Video: ABC Clinton/Obama Debate from Philadelphia, PA

Here is the entire video of the ABC News Democratic Debate from the National Constitutional Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 16th, 2008. It’s in 10 parts hosted on YouTube, they should advance automatically:

Here’s a report on it from Breitbart:

PHILADELPHIA (AP)—The furor over Sen. Barack Obama’s words about bitter voters in small towns looms large as the Democratic front- runner and rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton are slated to debate Wednesday just days before the Pennsylvania primary.

The 90-minute debate at the National Constitution Center was the first for the two candidates in two months. They last met in Cleveland on Feb. 26, shortly before Clinton injected new life into her campaign with primary wins in Ohio and Texas.

The meeting will be the 21st debate of the Democratic nominating contest. It also may be the last.

Obama accepted an invitation to debate on Saturday in North Carolina. Clinton said she would debate there on April 27. Neither campaign has agreed on a date. North Carolina holds its primary May 6.

The Philadelphia debate came amid a heated back-and-forth between the two over Obama comments at a private San Francisco fundraiser in which he said residents of small towns cling to religion and guns out of bitterness over their economic plight.

Clinton has called the remarks elitist, while Obama said he chose the wrong words to express the economic insecurity many workers face. Both campaigns are running television ads in Pennsylvania that focus on the flap.

Reflecting the acrimonious tenor of the race, Clinton also criticizes Obama for accepting campaign contributions from oil company executives in a new ad. Obama answered Wednesday with a commercial in which he says he does not accept contributions from federal lobbyists and political action committees, as Clinton does.

So what did you all think? Leave comments below. Also, you can read analysis from Michael and I in this post.


  • Ann

    This was a “GOP Attack Game”, and most of these questions were already answered before this so-called, Debate. I heard on news tonight that Obama was “Defensive”. But, I see it otherwise, as clearly ABC and Clinton were on the same page, twisting trivial words, to mean something more than was met. Mrs. Clinton, is desperate, and the interviewers simply, playing “Petty Politics”for the Republicans Party again.

    Clearly there is only one person who has self-respect, dignity, wisdom, honesty and integrity in this video, and that is Barack. George’s questioning was very low-down, and repetitive. This wasn’t actually a debate, but, an attack, of three against one. Barack answered with his usual Frankness, which is what I like about him, and his Wife, Michelle. What do I care about rather or not he wears a “Flag Pin”. What a silly question. Clearly most of those wearing them aren’t showing true patriotism, nor showing respect for the constitution. Words, Pins, Reverends, are irrelevant, as its about who will bring “Change” from this self-destructive path our government has embarked.

    Thank You,



  • petrak

    I thought the debate was a debacle. As an independent who isn’t sure who I want to vote for I wanted an opportunity to hear about issues. The first hour was an insult to anyone with a working brain. I’m concerned about the price of gas, the recession, the 100 year war in Iraq, the housing crisis. Call me crass, but lapel pins, aging hippie terrorists, lunatic preachers and bittergate are great issues for you political wonks who have no life…but for those of us who don’t have tons of time to play political games, I really want to hear the issues discussed. Who wears a flag pin isn’t gonna have a bearing one whether I have a job in a few month, get it?????

    The real loser of this debate, in my mind, was the American citizen. It once again demonstrated that media and economic elites in this nation think that the US voter is a brain dead moron who is fixated on drama filled issues that have no real bearing on their day to day life. I hope if nothing else, that in this election, the people start to take the process back, away from the elites.

  • david j moore

    first hillary did not win tx and she is not one of the people that care if she make fun of the poor peoples if you look in her eyes you would see she is just saying what she over heard obama is our man he cares what all of us our faceing and i don,t understand why would all the news peoples never said a word that all of our work was leaving now all you hear is lies now gas is sky high let the man in let another race in we have had more white then any other race ever so stop and think we need someone who will make washington do what they said it would do stop fronting on race and who can say what he or she would or can do cause the other 30 pass president have f us all…..see you at the white sign a black man

  • IndiMinded

    The lapel pin was the best question, since not a single person on stage was wearing one. I mean, doesn’t that make it a sort of an arbitrary question at this point, up there with “Why aren’t you wearing a mink stole and juggling tennis balls?”

    Oh right. Because Barack hates America.

  • Char Cerme

    A question about lapel pins? Wow. Americans deserve what they get. No one was wearing one. All these issues and the moderators allowed this question to go through. Hillary of course is quite wealthy and it is a joke to discuss who is in touch with the common man. It was a sad debate with sad questions.

  • theMayor

    Great comments posted so far, and I agree with most everything that has been said.

    I’ve been an obama supporter for a while now, but I’d have to agree that the biggest loser in the first 45 minutes of the debate was the American Citizen. I don’t care if there was/wasn’t sniper fire in bosnia, Nor do I care about a stupid pin. What I care about is where this country is headed, and who can bring us back on track. Whether that be democratic or republican.

    It’s not about the politician, but about America.

    My advice to the politicians and more importantly the news/media coverage, Get over yourselves already, and look at the bigger picture.

    Peace, I’m outta here.

  • Caleb

    Why is it everytime about screws up (which is becoming a weekly thing), he and his supporters either accuse everyone of racism, blame the moderators, or blame Hillary?

    Why can’t he ever try taking the responsibilty?

    If he can’t even give TV moderators the right answers, the Republicans are going to kill him in the fall.

    I’m now just waiting for all the radical liberals to accuse ABC of being “USA KKK racists” lol.

    You and your candidate need to grow up.

  • Jeff

    Who won the ABC Democratic Debate in Philadelphia Pennsylvania?


  • Curtis

    Good job, HILLARY! =)

  • Michael Anichini

    I am watching this debate as I write this. I have watched the first forty minutes or so. I saw the headline that ABC was catching flack for the questioning and read the post. I was skeptical.

    Upon watching this debate, I can now say without hesitation that the first half’s line of questioning was the most despicable, vile, and misguided debate proctoring I have EVER seen, not just in this election. I have been sitting here for an hour. They have only just started discussing Iraq.

    To Caleb: Patriotism, in this country especially, has never been about considering the country to be perfect. Dissent has never been forbidden in this country, nor should it be. Considering one’s country to be perfect and keeping quiet is neither American nor Democratic as a philosophy. That approach, if anything, represents the darkest qualities of communist states.

  • Michael Anichini

    Also Caleb,

    Take responsibility for what? Is everyone you know in your life perfect, free from failings and safe from criticism upon close scrutiny? You have, whether you’ve thought about it or, probably been in the same space with a convicted felon at some point in your life. Shall we judge people by the company they keep? If so, why has Hilary stayed with her adulterous husband? None of our business? Loyalty? The same difficult position emerges with Jeremiah Wright. A personal sense of loyalty is the issue, which has nothing to do with being president, especially if you consider Bill Clinton a good president, which I do. I respect them for patching up their personal affairs. Nor do I judge them by it. I do judge them by the campaign they’ve run and it’s been clear the only way Clinton can chip away at Obama is by doing just that. That makes her campaign tactics hypocrisy. What is it you expect from a candidate? Obama has never once brought up the various scandals of the Clinton era. He could have, but didn’t, unless it was policy related. Nafta is not a scandal, it’s a policy debate point. Obama has integrity, which doesn’t seem to do well in this messed-up world, and you are a part of the problem.

  • Robert

    I’m the last person to call a debate, but I think Hillary decisively won this one. Barack caught himself messing up too many answers and it was obvious. That whole “clinging to guns and religion” thing–he had a chance to explain himself, he basically said the exact same thing!

  • Kourian

    @Ann: I have never read such nonsense in my life. You should be ashamed of yourself. For being so easily duped and generally ignorant. And you should try to get a bulk discount on all the Kool-Aidâ„¢ you’re drinking. I don’t think Axelrøve and Pfoulle are paying you that much.


    Does noone seem to care that Obama is linked to a terrorist in Bill AYERS. The guy is a terrorist who supports Obama gives him money and the two are very much linked. look on google abou them two. Obama is finished as a republican i will never let my party drop this esepecially if Obama wins the nomination.

  • Big Joe

    Finally, a debate with questions that provide an insight into the heart and mind of the candidates. We have heard in the weekly news and the last 20 debates, the feel-good talking points from these two candidates, written by their highly paid speech writers, using empty words such as “hope” “change” and other trite expressions, signifying nothing.

    The questions exposed these two candidates true character: well spoken politicians who will say anything to get elected, and having no core beliefs or values.

    The two moderators are to be commended.

  • h Jeff

    This was the worst debate televised yet. Those moderators spent 45 mins. asking irrelevant questions about ministers, Bosnia, flag pins, bitterness and senior citizen weathermen. When young men and women are dying in Iraq, our economy is shot to hell, people are losing their homes, can’t afford to buy gas to get to the only jobs that haven’t been outsourced and all while we have become a debtor nation. Wake up people are we as stupid as George and Charlie think we are. Who won the debate? The question should be “Who lost the debate” and the answer is the american voting public, because it wasn’t one.


    This was great by george and charlie to finally put Obama on the spot about all this dirt he has on him. I love how when crap came out about Reveran Wright obama had a 40 min speech written up and then when he is asked about terrorist Bill Ayers Obama is right on saying that the CLintons pardoned one of the weatherman. Obama has so much dirt that he knows it and has written up speeches already so he can get away with it. Well one thing is for sure he is not getting away with having connections to a terrorist. NO WAY! Obama is down right despicable, I think that by the time of November it will be a clear choice for president especially if obama is against McCain and we all know we need somoene who tells the truth about things: JOHN SIDNEY McCAIN!

  • jeqal

    Hillary wins hands down, she was literate, gracious and commanding. Obama was churlish, misinformed, and childish. He obviously knows nothing about business. What is wrong with America, WAKE UP, this guy is trying to sell you a pair of shoes that don’t fit, and don’t have soles.

  • Brian J.


  • get real

    It was not a debate, but a chance for Obama and Clinton to answer to their own problems over the months…(that is Wright, Sniper fire, Pins..blah..blah..blah). It was nothing more than trying to boost network ratings, far from a debate.
    I did notice Clinton was quick to bring up dirt on Obama, when she has so much more to hide.
    I would like to start a new blog, and find out how many people make over $100K a year. According to Obama, 6 percent of the population does, yet their payroll taxes are capped…hmmm.. that doesn’t sound fair at all. If 6% of the population makes over $100K a year, than hell yes we need to raise that cap… that is ridiculous.
    And no, I do not work for Obama’s campaign, I serve in the military, and so does my wife..almost ten years and we can’t even make $100K a year, yet we have an awesome quality of life. If middle class is between $100K-$250K… then Middle Class is even less than 6%.

    Think About It,

    Get Real

  • Michelle

    Hillary did well in this debate, but she always does well in debates. I think it is a bit off to assume that because Obama was saying “um” a lot that he can’t answer a question. He has always been a articulate, intelligent man, who had been under fire for the first hour of the debate with the manufactured distractions of flag pins, pastors, and some guy who he knows who was a hippie terrorist (or something) when Obama was in grade school.

    These issues take away from the reall issues, and maybe if we had talked about those issues FIRST, Obama could’ve answered them more easily. But I don’t think anyone can constantly beat back a slew of malarky (correct spelling?) and then be expected to compltely switch gears and talk about what people SHOULD have wanted to hear all along.

    Dust your shoulders off, Obama. I hope to see you shine in the next debate. I would love to hear about the following:

    Healthcare plans and comparisons
    Iraq timetables for withdrawl
    Economy, including:
    Gas prices
    Mortage “crisis”
    Tax cuts (for whom and what)
    Global climate change
    Energy Independance
    References to McCain’s shortcomings as future president *.~

    And NOT any of the following:
    Reverand Wright
    Bitter voters
    Hippie terrorists
    Flag pins
    Who’s more electable/not elitist/whatever
    References to the Bush administration’s shortcomings (we get it, already!)

    Who’s with me?

  • Michael Anichini


    You Decide 2008.

    this was a website I thought I could utilize because it seemed informed, fair, and thorough.

    You have attracted idiots.
    Good bye.

  • Michael Anichini

    Sorry Michelle,

    Didn’t mean that about you.

  • Michelle

    Thanks Micheal.

  • jonathan

    I feel that the attacks on obama in the debate was an unfortunate reality of white ameria’s human nature.

  • Babs

    By “idiots”, do you mean people who don’t always articulate well, or just people who oppose your view?

  • IndiMinded

    Obviously it’s not constructive to call anyone an idiot. But anyone who watched that debate and thought it was how debates ought to be conducted in the future, well that sends chills through me to the bone.

    I almost laughed when they started off by asking the candidates to promise right there and then to take each other as VPs. I mean come on. This is a presidential debate? Who honestly believes that this is how a good presidential debate kicks off? And then to ask “Why not?” and become irrate when neither candidate answers, because the question wasn’t addressed to either one of them?

    That’s a good 1st debate question? Seriously folks? Because I think that’s freaking moronic. I think that’s a waste of everybody’s time. It was a waste of my energy to keep my eyelids open. I think in that few minutes, my IQ dropped just a little bit. That’s a debate question?!

    The debate looked more like one of Fox’s reality TV shows, didn’t it?


    Haha i think you are calling people idiots because we are not uneducated like you and wont vote for a man like a Barack Obama. In this election things like Wright,flag pins, BIll Ayers, need to be talked about, THE MAN IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES PEOPLE! yes they should talk about more things like the economy and iraq, but they needed and more people need to talk to Obama about all this dirt that is on him. IndiMinded dont talk about Im proud to say i watch fox as an independent it isnt some Left wing like Olbermann on there they dont bash republicans all day like msnbc and cnn do. Fox talks about both democrats and republicans in positive ways, something other statios dont do BECAUSE THEY NEVER WILL TALK BAD ABOUT BARACK OBAMA. FOX IS THE ONLY STATION THAT WILL STAND UP TO THIS GUY. if he wins the presidential nominee. Conservatives will have a field day and i mean a field day with this guy. THe issues needed to be talked about and the funny thing is BARACK OBAMA ALREADY HAD AN ANSWER READY FOR WHEN asked about Bill Ayers, HOW THE FUCK DID HE KNOW THEY WOULD ASK THAT UNLESS HE KNEW IT WAS A BAD THING. Just like when reverand wright came out Obama had 40 min speech written up. I would like to see him maybe talk about these things before hes asked, and stop acting like people only attack him, when really he had never been asked about anything until this debate. HE WILL NOT WIN!

  • IndiMinded

    “Indiminded don’t talk about Im proud to say I watch fox”?

    Uh. I’m not sure I understand you, but go nuts, O_S

  • IndiMinded

    I get it O_S, were you upset because I brought up Fox? I was talking about their reality TV shows, not their news station. But for the record Fox news is awful – just like MSNBC, CNN, and all the over-hyped trash masquerading as news stations today. It’s lapel pins all around, baby, and it’s ruining our nation by convincing us this crap is news.

    So-called “Character” issues are distraction issues. American flag lapels were fads. You don’t wear one – I don’t wear one. How can we grill candidates about why they don’t wear them, then get upset at them for being out of touch with the common man?

    Some of Wrights controversial sermons are publicly available, but how many people reading this have have actually listened to them? (almost no one, I’ll bet).

    Americans prefer out-of-context 3 minute soundbites of angry preachers . It’s not news, but it’s a lot more interesting, and requires less thought if you just accept that it’s all Anti-American nastiness without actually listening to any of it. Fast forward through the trial and skip to the judgment already!!!!!

    Call it news all you want O_S. At the end of the day, none of it will help anyone understand who has the best plan for our nation. All of it makes me sick. The news media isn’t educating us anymore, it’s fast becoming the people’s enemy. Steven Colbert is as even handed as anything on Msnbc or Fox.

    Now back to Brittany Spears.

  • Caleb

    Lol I love watching Obama supporters attack ABC and everyone else when it is exposed that obama isn’t the messiah they think he is. He speaks of unity but is friends with nothing but racists and anti-semites like Wright and Farrakhan.

    But then again, Obama could take a dump on the White House lawn and his dumb ass supporters would say “That’s a change we can believe in” and “What a new kind of politics!”

  • h Jeff

    Does anyone know what Hillary meant in the debate when she said an attack by Iran on Israel or any other country in that region would result in massive retaliation from the United States if she was President. Does that mean a third war before we finish the first two? Anyone have the answer.

  • John

    Haha.. You liberals seem to believe Obama is the perfect candidate. Before he was thrust into the spotlight, you people were dying to elect Hillary. Then the liberal manifesto came out and you jumped on the Obama Bandwagon. Now tell me.. Why do the values of a candidate mean nothing to you? When it comes to:
    Healthcare plans and comparisons
    Iraq timetables for withdrawal
    Economy, including:
    Gas prices
    Mortage crisis
    Tax cuts
    Global climate change
    Energy Independence
    References to McCain’s shortcomings as future president

    All of those things. Do you seriously believe these two will make sure to fulfill their campaign promises? Your candidates are both shady characters. Obama’s even worse than Hillary. He’s like the Used Car Salesman of the Democratic Party. He could sell an old broken down piece of junk Hyundai and make it seem like you’re buying a brand new Ferrari. I would never elect someone like that. How can we trust him? Sorry, but we shouldn’t elect him just because he’s half black. I’ll vote for someone of any color, but never Obama.

  • h Jeff

    John your bias shows simply because you feel the need to reference Obama’s skin color. The last time I checked the constitution defined anyone with 10% African blood as a negro, and they were condemned to either slavery or no rights of a citizen. So your statement about voting for him simply because he is half black is not only a stupid remark, but an oxymoron moron.

  • DB Marine

    I consider the President of the United States to be the face of our Nation. The person who fills this role should be one of character, honesty and selflessness. I believe that our president must have genuine respect our country. Neither Mr. Obama nor Mrs. Clinton poses these qualities

    President Bush is not the cause of everything that is wrong with this country. As I see it a lack of personal responsibility for our lives is.

    Senator Obama has a deep resentment for this country and a lack of patriotism that is a prerequisite for my President. “I hold my heart when I hear our national anthem and I suggest he do the same out of respect for those who died in order for him to be where he is in his life.”

    Senator Clinton is not an honest woman and I demand that from my government as it is also requested of me!

    I have been proud of this country since the concept entered my mind unlike Mrs. Obama. I also think before I use my first amendment rights.

    I own a gun and it is not for hunting. It is for protection from those who might do my family harm such as my own government!

    I do not believe that a Harvard or Yale graduate has any idea what our lives are like for if they did the conversation would be over and true “CHANGE” would be upon us. FYI As a Senator he did not bring any real “CHANGE” either!

    My wife is married to a Marine but that in no way makes her qualified to be one. “Get my drift?”

    I could go on and on but I will stop as not to make any Democratic heads explode by making them realize any more of the truth.

    John McCain is an honest, patriot who served this country with distinction. I would be honored and will vote for a man that never left and forgot his men as I do not believe he will forget me. Do you honestly think Hillary or Obama will remember you? Not a chance!


    D. Branan
    Sgt. United States Marines

  • Dawn

    Hi everyone. I just want to make a comment regarding the comments I am reading now. This debate has by far been the most controversial I have ever encountered. What I don’t get is this, why do the moderators, media, and anyone in the public eye and politics automatically assume that we want to hear the dirt on the candidates? Why is it that our society in the United States is based merely on drama and digging into the lives of other people to find faults. Our country has suffered with racism for many years, and to this day still is. Why is it that anyone that Obama encounters, or has had some sort of relationship with in the past is now damaging to his nominee because that Person might either be bitter or angered towards the way another race has treated them over the years? Would it be fair to ask every candidate to make a public apology for everyone they have heard make racial remarks over the years? Would it be fair to ask any candidate that has every made racial remarks him or herself to make a public apology for damage they may have done to another individual or individuals over the years? Would it be fair to ask every single person out there that is racist to make public apologies for all the racial slurs and remarks they have made over the years? If you dont expect every person that is and will continue to be prejudice to stand up in front of the world and make a public apology for every racial remark they have ever made, well then why do you ask it from Obama? Is society not seeing how messed up this is? Our country has been full of racists for years, and that has been acceptable for years and still is to a point. Hate crimes as we speak, racial slurs as we speak, and hatred toward another race based on their skin color, as we speak. It has been around for years and the whites have had no problem letting others know how they feel about the black race, and it has been passed on from generation to generation. How dare you stand up there and tell Obama he needs to apologize for something his pastor said, when many whites in this country have been racist for years. That is pathetic, ludicrous, and if the American people step back and look at the whole situation with open eyes, you will realize how ridiculous that sounds. RAcism has been here, it will continue to be here and some people will never change. Obama is the man who can push towards making that change, but first you have to stop judging him for knowing someone that said something that many americans have been doing for years. I hope people really think about how silly that is to even ask him to apologize for words not even from his own mouth.

  • Repeated questions about Rev. Wright, when is one man responsible for the opinions of another? Also, someone is not listening to TV Ministers, there are quiet a few downing the practices of American governmental officials. As for Clinton, on the “who do you answering the phone” video, do we want a weeping loses, her interview in Texas. Why isn’t that incident being addressed.

  • Amanda

    How many times do we need to here about a presidential hopefuls character? If you remember Bush won because everyone thought he was a moral, religious man with good character. We all know how that worked out…..
    I am going to go on record and state that I don’t care about who their minister is or what they may have unintentionally said. I CARE about results. We need someone to get the job done and help fix our big problems. Did this debate help answer which one of these candidates could do that? No.
    I think both campaigns would benefit from addressing issues and move away from the petulant he-said, she-said games. I know its politics, but the issues are a part of politics too.

  • Hillary C

    First of all, I am a wholehearted Obama supporter. I have been for years and I am delighted that he is running for the presidency. I will admit I smile every time I imagine and America under his lead.

    That being said, I am actually disappointed in him for the first timne, after watching this debate. The mud was flying in BOTH directions here and I am saddened by it, as one of my favorite qualities of Barack has long been his unwaivering class and consistent path along the high road. He had yet to engage in gutter politics until this debate and I can only hope that this was merely the result of an aggressive opening question and a couple of early attacks launched by Ms Clinton.

    Stay on higher ground, Barack. It suits you better.

    And just one more comment – Is anyone else utterly sick of hearing Hillary Clinton refer to the success of her husband’s administration as thought it were somehow her doing? Hillary is a brilliant, strong woman and I have no doubt that her husband consulted her on a number of issues, but ultimately his success is not hers to claim. If Hillary could just focus on her own record, rather than that of her husband, she may be able to inspire more faith in prospective voters.

    In the end, though – what a fantastic position to be in as a Democrat. Two strong, intelligent, unique candidates, both of whom would likely do a great job in the Oval Office.

    I have hope for the first time in such a long time.

  • Ger

    Barack’s small mistake for a choice of words pales in comparison to Hillary’s lack of trustworthiness and tact. The latter for instance by her casual, cavalier and discourteous comments about the new Russian president, and Putin as well. A diplomat does not act this way. And her trustworthiness is akin to Bill Clinton’s, evidenced by her re-painting of the experience where she claimed she had landed in a war zone amid a flurry of snipers.

  • emotions blur reality

    folks the grass is always greener on the other side

  • truthfully obama is the one who i think should most deff. win thiss debate and become our president. hillary doesnt really care for our health care and for our gas prices. those 2 things are a main part in the lives of americans today. the andasity of obama is high his moral is great and i agreee we do need change.
    my words johnny


    The one thing i keep in mind is how Mayor Nutter teamed up with Rendell to set up Obama up in the Philadelphia debate. They KNEW they were going to attack his alleged character, vis a vie Rev Wright’s comments, and down play the economic / healthcare issues. This only solidified my opinion of Nutter as a modern day house **NUKED BY ADMIN, please avoid using racially insensitive terms**

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