Florida Democrats Have New Delegate Plan

There’s still rumbling going on down in Florida concerning how or if the delegates will be counted. Florida Democrats have a new delegate plan in which some delegates would be awarded and the others would be divided.

Here’s the details in this video from the Associated Press:

Doesn’t seem that unreasonable. It seems that many in the Florida Democratic Party refuse to give up on having delegates seated. Somehow an agreement will be reached, even if all sides aren’t entirely delighted about it.

  • Michael

    Hmmm. This can possibly end up with all of Florida’s delegates going to Clinton – something that would close the delegate gap between Obama and Clinton completely, paving the way for her to get the nomination. Also as likely is the delegates going 50/50, which doesn’t exactly help Clinton and makes her rely on Michigan, in which the chance for a re-vote is near impossible. Either way, though, I think this doesn’t hurt the Clinton campaign much, if at all, and it unites the Democratic party because much less superdelegates will be needed to give someone the nomination.

  • Calista

    Go back to sleep, little girl!

  • Calista

    Oops! Commented on the wrong post.


  • Raymond

    Thank goodness Senator Hillary Clinton is still hanging in there. Then again, there’s not much to hang in for. She is only a few delagates behind Obama, something that can be easily corrected with the remaining ten contests and a healthy showing of super delagates. She is not “finished” as some would like you to believe.

    Senator Clinton needs to continue this in this Primary battle, because it sends a message to common sense folks like me ( who actually read ) that there is SOMEONE in their party who is qualified, ready to provide solutions to our most challenging issues, and well versed on how to actually PRODUCE CHANGE. Obviously Senator Clinton is that person. It is vital that she remain in the race. If we only have one option in the form of an empty vessel with ZERO national experience and no clout behind him, we are pretty much screwed. McCain would eat him alive.

  • IndiMinded

    “Common sense folks who actually read for Hillary Clinton!” That should be her new campaign slogan. How delightfully below the belt.