Women and the Maverick

Women are the newest kids on the block when it comes to voting, and that’s a historical fact. Women weren’t given the right to vote in America until almost the mid 20th century, and now in the early 21st century the political arena is replete with women to include a woman running for President, and as my granddaughter might say, how cool is that for our side. As a woman myself, I swell with pride at the very thought of how far we’ve come in such a short time, because we earned it! But I won’t be voting for her – this woman running for President – because my country is about more, a lot more, than pride in my own gender.

My country is about our husbands and sons voluntarily shipping overseas to war with a distinct possibility of not coming back home. It’s about the price I pay for gas to travel 50 miles one way to take care of my 90 year old Mother who lives on social security and can’t afford a new Easter dress. It’s about my government spending more money than I can make for ridiculous causes like studying the DNA of bears because someone slipped a check into the right hands on the senate floor. It’s about the fact that we can’t afford health insurance premiums that present more like extortion payments than health coverage, and even if you pay the extortionists God help you if you actually file a claim. No, the problems of my country transcend any personal pride I may have in the gender of a candidate in this 2008 Presidential Race.

I need a President who will fight for me, not just stand behind a podium and tell me they’ll fight for me, but really bust in on day one and get the job done. I don’t need a President that says I have to buy health insurance – excuse me, what I have to buy is groceries for my family and I could do that more easily if I weren’t paying $3.50 a gallon for gas at the pump. I have to pay my home mortgage, and I could do that a lot more easily if I didn’t have to pay more taxes to finance more pork barrel spending for the government. I need a President that understands my need to feel secure in my own home, and on the streets. I need a President that’s not afraid to go against the grain on Capitol Hill and do what’s right for me.

Honestly, and in my own defense, I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life, and I’ve been voting for 35 years. However, I’ve never considered myself a Democrat, either. I’m one of those American voters that try very hard every four years to strip all of the candidates of their labels – republican, democrat, liberal, conservative – and judge them simply for who they are today, who they were yesterday, and what I believe they’ll be tomorrow. I try to judge their abilities knowing that I’m not voting for the King of a Monarchy here, only someone who will fight with Congress and the Senate to try to make my country more solvent and user friendly for the next four years.

John McCain really comes off as a quiet candidate with very little to say lately. That may be because he can’t get a word in edgewise between Clinton and Obama, but I digress. I had to really search out his record and his policies because there are many and span a lot of years, but when I did, of course, I found he isn’t really such a quiet man and never has been. He’s been quite the “Maverick” on Capitol Hill for decades now, and how odd is it that during an election year when everyone is screaming “we need change” we’ve overlooked something in John McCain – you don’t get a reputation as a “Maverick” for wanting the implement the same old thing. No, the very definite of a Maverick would be one that not only talks change, but sets about to create change. While “the kids” promise and hope for change, the “old man” has already earned a long standing reputation for fighting for and bringing about change. It doesn’t matter to me if he crosses every aisle in the world to accomplish that, and I’m not offended that he would unite with a democrat or an independent or a liberal to do that. After all, isn’t that an example of the unity that we are seeking??

I don’t agree with all that John McCain says. If I did, I’d worry about myself. But I’m smart enough to know that I’m not qualified to debate him about some of the issues we disagree on. Thus, I bow to his expertise in those areas, as he is far more credible and knowledgeable on certain issues than I. The war issue, for example. As I’ve said in previous posts, we can argue the principles of war all day long, but the magnitude of realtime military knowledge and strategy it takes to wage a successful campaign in Iraq or anywhere else would absolutely boggle the minds of the vast majority of us. And if I have to place my trust in anyone concerning these very sensitive matters that our sons and daughters very lives depend upon, you can bet I will place it with the man who knows the most about it. No question that’s John McCain.

At a time when we are attacking and dissecting every aspect of the candidates’ personal histories and lives, it seemed a shame to me that we completely skipped over March 15th. March 15th marked the 35th anniversary of the homecoming of an American hero – John McCain. And in visiting the McCain website I was privileged to get a glimpse of that soldier that he was then. So, before we all get back to the slamming and bashing and wailing and gnashing, please take a moment (if you haven’t already) to look at a man’s history who has overcome more adversity in his life than you or I will probably ever see.

  • Frank

    Great clip of a great man. I still don’t understand why someone who has expierenced de horrors of war, can support any kind of war.

  • Babs

    Frank, maybe it’s the same reason why a woman who has experienced childbirth will do it again – the result. =)

  • Michael

    Frank, remember that above all is, McCain was a military man. His father was one, his grandfather was one, and so he is ensconced in this sort of temperate. Now I am not saying this is bad, or that it imbalances a person’s perspective. There are many Generals and personnel that regard diplomacy with a high affinity, but it is a context that should be remembered.

  • Out of anyone who votes in this country the military men and women’s votes are the most respectable in my opinion. I always am appalled by the latest pinhead legislator who thinks that the military shouldn’t have a vote. I suggest that the men and woman who write the laws that effect our service men and women need to take a good a hard look at what they’re proposing. Perhaps they should be concerned that they’re asking people to defend this country, but want to discard there vote. What are we, the Soviet Union? I joke now but give America 50 years and the Liberals an opportunity to run this government.

    Babs, don’t feel bad about voting for McCain if you’ve never voted Republican, he’s the closest thing to a Democrat with an (R) next to his name. We’re seeing the modern day Gerald Ford being floated on the Republican ticket. Every other GOP candidate’s strategy fell short so we’re left with John McCain. As a conservative he is everything I am NOT looking for in a candidate. The only thing I like about McCain are his military positions and background. He’s a true American war hero, and for that he should be well-respected. That being said, the man is a senator with few leadership qualities in terms of running a government. I’m not much for a senator being POTUS. I’d much rather have a governor or businessman running our government for many reasons. Such as the economy, leadership qualities, running a state government as an executive, and the knowledge of creating and working within budgets.

    The one thing that scares me most about John McCain is our national border crisis. Of course he now says that he’s “learned his lesson” and will secure the borders. However, that’s a whole bunch of fluff he’s spewing just to get elected. The man stating that his strongest strength is national security, why is that he wants to keep our borders open to al-Qaeda and everyone else? He’s arrogant on the issue, almost self-righteous.

  • Babs

    CG, nice to hear from you, I’ve been missing your opinions on the site lately!

    It might surprise you to know that I, too, found McCain to be arrogant in the beginning, but then they all were in my opinion. I’ve since changed that label to “staunch”. From everything I read about McCain, and everything I’ve seen of him in front of the camera, he is simply that Maverick. He doesn’t care if the majority agrees with his beliefs, which may come off looking arrogant at first, but eventually he has convinced me that he is simply staunch in his beliefs about what will and won’t work for our country. Agree with him, or don’t, seems to be his attitude. I’m afraid I feel a bit of a kindred spirit to this attitude, and I don’t think I’m arrogant, so I can no longer apply it to McCain.

    We agree that I wish he had more leadership experience than a Senate seat affords, but that can be said about all the candidates this time, so I defer to his leadership in the Military as being head and shoulders above that of his opponents.

    I think I believe him on the border crisis issue as much as I can believe any of them on it. But this is an issue that was allowed to get so out of hand before it actually became an issue that it’s going to be a difficult situation for any of them to contain. I found it telling, myself, that he was the only candidate to vote in favor of English being the first language in America, Obama and Clinton voted no. On the surface that may seem unrelated, until you ask where all the spanish speaking people are coming from. Making English our first language and requiring immigrants to learn it, instead of spending tax payers dollars to teach american students spanish, is at least a statement – in my opinion – that legal americans come first to him. Maybe that’s naive.

  • I’ve missed posting. I’ve been busy studying for my Law School Admissions Test, so I have left all the posting up to Nate (my husband) and Michael. I was pleased to hear that you were writing commentaries on the site now, Welcome!!!

  • Michel

    I just read your post about McCain, and would like to quote just two phrases….

    “My country is about our husbands and sons voluntarily shipping overseas to war with a distinct possibility of not coming back home… it’s about my government spending more money than I can make for ridiculous causes like studying the DNA of bears because someone slipped a check into the right hands on the senate floor.”

    Mmm, McCain voted for the bear DNA thing, and McCain is the only candidate left who didn’t pronounce for a sure ending to the war. Then why the hell did you votye for him? Naiveness? Lack of information? His age? Him being the underdog?

    I must say I respect very much McCain the person. But I don’t respect McCain the politician. Some of his comments make me think he is a very ethical person, but really out of touch.

  • Deb

    Michel, I have an idea. Why don’t we just tell everyone the war in Iraq will end on January 1, 2009? That way the war will actually stop now and once we pull out in January al Qaeda can just move right back in. Why are there so many people out there who don’t understand that you can’t tell the enemy when you are going to leave the battleground?
    As for McCain voting for the study on DNA of bears, there are times when Senators and Representatives have to make choices. There may have been other things in that bill that were good. Did you notice that McCain was the one that brought up the fact that there was money given for that study. Here is one for the books. “New Pig Book says Hillary Clinton’s tops in pork spending, Barack Obama’s 2nd, but John McCain had none!” This book is about the people who inserted pork barrel spending into a bill. If the democrats had their way there would have been a lot more waste attached to the bailout bill. Including money that would go to ACORN.
    I am very concerned about our borders but I am also concerned with someone running for the president of the US who thinks that we should all learn Spanish. For What!!! How about the people either learn English or leave. I am tired of hearing press 1 for Enlish and 2 for Spanish. What about all the other people who came here and learned English. What is it about the Spanish who feel they shouldn’t learn our language. If I went to Italy I wouldn’t expect everyone to speak English. At least McCain has admitted that he has to rethink his position because he realizes that there are people who didn’t like his position on illegals.