Obamas: Voters are tired of hearing about Rev. Wright

Earlier this morning, both Michelle and Barack Obama did a joint interview on the Today Show addressing the latest campaign news and trying to put to bed the Rev. Wright controversy by claiming that voters on the campaign are sick and tired of hearing about it.

Here’s the full interview:

A report on it from Yahoo News:

WASHINGTON – Democrat Barack Obama and his wife said Thursday the public is tired of hearing about incendiary remarks by their former pastor, as they sought to put the controversy that has rocked his presidential campaign to rest.

“We hear time and time again voters are tired of this,” Michelle Obama said in an interview the couple gave to NBC’s “Today” show.

“They don’t want to hear about this division, they want to know what are we going to do to move beyond these issues,” she said. “And what made me feel proud of Barack in this situation is that he is trying to move us as a nation beyond these conversations that divide.”

Barack Obama said he initially tried to give the Rev. Jeremiah Wright the benefit of the doubt when films clips first surfaced on the Internet of fiery sermons the pastor gave at their Chicago church — a series of haranguing declarations from the pulpit in which he damned the United States for racial oppression and accusing the government of deliberately spreading the HIV virus to harm black people.

I would agree with them, except for the fact that ordinary voters during his campaign stops keep asking him about Wright. In fact, I thought that was the whole reason for the big press conference he did the other day, was to address everything so he could stop being bombarded by questions during his campaign stops.

  • Babs

    Big question, why wouldn’t Michelle Obama answer the question as to her own feelings about Wright? If she disagreed with Wright, why didn’t she just say so as Obama did in his press conference?

  • Melvin

    You know if Obama had Wright assassinated right now I think as a nation we would understand just on general principle. I know I would and I am not a violent person.

  • Babs

    The Obamas may wish voters are tired of the Wright controversy because it looks like damage is heavy. From the newest Question of the Day poll on Fox News (by the way, it echoes the You Decide 2008 poll here on site):

    “Did Barack Obama put the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy behind him with his stern remarks about his former pastor Tuesday?”

    NO: 67%
    YES: 33%
    NUMBER OF VOTERS: 16,755 as of now, the poll is still open


    I love that Michelle responded with Sarcasm on “Don’t you ever get angry?” I love how the media POORLY tried to rivel up something to point out a flaw. The fact is.. THE OBAMAS ARE MORE INTELLIGENT THAN THAT. They are NOT going to let the media continue to bring them down and have the damn NERVE to discredit their work, patriotism and honor not to mention the message that has brought so many people in focus with what is going on where they live. It’s like this. We see it all the time, and I have to say this is where America is a SAD excuse for a “United” country:

    We LOVE to build people up, push them to greatness or tag along as they make a statement in the world. So many people WISH they could leave some kind of statement, or echo of their existence. But unfortunately most of America is to divisive and not willing to do the work (hence the reason why we have an illegal immigrant problem [because many of us are apparently too good to clean public restrooms or work for a shipping company]) So as soon as people become famous, make money and are put in the public eye, we suddenly turn on them and point out every flaw to make ourselves feel people…to finally make a pathetic a poor attempt at getting attention for doing something – like bringing someone down.

    AMERICA…wake up and get past this! Please. I beg of you. Before our arrogance and ignorance puts this country under foreign rule.

    OBAMAS: Keep it up. So many people have no clue what it takes to ge where you are…show them how great of a country you can make this.


    Shutup up! i dont want to hear your leftwing horrible views. You need to think about the man you want to support and the type of stuff hes involved in. These types of issues are not something you can just get past you whacko. You need to wakeup and realize the man your supporting.

  • Dem ’08

    Man, I wish the Obama’s would just come out and tell it like it is. If they don’t agree with him and if they see his remarks as stupid as the rest of true Americans then just say so.

    He should say:

    “Sure I went to his church and I heard him talk crazy but I didn’t realize he was this radical and now I know. It was stupid of me to not notice his views but now that I do I wont be associating with him anymore. Vote for me or not, I know he is a fool and I’m sorry that I never gave it enough thought because my kids were right there hearing this nut speak. That is what I regret most.”

    If Obama came out with this short speach I would have no major problem with him. It seems as though he wants to just forget the story so that he don’t have to remove they guy from his life. He may not be hiding anything but he sure makes it look like he is. If he is real then he should stop running from this story and clear this up now.

    This is what he has to do. Even if you support Obama you must know this as well.

  • Dem ’08


    Some people fail to see what it would mean if the president was buddies with people like Wright knowing they are radical. Also, some people fail to see what it means if Obama really did have a personal relationship with Wright and never knew how radical he was.

    If Obama wants to stop talking about this issue so he don’t have to further damage his relationship with Wright (and that is the way it seems)then he would be dangerous as the leader to the U.S. because he would not see the enemy for who they are,

    If Obama knew about Wright but paid him no mind until like us he just realized how bad this guy is then he needs to tell the truth and give the American people something they can believe.

    Either way this issue has cost him some votes. Some people defend Wright. Some people defend Obama’s relationship with Wright.

    Some people downplay what this relationship means for the potential president of the United States. Some people do this because they know if hurts Obama and they don’t have the morals to stand up for truth. They claim that the media makes this an issue which is right but it is an important issue because this alone tells us if we can trust Obama.

    Obama is either a lier, stupid, or he is doing what he thinks will get a vote. Either way he is not being smart or truthful.

    ALL of the candidates do these same things but this is an issue that tells us if we can keep our nation together, safe, and free. I think Clinton and McCain will keep the U.S. together, safe and free but Obama I don’t know because he just wants to forget this Wright issue.

    If Obama really does not think like Wright and really does think he is an idiot but failed to see that Wright was this crazy after 20 years of personal friendship and guidance, then Obama would be dangerous as the leader of the U.S. because he would be fooled by radical leaders all over the world.

  • Dem ’08

    Wake up America

    I got the money if you will get out of this so called “sad America.” You want to support Obama…Ok, fine no problem. You want to insult America…Get out. I bet you can’t find a better place to go.

    People like you are the reason this nation is being damaged. People like me still out number you by far so I think your kind will lose your fight to tear us down….

    If anything in America is sad…it is you! Sorry to call you out but I love this nation and I don’t like to see people benefit from being here but then turn around and insult our home.

    Ever hear the phrase, “dpn’t bite the hand that feeds you”?

    I hope and pray you get bit!

  • Michel


    If something was indeed wrong in America… if something was indeed going very bad… wouldn’t you acknowledge it just out of gratitude? Wouldn’t you try to see it to try to fix it just because you would feel like it is treason to your country?

    And what’s about Wake Up America’s opinion that makes you attack the poster and not the ideas of the post. Discuss it, try to understand it, try to see where it’s right or where is wrong and say it… politely. You won’t be heard if all you speak out is anger and hate. You won’t solve any problems if you aren’t heard. And if you don’t see any problems in America, is because you don’t care to watch.

    Like Barack Obama said, this isn’t a perfect country…. but a country that can work towards perfection.

    But if you don’t want to see the problems, then you won’t do anything to solve them.

    See ya.

  • Frank

    By: O_S

    “Shutup up! i dont want to hear your leftwing horrible views. You need to think about the man you want to support and the type of stuff hes involved in. These types of issues are not something you can just get past you whacko. You need to wakeup and realize the man your supporting.”

    Leftwing horrible views? What horrible views are you talking about? Why are you so afraid of Obama. Are you afraid he might actually solve some problems?

    Bij Dem 08
    ” got the money if you will get out of this so called “sad America.” You want to support Obama…Ok, fine no problem. You want to insult America…Get out. I bet you can’t find a better place to go.”

    Why is is impossible to critize the goverment or your country and not be called unpatriotic?
    8 years of Clinton and 8 years of Bush has brought us no healthcare, the poor staying poor (this group is growing), we bombed many nations beceause their leaders did not agree with America and thus killed many innocent people, the rich got even richer and everyone who talkes about this facts are far left radical liberals.

    Wat is radical about not wanting a war?
    Wat is radical about wanting healthcare
    Wat is radical about wanting to do something about the 40 million Americans who wake up in poverty everday?

    “ALL of the candidates do these same things but this is an issue that tells us if we can keep our nation together, safe, and free. I think Clinton and McCain will keep the U.S. together, safe and free but Obama I don’t know because he just wants to forget this Wright issue.”

    Do you really think Obama will not keep you safe?

    Ofcourse he does not want to hear about the wirght issue anymore. He has said several times that he strongly disagrees with the guys opinion and that he found wright words offensive. What is your problem with Obama?

  • gregg

    enough of the drama, get out of the race , obama. He and his wife a fake. She refused to denounce wright the other day, yet stupid people are still going to vote for this fool.

  • Barbara Platt
  • Frank

    What has Obama done wrong Gregg?

    Stupid people voted twice for George Bush.
    Stupid people think torture is okay
    Stupid people think not talking to people will solve issues
    Stupid people think war solves problems
    Stupid people run a deficit every year
    Stupid people wont acknowledge their mistakes
    Stupid people base their opinion on Fox News reports
    Stupid people think Obama is a radical muslim
    Stupid people think their is much difference between Obamas and Hillary’s Policy’s.

    Tell me Gregg,
    Why would a smart man or woman not vote for Obama?

    Watch this

    it starts at 2.15 minutes

  • Michel

    Amen, Frank.

  • Dem ’08


    Your last post was funny but I did notice a problem. I thought I would get it straight for you, look.

    Stupid people did vote Bush
    Stupid people don’t realize the enemy and say no torture
    Stupid people make stupid post
    Stupid people support those who create a deficit
    Stupid people don’t acknowledge their mistakes
    Stupid people judge Fox news and defend other news channels
    Stupid people take everyone at their word
    Stupid people think that policy is all that matters

    Much better huh,

    Funny you should post that stupid people don’t acknowledge their mistakes. Why don’t Obama just come out and say “I made a mistake” about Wright and be honest so everyone can believe him and not just his supporters.

    I want a democrat in November and I think that Obama will beat Clinton. Why is it too much to ask for Obama to stop avoiding this character issue. If he has nothing to hide then he could clear this up in a speach about 3 minutes long. He hides on this issue and says let’s not talk about it. Be fair, if this were someone you did not support you would want a real response.

    On policy, I think Obama would do better than McCain no doubt! I don’t think that Obama can defend this country if a 20 year relationship with his pastor had him fooled. Either he lies or he is easily fooled. If he would clear this issue up he would win hands down against Clinton or McCain.

  • Dreadsen


    Just pointing out how you attack people on here.
    And also letting you know I am back in that other thread we were debating in. I would like to hear your comments again. And please don’t just post the same thing with out addressing all the other points I keep raising to you. I’m trying to get you to understand how some people can support Obama regardless of the Wright issue. Even JOHN MCCAIN the guy you tout has said himself that he does NOT BELIEVE THAT OBAMA SHARES the same views as Wright.

    My main problem is the double standard in the media and some posters here when similar arguments can be made in the “guilty by association” attacks on the other candidates.

    I believe Voters are Tired. You ask him the same question in the morning and he gives you the same answer. You ask him the same question in the afternoon and he gives you the same answer. You ask him the same question the next day and he gives you the same answer. Next week they ask him the same question and he gives him the same answer. This same redundant process gets stupid. And this exact same cycle of the same thing has been going on and on before every single interview. Everyone knows about Wright already. I don’t think there is anyone left who doesn’t know about this guy. One sided bias or what ever view. Everyone knows something. This same cycle of the same thing isn’t getting anywhere and to stop talking about it doesn’t mean anyone is going to forget about it.

  • Dem ’08


    Anybody can support Obama and still recognize that Wright is a radical, racist loser. There are plenty people who support Obama yet still question this relationship. I know several people who support Obama and that is fine. I don’t argue with them because so far I have yet to find one person who wants to defend Wright other than on this site. Where I work is about 60% black people and although 99 out of 100 of them support Obama they speak out against Obama for this relationship and they curse Wright.

    I know some who think Obama believes the same as Wright. I don’t think so but Obama does dance around this issue.

    The difference is that you don’t think this issue matters. You don’t think this issue should matter. If you look at the new story posted by Nate on this site tonight you will see what most people think. Obama is losing his lead everywhere for one reason. THIS ISSUE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE HE CAN TALK ABOUT! His policy is known but there is a big question about this deal. All he has to do is stop avoiding this problem. He needs to open up and admit his mistakes and just be honest. He is the one who claims to represent a new mindset in politics. He claims to be real, honest, and straight forward but all he can say when most people question this……”Let’s stop talking about it.”

    You should be supporting a call on Obama to end this ASAP because this is the only thing hurting him big. Don’t be so biased that you don’t recognize what this story means to most PROUD AMERICANS!

  • Frank

    Dem 08,

    I really dont see what Obama has done wrong. He said over and over that he does not agree with Wright statements.

    What does he need to do? Shoot him? In his last speech he admitted that he maybe did not know his pastor as well as he thought.

    IMHO this just something republicans and Clinton fans keep going on about beceause they cannot attack him on his policy or his own personal record.

    I choose Obama over Clinton beceause of his foreign policy judgment. He wont wage dumb wars and will talk to leaders to slve issues. He also understands that we cannot preach democracy in one country and support dictators in the others.

  • Dreadsen

    Amen Frank

    Dem 08

    My last post had nothing to do with defending Wright. I was explaining why I think many people are sick of the Wright issue. My case is everyone knows about Wright. What more is there to do? Geeze even McCain says he doesn’t believe that Obama shares the same views as Wright. Obama has made it as clear as possible. Accept it or don’t accept it. If you don’t accept it then what should be done? Crowds of people like a Frankenstein movie with signs and torches march to the front of his house and say “were not leaving until you give us the answer that WE want”. “But regardless of your answer we are still going to vote for you!”

    So if YOU say that almost all the people who plan on supporting Obama are going to do so regardless of the Wright issue. Then why should THOSE VOTERS be constantly hammered with the Wright issue if they are going to vote that way anyway?

    Remember were not talking about defending Wright. Were only talking about If voters are tired about hearing about Wright or not. There’s another thread to argue the defense side of it.

  • Shadybug

    To darn bad that Obama supporters are tired of hearing the truth. Obama is only playing polotics, and the Reverend no matter what a racist is telling the truth. Obama beeives the same as the Rev. so face it, and deal with what the Rev. says.
    In fact why vote for a man that beleives in the same values as the Rev. but only drops him as a friend for political reasons. This is a sad day in America that the people would vote such an anti American in for our President.

  • Shadybug

    To bad that Obama supporters don’t want to hear the truth about him. It’s sad that his Reverend is a racist, and that Obama only dropped him as a friend for political gain. What’s sadder, is that this is a sad day in history, that people want a racist, and an anti american for our President.
    The Rev, is a least telling the truth, Obama isn’t. Wake up people, and face the truth about Obama, and that he will make a very bad President, and cause more of a division between the races, than there is now.

  • Michel


    There are many comments here from different people that are worth replying to.

    Yours isn’t one.

  • shadybug

    Michel ;
    Like I said the truth hurts, and it’s people like you that are blinded by a fresh face. If people don’t care if he, or his wife are anti american it is sad. You can’t set there and say after 20 years of being with, and listening to his reverend, and not saluting the flag in every picture you see him in, and then his wifes statement ” this is the first time I’m proud to be an American ” that they don’t have a problem with at least most americans. Then to deny he’s only denouncing his friendship because he disagrees with what his reverend has said is nieve. At least if you read the poll results ” like Gallup.com ” americans know he did this only to become President. You need to learn that politicans will say, and do anything to become nominated, and Obama is doing just that, and your in denile. Please don’t reply to this because I’m right, and you’ll never admit it, and your a waste of my time. But good luck in your voting at least it sounds like you’ll vote, and I guess that’s what’s important, not whos voted in. So keep voting, and maybe one of these days you won’t be so nieve, and God Bless you !

  • Michael

    shady– i really cannot fathom why anyone would truly believe a very formidable presidential contender is “anti-American.”

    Really, that is quite an illogical proposition. Now I agree that we have placed people in political posts who are opposed to their actual duties (like Bolton at the United Nations) but they were placed there, they did not devote every waking moment of every day for over 2 years to the prospect of serving our country for 4 years if they did not want to do it. I cannot think of one president in our country’s history that was anti-American, and I cannot imagine any true contender to date that would be that way (McCain, Clinton, Obama).

    Your argument is the same that liberals stick at the neo-conservatives. Contrary to some liberal assumptions, neo-conservatives do not hate America, they are not anti-United States. Their views and actions are based, largely, on the fact that they cherish the United States. They just happen to have a specific theoretical (and political) view of how to express it.