two campaigns. This compounds his problems.

  • Michel

    Dem’08: You are owned comment after comment with logic and commong sense and your only answer to do that is to make a bigger fool of yourself. I have now a bigger steem of Bush’s intelligence.

    Joss: Yeah, I was dissatisfied with how Obama handled it, I wish he would’ve done that before, but how he handled it doesnt make any dfference to me about whether I’m going to vote for him or not. Hins handling of Wrhight could have been sooner than later in my opinion, but that doesn’t change the fact that I think he is the better candidate out there and he is still behaving accodirngly. I hope you see the point.

    Bennet: I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  • Josh

    Michel…I wasn’t talking to you lol!

  • Dem ’08


    I know you were not talking about me!

    If you want to go there I am asking you to go find it and post it here for all to see. I never said I was ok with how Obama has handled this Wright issue.

    Again this is your mistake! LOL…..Fool

  • Josh

    No, you are correct, you only said that you didn’t think he agreed with Wright.

    However, if this is the case, then why are you still caterwauling about this issue?

  • Michel

    Sorry Josh, I thought that maybe there was some confusion from my part but just in case I expressed my opinion.


    To all you Dems out there just to let you know there is no possible way that Obama will beat McCain in the general election. Basically this is why. INdependent voters will look at this they will see Obama:was good friends with a radical racist pastor for 20 years, associates with a homegrown unrepentant terrorist, and His bitter statements about guns and religion….Then those voters will look at John McCain they will see this: a real man of great honor,pripe, integrity, a man who will use bipartisanship, a man who is a true patriot and a real American Hero and they chose will be simple: ITS JOHN MCCAIN HANDS DOWN

  • Michel

    Here are two articles about McCain and his particular Iraq (and Middle East) policies, in detail:



    I urge everybody to read this, specially the second one.

  • Apparently, some men of the cloth recognize Karl Marx as their Lord and Savior. By the way, if your pastor is not your spiritual mentor you are either disingenuous or a stranger to the truth.

  • Josh

    Wow, poetryman69, I’m glad I don’t have the baggage of having a pastor, then. You are correct, though, Wright was Obama’s spiritual mentor. What he was not, however, was his political or philosophical mentor.

    O.S., I think most independant voters are smarter than that, and smarter than you. Don’t you think that it is sping politics that drove them away from the established parties in the first place? They’re not likely to be ignorant enought to buy into that crap anyway, so while they might vote for McCain, it will not be based on Wright, “bittergate”, or any other superficial political pandery…I think the majority of independants will respect McCain for his service to America, and for his patriotism (no matter how misguided it may be), but will ultimately realize that these things do not make a good president. Intelligence and a clear understanding of real issues such as the economy and healthcare will determine the success of the next president, and I think most independants will decide that Obama bests McCain on these traits.

  • Josh

    O.S. here are some links to some video footage of McCain’s pastor. I meant to include them on this thread earlier, but posted them on the wrong one.

    Here are some videos that show Rod Parsley, McCain’s pastor.


    If McCain has so much honor and integrity, how come he hasn’t denounced his pastor, who makes Wright look like Mr. Rogers? At least Wright wasn’t trying to incite violence in his sermons.

    It took 30 years of Wright footage to distill those few minutes of footage. Parsley talks about stuff like this EVERY DAY. If a man’s pastor is in fact a measure of the man, then McCain has some answering of his own to do, because this guy is clearly psychotic.

  • Dreadsen

    So much for honor and integrity huh?

    Wright loses hands down to genocide Parsley.

    (O.S. i responded in the other thread and apologized for the error)

  • Babs

    Nate, I agree the denouncement was pure political posturing. The Washington Post did an article last week, and I found this one statement in it to be very telling:

    “Obama aides said Wright had rebuffed their recent offers of public relations assistance. They stressed that they had no warning about a media blitz….”

    If Obama did not still some type of kinship with Wright, I just don’t believe he would have offered him “public relations assistance”.

  • Vickie Moore

    I don’t know about some of you out there, but if Obama gets in the White House, there will be alot of changes, but they won’t be what most prople think they will. He has said he would take the military apart, and if you like taxes, get ready because your taxes wil going up to the sky. Why can’t everyone see through this so called uniter and see that all he is doing is tearing this country apart.

    There is no way people will unite behind him even if he is elected. He is a liar, has been dishonest from day one, and you stupid Obama supporters follow him like a lamb to the slaughter house. WAKE THE H— UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The only reason Obama started going to that church was to get ahead in ploitics. He has said that Wright and he were int he basement “praying” before he made his speech to run for president. They also had a conversation that if he won the nomination he(obama) would have to distance himself from Wright. All of this is in an article from Newsmax.com, Obama Attended Hate America Sermon, dated March 16,2008- 7:14pm written by Ronald Kessler. Don’t believe me, got he website and go into the archives and look it up.

    Obma’s mission is to get in the Wite House and turn on evryone of you misguided souls that helping him get to where he is now. Do you actually think he is going to give one crap about anyone who is white? Of course not — he thinks of most white as idiots, and especially those of us in the south and in these little small towns. Like I said — WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michel

    You are so cute Vickie 🙂 That was a very pretty tantrum you throwed there. Now, please enlighten me, how is that you know that Obama is a liar? He has summoned hordes of new voters across the country? How do you know he is tearing the country apart? And how come that if he has so many supporters like you say, he isn’t going to be able to unite the country?

    And when did he say he would take the military apart?

    You call him liar and divider…. Do you even KNOW the other two candidates? I’ll tell you their names, Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain. That will serve you for starters; if you want to find hypocrisy in their political careers too, you won’t have to dig too deep.

    And by the way, don’t call other people “stupid”.
    It reveals how inmature you are.

  • bennett

    Hey Vickie your arguments are about as unreasonable and race based as I have read so far… Let me ask you, do you not take Obama at his word on his religion because you have some kind of insider knowledge? or is it that he is black, has a different sounding name? Let me ask you do you think George Bush is really a christian or was he just playing politics with that as well. Obama has publicy professed his deep beleif in Jesus Christ many a times, what more do you want from someone, quite a double standard you are laying down, no one asked Bush to continually address the issue of his religious convictions, everyone took him at his word on his public pronouncements. Sounds to me like you are one of those folks that has read way to many conspiracy websites a listened to way to much gossip and hearsay, just repeating what you have heard now, sad state to be that skeptical and cynical…

  • rd

    News flash:

    You need to look at the NUMBERS. Obama is ahead in the number of delegates and, with the way delegates are split up, etc, it is statistically impossible for Hillary to win by the numbers.

    The only way she can win is by appealing to the Super Delegates, and it would be political suicide for the Super Delegates to go against whoever has the higher numbers of delegates or the momentum in June.

    Howard Dean is not going to let anyone screw with the rules. We will know in June. I’m confident it will be Obama.

    I’m not so confident he can beat McCain, however, which concerns me the most.

  • M.J

    I do not believe in the latest polls.There’s is alot of misleding and its wrong.I am very concern about the media.

    CNN is misleding the american people and its wrong.

    The election will be a very close call nobody no’s who going to win.Its very premature to tell the american people that Senator Obama has a better chance in winning.CNN you should be more responsible.We do not want no riots on this special day.Stop the negative feedback.