Video: Hillary Clinton on the Tonight Show

Hillary Clinton did the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. Candidates seem to find more viewers and a better venue to demonstrate their lighter sides on all these entertainment shows. Anyway, here’s the entire video of her somewhat humorous interview, it’s in 2 parts in a YouTube playlist:

Here’s a report on it all from the New York Daily News:

Hillary Clinton misspoke for laughs Thursday night, arriving on the set of the “Tonight Show” under what she said was sniper fire.

“It is so great to be here. You know, I was worried I wasn’t going to make it,” Clinton told host Jay Leno, feigning concern. “I was pinned down by sniper fire.”

“You know, in L.A. that might be true, actually,” Leno replied.

The play on Clinton’s goof last month, when she claimed she landed under sniper fire on a trip to Bosnia as First Lady in 1996, drew laughs from the audience.

Clinton was forced to say she “misspoke” about Bosnia after videotapes, various news organizations and even one of her companions on the trip, comedian Sinbad, indicated she had been under no threat.

Some polls suggested the tall tale cost her votes.

  • I would be curious to know if the “Rocky” theme played during her entrance was Leno’s choice, or a push/request by the Clinton campaign.

    Hillary Clinton has done a remarkable job of dispelling the myth that a woman could not handle the position of presidency. She demonstrates here, and in other areas, vast and deep knowledge on matters of the State.

    This appearance certainly works to soften her image, which is one of the underdeveloped aspects of her campaign.

    I really don’t get the sound byte buzz about Chelsea advocating her mom over her father. What else was she doing to say? And more importantly, how relevant should the opinion of a daughter– campaigning for her mother, have?

  • Good question, I though she’d been making “Rocky” references on the campaign trail in the past few weeks, I’ll have to check on it.

  • H. Gee

    The Senator’s comment about the little boy whose mother works for minimum wage hides an economic truth. When minimum wage went up, employers cut their employee’s hours so the aggregate amount paid for labor has stayed the same.