GOP Looks to “McCainocrats” to Help Rejuvenate Party

The Republican Party has had its issues with its presidential nominee, but they are beginning to make lemonade out of lemons. Recent polls indicate strong popular for the senior Senator from Arizona, and in many, this support rivals both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Some of this support is due to registered Democrats who are currently in favor of John McCain.

According to David Paul Kuhn of, March 27, 2008:

A new analysis of March polling data suggests that John McCain’s cross-party support surpasses that of either Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton.

According to data provided by the Gallup Organization at Politico’s request, in a hypothetical contest between McCain and Obama, McCain wins 17 percent of Democrats and those leaning Democratic, while Obama wins 10 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaners.

In a potential contest with Clinton, McCain wins 14 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaners while Clinton wins 8 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaners.

By way of comparison, exit polls in 2004 reported that George W. Bush won 11 percent of Democrats and John F. Kerry won 6 percent of Republicans.

This recent “McCainocrat” appeal has wavered in the past few days. Real Clear Politics has just given Barack Obama a extremely small edge over McCain (.01%), and McCain a small edge over Hillary Clinton (.08%). In the RCP recent polls for Pennsylvania, McCain leads Clinton and Obama. What will be interesting is how GOP leaders respond to these figures, especially if they hold over the following months.

  • Babs

    Finally I know what I am! I’m a McCainocrat! *LOL*

    If you click into the RCP poll, you’ll see Obama’s new edge over McCain if do largely to the results from Pew Research reporting Obama up 6%. And if you click into the details of their poll research, you’ll see out of everyone they polled, they only had a 24% respresentation of Rupublicans in there. This is why we have to take polls with a grain of salt, I suppose.

    I did find Question 22 very interesting, though, on the Pew Research. I’ll paste it here:

    Q.22 If John McCain were to win the presidency, do you think he would continue George W. Bush’s policies, or
    would he take the country in a different direction? [IF DEPENDS PROBE ONCE WITH: Just in
    general, do you think John McCain would continue George W. Bush’s policies or take the country in a
    different direction?]
    46 Continue Bush’s policies
    43 Take country in a different direction
    11 Don’t know/Refused (VOL.)

    Both Democratic candidates enjoy touting McCain’s candidacy as a third term of Bush. It would seem the rest of the country – or at least the ones polled by Pew – are not so sure.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    Why does a GOP victory matter if it means having the arch-RINO, the King of Amnesty for illegals, as President? He’s got the attitude that we don’t have a separate identity from other countries, and people should just get along. That speech he just gave about following the UN’s advice and using the Democrats’ methods toward peace is just that–it’s a Democrat speech coming out of someone who calls himself a Republican!

  • Babs

    “He’s got the attitude that we don’t have a separate identity from other countries, and people should just get along.”

    Are you referring to McCain here, or Obama? =)

  • Michelle

    I think as time progresses, McCain adjusts his stance to be more appealing to the masses. First he wasn’t conservative enough, then he starts saying things to appeal to the conservative base. He was all about Bush economics, then he starts to distance himself from Bush. He’s down for war for 100 years, then he says he detests war. I could point out that this is the “flip-flopper” behavior that killed Kerry in 2004 (did not care for him, but I digress), but the bttom line is that I do not feel ANY candidate will make a differance unless we as a people decide to make a differance. GET INFORMED. I don’t care who you vote for, just get informed on what matters, not soundbytes and rumors. Make a sound decision, and remember that we need to be united in moving forward, nomatter who get elected.