Video: Discussion on Whether Clinton Should Drop

Since some Obama surrogates have been calling for Hillary Clinton to drop out, it’s been a hot topic of discussion. Obama himself, however, said she should stay in and basically admonished his surrogates for making the statements.

Here’s video of the round table discussion this morning on Meet the Press covering the topic:

  • I wonder if Hill’s approval ratings would improve if the Democrats had another debate. Her numbers alway seems to bounce back after debates.

  • Calista

    Obama supporters want this race to end before millions of Americans have their say. That is messed up! 10 states have yet to vote, including my state, Oregon.

    This race is not over and I am personally offended that Obama supporters want to shut down this primary before it’s finished.


  • Dam1en

    Calista –

    Um, what? Granted, I’m sure some Obama supporters have showed that they want to shut it down, but it’s not like all of them are out to get you guys (Clinton supporters). Her tenacity is slowly dividing the party, whether you like to admit it or not.

    I mean, did you even watch the video? Because not one word was said about what you’re trying to express to us.