Video: Hillary’s 3am Girl Strikes Back!

I’ve been waiting since Clinton’s original ad came out, and then the girl in the original ad came out against her! Here is Casey Knowles’ ad produced, of course, with the Obama campaign:

So to anyone looking for their political advice from a 17 year old, here you go! Count it under “ironic”.

  • Dem ’08

    Wow, it’s amazing! The answers are here in front of us. A 17 year old girl knew all this time what America needs. Where have we been? Thank you oh young one for teaching us. Now maybe we can teach you how to drive so you can get down town and vote in November.
    Take notice people right here! This is the mindset of the typical Obama supporter. Take advice form a little girl on how best to run our country. I bet the Obama people are proud of this ad and someone will have something to say to me about my post here. Wait and see. My name is Randy and I approve this message!

  • Dem ’08

    OK your 15 minutes are up little girl. Now collect your money and go! Well Obama wagoneers, are you proud? Does this liitle girl tell your story? Maybe you should go get a couple of grade school kids, then you will show them!

  • Too funny Dem ’08. There’s no substance in this ad but she did jump on the bandwagon of “hope”.

  • Michael

    I think we are missing the larger issue here. Political Candidates are going to be more careful when they use stock footage for their advertising. I think this is a helpful, not harmful, product of this whole debacle. Casey Knowles sold her image outright earlier, but now is showing you can reclaim part of your image if used in a political context.

  • IndiMinded

    The girl was made an unwilling pawn, and she decided she might as well play for the other side. I can understand it.

    Is there anything that doesn’t upset you Dem? You might want to watch your blood pressure. I’m starting to worry.

  • this kid makes me laugh.

  • Michelle

    It’s silly to make a big deal about this in terms of if it hurts or helps Clinton, but you shouldn’t condemn the girl for choosing to support a candidate. She is, after, the “future” and at least she’s actively getting informed (or I hope she’s making an informed decision) on the politics that run our government.

  • Calista


  • Jessica

    Wow, the Hillary supporters are out in full force today! What I took away from this ad was the ridiculousness of fear tactics to rally support. What would you be saying if the oppsosite would have happened? You’d probably be applauding this girl.

    I agree with Michelle. This girl and other young people, whomever they support, ARE our future, and I’m proud of them for being so active and involved at such a young age…it makes me feel very hopeful for the future of our country.

  • Babs

    And this is from an Obama camp who wants a different – a transparent – campaign. Obama cleverly slings more mud than any other candidate out there. This little girl was first interviewed just after the release of the 3 a.m. commercial, she said she supported Obama but would vote for Clinton if she is the nominee – she’ll be old enough to vote by the general election. She also said in that interview she thought it would be funny if Obama called her to do a commercial about the commercial. About a week later, she’s on another news morning show (isn’t she just Miss Popular by now), and said guess what – the Obama camp had made that call. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the Clinton campaign files a lawsuit against the media company that furnished the old footage, and that they in turn file a suit against the girl and her parents for some type of contract violation. I think both the Clinton campaign and the the media company would be entitled to damages here. What say you?