Video: Hillary Clinton on The O’Reilly Factor (Part 2)

Tonight marked the second part of the O’Reilly/Clinton interview and this section focused on foreign policy a bit more. Once again, I thought Clinton carried herself quite well. Obama would be wise to come on and do the same.

Here is the entire second part in 2 segments from YouTube:

A little report from Fox News:

Hillary Clinton, in the second half of her interview with FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly, said there is “no military solution” left in Iraq and that U.S. troops have already fulfilled their mission.

Clinton, a day after tackling the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy, moved onto foreign policy issues in her interview on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

“First of all, I believe that our military has fulfilled all their military missions,” Clinton said, as her campaign also criticized President Bush for Iraq policies on the fifth anniversary of the “Mission Accomplished” banner. “There’s no doubt in my mind. They got rid of Saddam Hussein, which they were asked to do. They gave the Iraqis free and fair elections. They gave the Iraqi government the space and time to make the decisions that only the Iraqis can make for themselves.

“There is no military solution to what we face in Iraq, which is unprecedented. It is dangerous, it is unstable,” she said.

If you missed the first part, you can watch it in full here.

So, now you’ve seen the entire interview, what did y’all think?

  • Curtis

    Oops!…she did it again. Very impressed by Hillary’s interview on The Factor!

  • Joyce

    Great Interview…O’Reilly behaving himself, and Hillary showing her strength, knowledge, personality, and seemingly enjoying herself! They both did well…Go Hillary!

  • Here’s my analysis of the second part of the video:

    Hillary again did very well. I completely agree with her on the Pakistani issue, Musharraf is an SOB who nods but never follows through. There’s no doubt in my mind that he was behind the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

    She failed to convince me that waterboarding should not be allowed when interrogating terrorists. It would with Khaled Sheikh Muhammad who gave up crucial information in minutes, which resulted in saving lives. Torture does work, Hillary! The sad part is, not one of the current presidential candidates agrees with waterboarding. She used this to her advantage tonight.

    I disagree with her 100% on not cracking down on sanctuary cities, she’s dead wrong and will be a continuation of the current weak policies. She didn’t agree with the Kennedy/McCain amnesty bill being shot down, Bill addressed it as a populist issue and she disagreed saying Bush waited too long, otherwise he would have been able to pass it. Nonsense, the American people killed that bill and she knows it. Lady, America spoke, you weren’t listening!

    Bill admitted that he should have been harder on Hillary when it came to energy. I agree with this. Hillary vote against nuclear energy something like seven times, which says to me she’s against nuclear energy development. The interview was just the way an interview should be, informative.

    She made her points well known, and the power conducted in the interview was equal on both sides.

    Bravo to Bill to conducting an independent-minded interview.

    Michael, I didn’t hear one “um” or “ah” in the second part of tonight’s interview. Obama can stick that in his pipe and smoke it.

  • Dem ’08

    Clinton is a strong candidate no doubt. Toe to toe with Bill was impressive and she did well.

    Now she has many views I agree with but tonight she brought up two that she is wrong about.

    The waterboarding issue is one and cracking down on sanctuary cities was the other.

    She has loopy views on these issues buy she did face the music! Well Done Hillary!

    I will be amazed if we see Obama on here.

  • Raymond

    INCREDIBLE JOB HILLARY! This rough-housing interview shows exactly why Senator Clinton has what it takes to be our Commander and Chief. She is strong, informed, and quick on her feet.

    PS- I can’t believe that there are people in this world who believe that the head of the executive branch should be given the sole power to dehumanize people with torture. I don’t know what is worse: the fact that o’Reiley actually believes that tyrannical garbage, or the fact that he has a Television show that allows him influence the public. Out of this world!


  • Jjay

    I just can’t help but be so proud of her. She is so intelligent and strong willed. I know she will be an outstanding President, she is so determined and this woman has something to prove, and she will show us all what a President is suppose to be. This is her time, she’s ready.

  • As a Canadian observer, I’m extremely impressed with Hillary’s presence and poise. She was very good and on point with her answers. I understand Obama is charismatic and convincing but dang, Hillary impressed me!

  • Dem ’08

    Where are all the biased Obama supporters? I am not talking fair supporters, I am talking biased people. Hillary does good and the ones who have been blasting her are suddenly queit! LOL

    Josh, Michel, Dreadsen, and others you know who you are. Can we see something to prove you are fair. Hillary pulled this off and she deserves to be recognized.

    I would also like to know what you think about Obama and if you agree that he should follow Clinton and McCain as they sit in the hot seat.

  • Michel

    You were asking for me? Well, I won’t talk right now. I’ll let one of the more Clinton-inclined politics website to speak for me:

    Have a nice reading, Dem’08.

  • Michel

    This response was actually intended for the comments to the first part of the interview, but I’ll post it just here:

    What I find really funny (and strikingly obvious) is that most Clinton’s supporters (and Obama’s detractors, for that matter) have really made a big deal about Hillary’s poise and charm and her eloquence…. just the same things they claimed that had charmed the Obama supporters.

    And that they are making a whole fuss about her poise because they are (apparently) in desperate need of a victory from her candidate. So if she goes more or less well in PA, her supporters talk about it as a turning point in the election (as if the previous states didn’t count at all).
    And if she goes well with her poise and fluency, then they talk about it as if it was the final proof on whether she is a better candidate for the job that her rival.

    My question is: Are we that shallow? Do we judge our presidents about the way they speak? Because I don’t. And I didn’t expect that from the intelligent people that visit this blog.

    Let’s talk about the real issus discussed in the interviews. Let’s talk about the subjects touched by each interviewer and each candidate. I don’t care who did better in their fluency, but who had better opinions on the matters that are important to us.

    A president isn’t measured by the way he speaks but by the decisions he makes.

  • Frank

    O’reilly and Clinton:
    We cant have Iran optain a nucleair weapon

    Who the f** are they to decide? The US has 10000

    Iran is run by crazy fundamentalists who are in power beceause of Americas threats toward them. Iran is (like the USA) really divided but the constant threats of America make them united (just like 9/11 did to the US).

  • jack

    I totally agree Michel. She is really trying to impress here. And also, like yesterday, I have the feeling that, even how hard Bill seems to critisize her opinion, he likes her very much, maybe a bit too much. I’m curious how he would do on McCain or Obama. Maybe he treats her a bit more carefull because she’s a woman.

  • Frank

    I applaud Hillary, Obama and McCain for standing up against torture.
    The Bush administration has got us so low that there is even debate about torture. And what a complete ignorant conservative idiot that O’Reilly.

    Im pro Obama but Hillary and McCain will also be far better then the current administration.

  • Babs

    Another great debate, and that’s what it was – a debate, not an interview. I only wish that we could see such an open debate between the candidates like this instead of what we’ve seen 20 times between Hillary and Obama. Then we would know where the candidates really stand, and who is the strongest. Right now, I can see why there are those pushing for Clinton as the nominee. Their argument has substance, irregardless of statistics.

  • Frank


    Obama & Clinton agree on al these issues so its impossible to debate them.
    And why do you think Obama could not do the same in front of O’Reilly.

    In my opinion this interview just shows how crazy fox news is and that Clinton is a very good candidate. (of course Obama is better ;-))

    Last question
    Dont you find debating the issue of torture appalling?

    I would like to note further that i dont like the divide between the Obama and Clinton supporters. If Obama looses i will certainly vote Clinton.

  • Babs

    Frank, I agree in the beginning it seemed Obama and Clinton agreed on the issues. But as of late, they seem to be drawing a line in the sand on some of the issues like the gas tax holiday, and even the war on Iraq. In fact, they claim to have opposing views on the finer points of most issues including the health care issue. So there is much they could really debate now, IMHO.

    I don’t think I said Obama couldn’t do the same in front of O’Reilly, did I? If I said anything, I probably said he won’t, which is what most people are thinking. =)

    On your last question, yes, I think the fact that we have come to a place as a nation when torture is something we feel needs to be debated is really sad. People will say well, times change. But time never changes, only people change, and that denotes a sad change to me.

    Kudos to you for being loyal to your party. =)

  • Frank


    Obama en Clinton may disagree on details but they support the same policy and that is what matters.

    Im glad that you agree with me on torture.

    Im not glad that there are many democrats that will go to McCain of their candidate doesnt win.
    This primary has become a american idol contest in wich policys arent discussed but everything is made personal.

    How many times does Obama has to say that he does not agree with Wright before people will ask policy questions again.

    O’Reily’s first question for Clinton was:
    Isnt Wirght A Lunatic?

    Its a biased question wich shows the journalistic level of Fox and their mission to scare the people. Their are actually peopl who believe that Obama is an radical, elitist, green, unpatriotic muslim.

  • Babs

    Actually, Obama is blasting Clinton on the gas tax holiday, I would like to see an open debate over that between them.

    Well, I can’t say anything about Dems going to McCain because I’m a McCain supporter, but I don’t agree with them going to McCain for the wrong reasons, and spite is not a valid reason.

    Obama should have said what he did against Wright weeks ago, the major concensus on that is that it was too little, too late, and that’s a valid point as well. As far as Wright being a lunatic, I’ve said before I think he’s just a fraud.

    And what I believe about Obama is that he IS green. I think his first major political contest should have been for govenor of Illinois. With that experience under his belt, his viability as a candidate might have attracted me. His experience as a junior senator just isn’t enough for me. We all have hope for change in our country, but we do not all have the experience it takes to bring about that change. I personally don’t believe Obama has the experience to do that, either. But I respect that you do, and am not trying to change your mind. =)

  • Frank

    I think a gas tax holiday is a cheap (but actually very expensive) way to win votes. The USA simply cant afford this holiday.
    The deficit is already 410 billion dollars this year.

    Just like McCain’s plans are financially irresponsible. Read these articles and tell me what you think.

    This is a small part from the first article:
    “The problem is that the campaign has been far, far more detailed about its tax cuts, which would worsen the deficit, than its spending cuts, which would reduce it. Mr. McCain has proposed the elimination of the alternative minimum tax (at a cost of $60 billion a year), new child tax deductions ($65 billion), a corporate tax cut ($100 billion) and faster write-offs for corporate investments in new equipment ($50 billion to $75 billion).”

    Meanwhile we keep lending money from China everyday, so maybe McCain should be more realistic.

  • Babs

    I think McCain is the one who IS realistic, but that’s my opinion, you’re welcome to yours. Now when the New York Times and Wall Street Journal can give me a better idea, I’ll listen. In the meantime, I think they take the parts of McCain’s economic plan they want to analyze, and leave the rest alone.

    Meanwhile, if you’d like to do some reading yourself, try getting it from the horse’s mouth:

  • Michel

    So, Obama is green, but he does what economic experts say, in spite of his decision not being attractive in an election. So basically, he does the sensitive thing… and the more experienced candidate still backs up a plan that the experts are calling wrong.

    My, my, what a dilemma. Who should I chose, the green inexperienced guy with good decisiones or the savvy experienced guy with bad decisions?

    That’s though.

  • Whobody

    They would say the same things in a debate that they are saying now on the gas tax holiday. The only difference is they would be standing beside each other trying to say it at the same time.

    A summer suspension of the gas tax would leave a funding gap of about $10 billion in the fund used to pay for federal highway construction. We’ll push the holiday through and worry about filling the gap as we go. So, you’ve got an extra $2.35 in your pocket everytime you fill up, just watch the potholes and be careful on those bridges.

  • Babs

    Do you really think they’ll push the gas tax holiday through, Whobody? I’m inclined to think they’ll reject it, if the response to it on the hill is any indication.

  • Whobody

    Well the statement above was more of a “what if” statement.

    You’ve probably heard they tried this in Illinois. So Obama has the experience on this one.

    This is from the Washington Post’s Fact Checker Michael Dobbs—

    ——When gas prices hit a shocking $2 a gallon in Illinois in the summer of 2000, politicians demanded action. As a Democratic state senator, Obama joined other lawmakers in pushing through a six-month suspension in the state’s 5 percent sales tax on gasoline. While there was some talk about making the moratorium permanent, the tax was reinstated in January 2001, after Illinois Gov. George Ryan told lawmakers that the state could not afford to continue the tax break.

    The gas tax moratorium proved politically popular in Illinois, but economically questionable. The Illinois Economic and Fiscal Commission estimated that the state lost $175 million in revenues during the six-month period. A subsequent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research showed that gas prices fell by 3 percent, meaning that only three fifths of the savings from reduced taxes was passed on to consumers.

    “It turned out to have a pretty small effect,” said Joseph Doyle, an assistant economics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “Consumers were slightly better off, but the benefits were spread very thinly, and the government was a lot worse off.”——-

  • Whobody

    I meant to include this too….

    —-Some economists say that a nationwide “gas tax holiday” would have even less impact on gas prices than temporary state moratoriums, such as the one passed by Illinois in 2000. “It’s basic economics,” said Leonard Burman, director of the Tax Policy Center, a non-partisan thinktank. “Gas is always in very short supply during the summer, which is why prices go up. In order to reduce the price, you would have to increase supply, but that is difficult over the short term, because the refineries cannot add capacity.” —–

  • Babs

    Yes, I had read about that before. But I had’t seen any finanacial data on how that program might have differed from the program being proposed by either Clinton or McCain, so I didn’t really compare the two.

    Did you find any useful information in those links yesterday?

  • Whobody

    And what happened to Clinton saying that any proceeds from a windfall profits tax would go for renewable energy. Is she really gonna be able to tax the oil company’s enough to fill the highway funding gap from her gas tax holiday and then fund renewable energy on top of that? She’s spending money she doesn’t have (which I know happens in politics), but why isn’t she being called out on this?

    I found some good stuff in there, but it took some fine-tooth combing. Haha. A little too much info to look through casually.

  • Dem ’08

    When you deal with people who are willing to kill themselves just to take you out with them then torture is necessary. Clinton is wrong on this.

    I am not 100 percent yet but I kinda lean toward Obama on the gas tax issue. I need to hear more on this yet.

    Hillary jumped in the hot seat and any fair person should know she did well. Bill is ok with me as a whole but I have no opinion on Fox news.

    McCain will not get my vote, no chance!

    I like Clinton but I think Obama will beat her. Oh well, that is why I would like him to be more open and honest. If I vote for him I want to feel good about it. If I can’t feel good about it I will just have to vote for Nader or somebody. What a waste that would be huh!

    Come On CLINTON!!!

  • Clinton demonstrated a very strong position throughout this second part and O’Reilly was also very cordial in his debate. Both parties did well for another other through initiating a civil dialogue with differing opinions.

    However, I would like to say CG, my initial points from the first part are even more relevant now. And you still haven’t responded to them…