Rasmussen: McCain Leads Obama/Clinton

Sure, it’s just one poll, but one can’t help but wonder if Obama’s flap with Reverend Jeremiah Wright has had something to do with recent polling. As for Clinton, I can’t explain that one other than to say perhaps McCain has become a little more popular.

Here’s the info on it from Rasmussen:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows John McCain’s lead growing against both potential Democratic opponents. McCain currently leads Barack Obama 49% to 42% and Hillary Clinton 51% to 41% margin. African-American support for Clinton has collapsed, falling to 55% in the general election match-up. Obama, on the other hand, earns solid support from African-American voters but attracts only 36% of white voters in a match-up with McCain.

Over the past month, McCain has gained ground in Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania. Both Democrats continue to lead in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and California.

It’s just a recent trend for the time being and it’s just one poll.

  • Babs

    This poll really doesn’t surprise me – the one that really shocks me today is the YouDecide poll! I was always under the impression that his heaviest support came from his stance on the Iraq War. Looks like this may be a credibility issue, after all.

  • Babs

    Well, duh, I was referring to Obama’s stats in the YouDecide poll, not McCain’s.

  • K. Evans

    John McCain is unfit to be President. In spite of claims that he is a war hero, was in fact a quisling and an enemy collaborator?

    Excerpt from “U.S. Sen. John McCain is no War Hero”
    By Paul E. Rifenberg
    Source: Vietnam Veterans Inc. (www.namvets.com) site:

    What is the real story behind his [John McCain’s] days as a POW? The U.S. Veteran Dispatch had an article in June of 1996 entitled “POW Songbird McCain Wrongly Described As A Hero.” It recounted numerous instances where John McCain violated the Military Code of Conduct, which specifically orders American personnel to give the enemy no information other than name, rank, serial number, and date of birth. It requires that they accept no favors from the enemy, and to make no written or oral statement disloyal to the United States.

    The fact is, in exchange for better medical treatment, McCain violated this code four days after being captured on Oct. 26, 1967. In a U.S. News and World Report interview dated May 14, 1973, two months after he was released, McCain admitted that he exchanged military information in exchange for spending six weeks in a hospital normally reserve for North Vietnamese Military officers.

    U.S. government records show that less than two weeks after he was taken to the hospital, Hanoi’s press began quoting specific military information, including the name of the aircraft carrier on which McCain had been based, information about the location of rescue ships and the order of which his attack was supposed to take place. The records demonstrate, according to the Dispatch article that McCain continued to collaborate with the Communists after he recovered from his injuries. He did a number of propaganda broadcasts that were aimed at destroying the moral of American servicemen fighting in the jungles of South Vietnam, On June 4, 1969, a U.S. Wire Service story reported one of McCain’s broadcasts.

    The service reported “Hanoi has aired a broadcast in which the pilot son of the U.S. Commander in the Pacific, Adm. John McCain purportedly admits to having bombed civilian targets in North Vietnam and praised medical treatment he has received since being taken prisoner.”

    McCain committed other breaches of the Code of Conduct by meeting with and giving interviews to foreign news reporters and anti American delegations.

    McCain admits to talking with numerous high-ranking North Vietnamese leaders, including General Vo Nguyen Giap, their Minister of Defense.

    He also did a cozy interview over coffee, oranges, and cake wish a Cuban psychiatrist, which took place in the Hanoi office of the Committee for Foreign Cultural Relations.

    He failed to “evade answering questions to the utmost of his ability;” by actually conversing with his interviewer in Spanish.

    Source: http://www.namvets.com/Reading/john_mccain_is_no_war_hero.htm

  • Babs

    The first words under the title on this URL is “Opinion Paul E. Rifenberg”.