Obama Says His Racist Grandmother is a “Typical White Person” – Updated

Not sure if he simply misspoke here of if he is actually insinuating that to be a “typical white person”, you need to be racist and afraid of anyone of color? Give it a listen, it comes from a radio interview earlier today I believe:

I’ll have to give him the benefit of the doubt on this and assume he was intending to say that she’s a typical white person in the sense that she’s naturally afraid of other races? I don’t know, the words are mangled.

What do you all think?


An Obama spokesman released the following to clarify:

“Barack Obama said specifically that he didn’t believe his grandmother harbored any racial animosity but that her fears were understandable and typical of those often shared by her generation.”

I guess that’s somewhat explainable but he’s got to get his wording right before speaking about this. Otherwise he comes off sounding worse on the topic.

  • Babs

    I think he’s stereotyping here. Which is what Geraldine Ferrero did. And stereotyping in regards to race is going to get him tangled up again.

  • Cunninwall

    Let me answer you by asking another question.If the direction you want to take what he said means what he meant why would he praise so much his granny who took all she could to raise him?
    When you listen to someone talk don’t take part of a phrase to question but look at the overall meaning of the whole phrase.Ok.Do not keep confusing people if you have nothing to say.

  • Dem ’08

    I guess the Obama wagoneers will come to his aid. “That’s not what he was saying” or “you just misunderstand him” maybe even “your putting words in his mouth”. It’s hard to see what is right in front of you if you don’t want to. Oh wait….this is probably clinton’s fault somehow. Hey obama wagoneers, can you explain?

  • Cissy

    “Typical White Person?” That remark is so tediously typical of a black person – what do you expect? This man is trying so hard to hide his racist beliefs, it’s not funny. It is, in fact, very, very scary. This is man who would not use nuclear weapons if the United States were attacked with nuclear weapons. This is man who will raise the income tax to 52%. This is a man who will ruin America.

  • Marcus

    Apply the same standards to which Rev. Wright/Obama is currently being judged by, and one has to apply the same standards to which Wright is basing his beliefs on.

    And if we were to do that, one would be forced to advocate Christians, Muslims and Jews renounce what is, in Biblical fact, a violent, jealous and vengeful God.

    What they’re asking us to do – in the end – is only look at Wright through a filtered camera lense on a three minute loop.

    Would one judge God by cherry picking passages of God telling Abraham to sacrifice his son? Or of his destroying whole cities like Sodom and Gomorrah? Or allowing the devil to murder Job’s family. I can go and on with many, many other examples, but I won’t.

    Point is, how can you argue or claim to know Wright’s heart, when the very bible he and many other Pastors, Rabbi’s and Clerics hold up tell the story of a violent, omnipotent entity with a lengthy history of destruction and decimation.

    Apply the same standards to God as the media is to Wright, and we would all have to renounce God, and leave every single existing Muslim, Jewish and Christian Church.

    Whose going to be the first to walk out of their Church?

  • Dem ’08

    Marcus, are you asking people to judge god? That is bold man! If you compare a radical racist minister to god then I don’t think anyone even has to make any point to your mental status.
    There is no excuse for wright’s comments. This is something he teaches to people, not just an angry slip of the lip. It’s sad that people think like this!

  • Marcus

    To Dem ’08

    As an objective observer, I try to apply the same standards to one person as I would to another.

    I judge issues based on valid, objective measurements. What I do not do, what I will not do, though it seems it is the happy trend these days, is annoint myself a morality overseer and weigh issues via a three minute media loop.

    You obviously missed the point. The exercise is not to judge God based on cherry picked passages exhibiting his awesome power and violence.

    Measuring a man’s heart by a three minute media loop remains the apex of cowardice, hypocrisy and laziness. Those who advocate judging a man – any man – based on a loop should be ignored.

  • Michelle

    You all can deny it if you want, but as portrayed in the movie Crash, people of all colors, ages, and religions make assumptions, generalizations, and stereotypes about one another at one point or not. A lot of it can be based on that person’s past experience. They don’t like to be labeled as “racist” for making these assumptions. For instance, a friend of mine was robbed at gunpoint by two young black men. Upon telling me about it, he used the “n word” and made me cringe. When I told him he was being racist, he got even angrier and said I would feel the same way if it happened to me. While I disagree with him, I understand where he’s coming from and I still consider him my friend even though I would never, ever use that word for any reason.
    But I guess I’m either wrong for that like Obama is wrong for Wright or it’s unimportant because I’m not running for president.

  • Michael Jerryson

    If you really want to challenge Obama’s comments here, I challenge you to take a short 5 minute test on Harvard’s Implicit Association for “Race”. Although growing up in Chicago and being a minority for much of my education with friends of all ethnicities and races, the test revealed I had some racist associations.


    For a short clip that reviews some of the effects of racism in this country, see Kiri Davis’s “A Girl Like Me”


  • Raymond

    Let’s give it up to the mainstream, Obama OBSESSED media that has yet again excused their favored candidate in the face of an obvious racist remark.

    President Bill Clinton compared Obama’s victory in South Carolina to that of Rev. Jesse Jackson’s campaign in the 1980’s and the mainstream press did everything but burn Clinton in effigy. Yet Obama said CLEAR AS DAY that to be a “typical white person” you are prone to racist and/or an unfair reaction towards people of color. Am I the only person in this country who is OUTRAGED by that?!

    Obama just said that a “typical white person” is someone whose natural disposition is to have an unfair or fear based opinion of white people. Now people are going to defend this statement by saying that this is a true and fair assessment. Well, so wasn’t President Clinton’s comparison to Obama and Rev. Jesse Jackson in relation to South Carolina, but we all know who the mainstream press chose to rip apart there!

    At the end of the day, Obama can say whatever he wants and get away with it, because the media has chosen their golden boy as the preemptive nominee. He also can get away with not saying anything too. I’ve been waiting for months to hear something substantial come out of this man’s mouth and the closest I have come is a blanketed statement against people of his opposite race.

    Obama is running his campaign on words, “hope”, speeches, and a series of good “feelings”. He says that all of these vague things are enough to unite The United States. Well insulting the majority of Americans who happen to be white sure does send a significant divide in this election. Looks like the REAL Obama is coming out.

  • patrick

    First of all you dont have to be white to be a racist. Second, there is an obvious double standard here that must be erased. if Mccain called someone a typical black person it would be politcal suicide. And if Mccain belonged to a church for twenty years that made such racial statements as Obmas church did, he wouldnt have had time to make an \

  • IndiMinded

    This is why few politicians don’t often engage in honest, open dialogue with the public. People who aren’t interested in listening, are very interested in misunderstanding.

    “… .. The point I was making was not that my grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn’t. But she is a typical white person who, uh, if she sees somebody on the street that she doesn’t know there’s a reaction that’s been been bred into our experiences that don’t go away and that sometimes come out in the wrong way and that’s just the nature of race in our society. We have to break through it…” – those are his words.

    I guess people can take from it what they will. If you think that by saying his grandmother was a typical white person who harbors no racial animosity, he was trying to say that all white people are bigots – well flame away. That’s what you heard.

    Personally, I thought he was trying to say that in cases like his grandmother, her bias has taken on a subtler form, something that has little to do with intentional beliefs or hatred, and more resembles a sort of mild xenophobia. He was trying to address the nature of the beast, and how awful of him for talking about that! I’m a white male, and I’ve known enough people like this. I’m not sure I’d call it typical, but certainly it’s not rare either. If uneasy feelings about race weren’t so common, why exactly are people so offended on every side by the suggestion they might be?

    The comedy hit broadway play Avenue Q contains a song titled “Everyone’s a little bit racist”. It’s a tony award winner and one of the longest running in broadway history. Americans have always liked to giggle behind closed doors at the mild biases we know exist in our society – and that’s much healthier than getting angry about them.

  • Michelle

    To Raymond

    I don’t see how you can use the media’s obsession with Obama as a positive for him. Lately he can’t so much as look at someone without the media trying to spin it as a detriment to his character and his electibility. The man is honest and people who choose to not be close-minded get and respect that. But I suppose you’d rather support a candidate who says Michigan and Florida primaries were fair and honest when Obama wasn’t even included in one of the state’s ballots, or better yet a 72 year old man who confuses the Sunnis and Shiis, propelling stories that perculate fear among our society to continue a senseless war unquestioned. Every time someone wants to accuse Obama of harboring or condoning hatred all they offer is hatred and ignorance. No one can actually give me facts, just hypotheticals of “If a white person had said that” completely out of the context that Obama was conveying. You aren’t swaying me into hating a man that I know will be nothing but good for this country so long as the media doesn’t castrate his political career with sound bytes and convince everyone he’s a racist or whatever it is you think will make America fear him as you do.

  • jon

    cissy, dem08, and raymond are “typical white people”. -from me, a white person raised in one of the nicest, most white parts of america (as ranked by money.cnn.com). i’d venture to say that specifically the reason that these two would not vote for obama would be almost completely based off his race and the perceived disdain of whites that black society projects. cissy and dem08 specifically are, as indiminded said, looking for a reason to misunderstand. i feel bad for them. almost all white people i have met (i’ve met many, many people from all over the united states) harbor some sort of fear or prejudice toward black society in general. you are making his words into racism, but you fail to put your own self in a black persons shoes and merely get offended by him stating how white people appear to the vast majority of minorities – and i am not talking about the token black kid in your high school class.

    raymond on the other hand is fighting the press, and is taking his anger out on obama. good luck with that one. most americans will agree with what obama has said as long as they don’t see him as racist, but merely a black person saying what everyone is thinking. of course if they immediately presume he is racist, they are probably harboring some racist/prejudice thoughts themselves.

  • I fully agree with Michelle. Why is this latest soundbite such a big deal? Obama gave his eloquent speech on Tuesday, which was totally uplifting and talked about race in a way to bring people together. Now the media, rather than concentrating on trying to bring people together or what that great speech (one of the greatest I’ve heard in my lifetime), is instead playing up these comments to discredit him, rather than concentrate on the real problems of race in this country. Would they do the same with Martin Luther King if he was alive today?

    As Obama himself said in his speech, this concentration on “distractions” is what the media promote, as in the Wright non-issue, the OJ trial, not to mention Anna Nicole Smith, Geraldine Ferraro, and every other thing to distract people from the real concerns that people should think about and actually working on solving our common problems. This is why we’re in the fix we’re in. The media got Geo. Bush elected twice by these tactics, and they’re trying to get McCain elected now. It will be very interesting to see if the country sees through this slime, but I don’t think with the endless disinforming by the media, that this country deserves a president of the high calibre of Barack Obama, who is clearly the best, most intelligent, and has the judgment and vision to be a great president.

  • Raymond

    Yeah…Obama has it sooo hard. He only gets statistically favorable press in relation to Clinton and apparantly can have his supporters say whatever they want without scrutiny by the press. What a hard life he must be having.

    Get REAL!

  • nm

    I agree, if anyone had said ‘typical black person’ you wouldn’t hear the end of it. And Obama’s comment that it is bred into people to be that way isn’t any different than the comment made years ago that blacks are faster runners because of their breeding.

    Ferraro’s comment was right on… if Obama were a white man with as little experience, the Democrats would never have given him the nod. They are more interested in having the first black, or the first woman candidate than having the right candidate.

    Obama is very scary. With his judgment, if president, just what kind of judges would he nominate? To sit in a church pew for 20 years and hear even a handful of sermon’s like those seen and heard, he should have walked out years ago. I’ve left a church for far less.

  • Travis

    Anyone who wants to condemn him for the things he has said here is only kidding themselves. We are all weary of anyone we see that we are not comfortable with. That doesn’t have to be someone of a different race, but we all have tendencies, whether because of racial bias or not, that cause us to impose an impression on someone we don’t know based on what they look like.

  • Anne

    If Obama is going to represent us as our President, he must choose his words. I feel it’s dangerous to refer to the characteristics of any group of people as a whole. It’s too convenient

    Look at how Joe Biden was criticized for referring to Obama as clean and articulate.

    So many times white people’s statement have been twisted and misconstrued as racist, and we hear about it immediately.
    The double standard does exist.

    That has to be part of the race discussion.

  • Dem ’08

    To Marcus,

    Well lets compare if you want. Lets compare Obama to the pit bull dog who killed a woman a while back. The dog only killed one woman and was usually a calm and mild mannered dog. Should we be carefull around a dog who only went wild once or should we get rid of the dog because we know what he is really like.

    Three minutes can tell a lot about a man for those who are not to biased to listen. You are an Obama wagoneer and you refuse to see the truth about the man. Simple as that.

  • Marcus

    To Raymond and Patrick:

    Are you ready to condemn John McCain for calling Chelsea Clinton ugly, or accusing Hillary Clinton of being a lesbian?

    Furthermore, are you going to treat John McCain in the same light as you’re now treating Obama. How soon do we forget McCain’s racist “gook” slurs back in 2000.

    And those were straight out of McCain’s mouth, none of this guilt by association crap the media is trying to pin on Obama.

    Here’s a reminder of what John said…”`I’ll call, right now, my interrogator that tortured me and my friends a `gook,’ OK, and you can quote me,” McCain said last week. Adding that all his fellow prisoners of war used the same term, McCain said his tormentors “were cruel, mean, vicious, sometimes sadistic people. And `gook’ is the kindest description I can give them, the most printable.”

    Does this mean American veterans of the Blackhawk down Operation have acquired a right to label any black person the “n” word simply because the Somalians they fought against were black?

    Will I see Raymond and Patrick condemn John McCain with the same vile spirit exhibited towards Obama?

    Probably not. As it is in most cases political – there is one standard for the white candidate, and another standard for the black candidate.

    I sincerely believe McCain is in no way a racist, just as I sincerely believe Obama and his preacher are not. Those who purvey such feelings and claim they are racist should take a look at themselves.

    I do not judge people based on a cherry picked three minute video loop out of what is thousands of hours of sermons. It is stupid, it is lazy, it is hypocritical and it is destructive towards one’s self and to others.

    Always treat people they way you want to be treated.

  • Marcus

    To Dem 08,

    Great form Dem 08. Comparing Obama to a wild pitbull, coupled with a lunatic defense arguing in favour of cherry picked video loops. More self anointed judge and jury nonsense. Gee, how nuanced.

    Guess what? This is not about your feelings, though it appears you think it is. Its about something bigger. And if Clinton, McCain or Obama can bring the country together then so be it. Frankly, I admire all the candidates this year.

    As for the label “Obama wagoneer,” well, it just shows the kind of a person you remain. Quick to judge, quick to label, quick to assume, quick to marginalize. Quick to do everything, but stick to the actual issue in a civil courteous manner.

    No matter, as i have learned a long time ago these are the typical tactics employed by a narcissist left with nothing substantive or beneficial to say.

  • PaddyMcLollinz

    LOL @ DEM 08… based off what he says, every single mistake he has made in his life is what he truly represents. What a moron. Dogs are wild animals, they attack when they feel they must protect themselves. They don’t understand humans motives.

  • ed

    “Earlier in the week it appeared that Obama had a free pass to make slurs. There was no media outcry when Obama, wearing a green velvet suit at a Saint Patrick’s Day event, inserted an apostrophe in his name and declared “O’bama, not your typical Irish Mick”.”

    Get the full story of Obama’s racist comment at http://edddie.tumblr.com/post/29475735.

  • IndiMinded

    It’s true, and I hear Obama secretly hates all Irishmen! So much so that I bought this Obama t-shirt from his website weeks ago!


    Man, that speech hit on some nerves, huh?

  • Dem ’08

    LOL, You people are amazing! Marcus, My last post was no doubt above your head so all I will say JUMP, save yourself. The Obama train is going to crash! If you make it through explosion, take some advice. Don’t be an Obama “wagoneer” when he starts to fade away.

  • IndiMinded

    Here’s how to tear a man down:

    When he makes a mistake create a handy metaphor. Compare him to something nasty. For instance, if a man states something poorly, replace the word “man” with “pit bull” and the phrase “states something poorly” with “kills a woman” and Presto chango!

    You’re really something Dem. If phrasing something poorly is like killing a woman I’m sure you’ve “killed a few women” in your life too. Actually I’ve seen you do it a few times, you murderer you 😉

    If Obama wins the nomination, I fully expect you’ll be on here accusing him of eating babies by mid-June.

  • Angela Pollock

    I really resent being called a “typical” white person. In fact, in my opinion as a sociologist, THAT is a racial statement.

  • Jenny

    I myself more see it as who actually Obama is? 20 years has been sitting in the church with racist pastor and listen to all those sermons and let his family heard him and not to do anything??
    For me you can say anything you want because you want to run for presidency but your experiences show who you are, in the term you have in the certain situation and have to make decisions about some issues without any political involved or medias watch over you. Obviously from what I read, what he says now and what he has done are 2 different things. Sad!

  • Erwin

    Angela Pollock

    I understand that you and a multitude of other Caucasian Americans have come to the conclusion that Obama harbors negative feelings about your kind because of this statement. There is something to be said about that fact alone; the fact that you and so many others like you, have drawn a conclusion about the intentions of him from this statement. Correct me if i’m wrong but it is not possible for you to understand the true intentions behind such a comment. You can only assume. Some would argue that your assumption itself is a biased one, with roots in racism. If that comment was made by one of your own kind, it is likely that there would be little controversy because you would not assume ill intentions. Now, I find it very interesting that you know what is meant by a “typical” white person. Whats more interesting is that based on your reaction, this is a bad thing. And from that I conclude that you yourself(along with others who share your reaction) view yourselves typically, in regards to race, in a negative way. Ask yourself, where did that come from? Now it could be that your idea of a typical White person differs from your idea of a Black person’s idea of a typical White person. In any case you make no distinction between them in your comment. And if you did someone would most certainly point out what I did earlier. Now let me get to the point, I am not here to defend Obama’s words, in the spirit of it all, I am here to defend my race in general. If you can call me evil, I can call you evil. And we are both victims of the same society. For older generations it is different but for the most recent generations(which I represent) that much is true. You being a sociologist, I am sure you have studied the impact of the media on society and the effects of the environment on individuals. There are messages all around us from the time we are able to perceive them on billboards, television programs, video games, music and even in our textbooks. These effect us and we begin to do what is natural, associate. We associate and then we draw patterns. We act on these patterns with behavior and body language. And that all molds us. I won’t bother going into individual details, if you are a sociologist then you know. Now I ask you, how many people go through society untainted by this machine? Now who is to blame? Will blaming give us a solution? It’s easy to hate. How ironic is it that you now fault us for the hatred you started. I think thats laughable. How funny is it that we now fear what we ourselves perpetuate. Its so funny to me because White people are afraid of a racist president. Black people say I don’t want ANOTHER RACIST PRESIDENT. You haven’t begun to suffer is what I would like to say. But i’m tired of having to endure the hate and when you suffer, I suffer. Some say racism is not here. It’s here it just looks different. It is subtle but it still stings. I can assure you, my hate from it is real but so is the sorrow that accompanies it. From that sorrow stems the hope for a better future. From the hate (another form of sorrow) the temptation of relief from mutual destruction. So you can blame me and point the finger if you want, just don’t forget to point it back at yourself. And now we are here. Now what? Will we continue to point our fingers or do something different. One thing is for sure, if you point the finger, we will point right back.

  • patrick

    To Marcus,

    The rest of my statement was cut off but the point of it was that no matter how hard you may try to redirect the issue it is still not ok to make racist statements that offend the very people you may some day lead. That goes for all canidates involved. Obama only deserves the same amount of critism that any white person who said the same thing would get. Don Imus made a racist comment at a basketball game and the whole country wanted blood, shouldnt the same be held true for Obama.Mit Romney was put down for belonging to a church that alows multiple wives, yet its ok to belong to a church that not only once but always preaches anti white messages.

  • Marcus

    I am not “trying” hard to re-direct the issue. You’re the one trying hard to redirect what’s really important in America with this guilt by association crap.

    You know, it’s funny whites are usually the first ones to scream foul if minorities pull the race card. However, it appears there is one exception – it’s ok to use the race card as long as it is in the white man’s interest to use the race card.

    Don’t ever forget, Obama never asked for this “issue”. If you want to play the race card game then fine. It is whites who are driving it, it is whites who are pushing it, and it is whites who are maintaining it.

    Anyone thinking the Church Obama attends preaches anti-white gospel is an idiot, a phony and a hypocrite. Have you never been to an all black Church Sunday after Sunday? Sadly, I don’t think you have. This is clearly a case of a white person (you) wanting a black person to be the only black person at an all white church. Only then, is it good enough.

    Will all white people who are now denouncing Obama give up their hip hop, rock and roll, blues and Jazz CDs? Many of the artists have echoed the EXACT sentiments towards White America as Obama’s pastor.

    Or is it only okay if blacks entertain whites, just as long as they do not try to be President…they should “know their place” right?

    I want a list of all the people in your life Patrick, and the names of everyone at the Church you attend and everyone present on the day of your wedding. I want to interview them and find out if they’re racists or if they’ve ever said anything racist in their life. Then I’m going to ask you why you invited racists into your home or to your wedding. Then I’m going to associate you with being a racist.

    Because I don’t believe for a second that some of your fondest friends and family throughout your life have never said the “n” word, or chink or spic to name a few.

    Ridiculous, isn’t it? Especially at a time when America is in a crumbling state. This is what Dem 08,Patrick, Raymond and Jenny focus on – absolute, detrimental crap that has nothing to do with health care, education, the Iraq war, the economy and so on.

    Measuring a man’s heart by a three minute video loop is the apex of ignorance. Just as I do not focus on John McCain’s “gook” comments, so I will not focus Obama’s pastor comments.

    As usual, this is a media story. Driven by the need to sell ads and commercial time through manufactured controversy. Do you want me to play the “I don’t see Patrick renouncing anything McCain said about Asians, yet he has no problem singling out the black candidate,” game? It is a worthless game, leading nowhere.

    I don’t take Obama’s statements as racist. I know exactly what he meant by “typical white grandmother.” Bill O’Reilly nailed it right on the head on his program when he argued sympathy for Obama, because O’Reilly has fell victim to this type of smear before.

    Like I said before. These are the weapons of the ignorant – labels, smear, fake rage and double standards. Applying one set of moral standards for yourself, and another set of standards towards others.

    Essentially, Raymond, Jenny, Patrick and Dem 08 are the Elliott Spitzers of this particular commentary forum. Just as Mr.Spitzer spent his time and resources railing against prostitution while he himself employing the services of a prostitute. So too, are they railing against Obama, when in fact their personal lives, the artists behind the music they listen too, their brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles and pastors are no different than Obama’s.

    P.S. No I am not black.

  • Dem ’08


    Are trying to screw a black or impress a black boss? Maybe you are married to a black and the father in law is sitting beside you right now. I don’t get your intentions here. Either you are as stupid as they get which seems likely or you have some motive behind your denial. I feel like there is more to your story. You can scream Obama all you want but to deny that Obama’s church is a racist and radical church is wild. Not to many deny this anymore yet you still hold on. You should be required to stay inside for they safety of others.
    by the way, Don’t pretend to know a damn thing about me. I don’t own one hip hop style cd nor do I listen to such crap. I think it is funny that you compare YET AGAIN as you name me and the past Gov. of NY. I’d say you fit more of the lifestyle of the past Gov as it seems you have some motive going behind your stupid a$$ thoughts!

  • Michael

    I think all points aside, when we are discussing a sensitive issue such as race, it is best to not use the term “typical.” It is not productive and there are many other more qualified and complex ways of saying this. Obama is not perfect, and neither are the other candidates. Let’s not complete this mistake in the comment sections.

  • Marcus

    To Dem 08

    Not once do you try to respond to any of my points. Your approach remains to label, personally insult, smear and offer outrageous claims without even a whisper of evidence. Except now, your anger has turned towards me. Well sir, I will not engage or trade words with a classless pig who claims I’m trying to have “sex” with a black woman. Or I’m trying to impress a “black boss.”

    I don’t know how any of your posts made it past the censor. You are an idiot, a coward and waste of time.

  • Dem ’08


    “classless Pig”…..lol, I love it! You want it serious? Really it is hard to have a serious debate with you because you excuse such radical behavior. How can anyone who says people who think Obama’s church is racist are stupid be taken serious. I don’t imply that you are really screwing a black, I just say their must be some reason for your views. To be so biased and unfair to all of America. You make no sence man. You don’t even try to understand that the whole country was under attack, you instead defend the attacker. Don’t you see that? You bring this on yourself. I am not angry nor do I intend to be mean. If you take this stuff to heart then I am sorry. I just call’em as I see’em. You are out there man and I can not just sit back and not say anything. It’s just my nature to call out the radicals. Have a good day.

  • Dem ’08

    To all,

    I guess Marcus does make one point I had failed to see. I would like to apologize to all who find my words offensive. I love to debate and I am not afraid to speak my mind at all. I don’t take these words personal and I forget that some people do.
    I have no intention of offending anyone but at the same time I will not allow crap to flow without comment. So, don’t take this stuff personal people. That being said…let’s get it on!

  • Hillary she’s not going to beat John if she’s the nominee and she won’t be by Senitor Barack Obama I’m saying this as a republican too. I see these primaries and these Debates she’s not ready. If I were her I’d get out dang race.


  • Michelle

    Oh my God, the comments on this one! Seriously, I don’t even know it I can say anything to rectify the butchery back and forth on the blog. I think it’s sad, but not surprising that Obama can’t say things that just about EVERYONE in this country has a right to say.

    Typical old white lady = walking down the street, black guy approaching, she clutches her purse. Harsh, but in a general sense, true. Go ahead, deny it, but if you did a social experiment of 50 elerly white women walking down an inner city street and send 50 black men to cross paths, tell me if a mojority of purses weren’t clutched.

    The Irish comment? He was just having fun, and since when did anyone respect the Irish considering what a mockery we’ve made of their holiday anyway. NOT trying to be offensive, but if it were my holiday I don’t think I’d like a bunch of people pretending to be Irish for a day and getting wasted off of green beer.

    And DEM 08: I find it commendable that you apoligized about some of your comments that may have been offensive: it takes a smart person to recognize thier own mistakes and considering some of your posts I had my doubts about you (wink). I understand you are passionate, but to some degree I feel you base a lot of your opinions just on your passion. I feel if you took the time to look past race and such, you could see Obama for a candidate that is worth representing the Democratic party. I’ll consider Hillary as a backup choice, and I hope all her supporters give Obama the same consdieration. After all, we don’t want the Republicans to win again.

  • Raymond

    Let’s get back to the REAL issue here: Barack Obama said his racist grandmother is a “typical white person”. That’s a problem folks- a HUGE problem.

    If I am the only person who has a problem with a.) Obama saying racist and generalized things like that and b.) the media giving him a FREE RIDE while he does it, than maybe I need to find a new country to live in.

    This man can do and say whatever he pleases because he makes a few “inspiring” speeches and people cream their pants. This country is sooooo screwed. You better pray that Hillary gets the nomination.

  • Marcus

    Looks like you may have to find a new country to live in Raymond. Every American with a a heart and a brain knew exactly what Obama meant by those words. Furthermore, 99 per cent of Americans realize John McCain’s “gook” comments were not as they seemed.

    Finally, Bill Clinton painting Obama as the black candidate by comparing Obama’s South Carolina primiary victory to Jesse Jackson’s, wasn’t all that racist either.

    This says many great things about America. First and foremost, Americans are a warm and forgiving people. Secondly, Americans realize self annointing themselves as morality overlords is the ultimate in hypocrisy. Judging another citizen – even politicos – based on standards Americans would never apply to themselves is a trade most American just don’t deal in.

    It appears you have some logistical problems to mete out. Better get on it, though I’m sure you won’t have any problems finding a country where McCarthy style politics and blacklists rule the day.

    Good luck on your move.

  • Sunshine

    NEWS FLASH!!! Every race has prejudice people. And if you think not then you’re just stupid.

  • patrick


    white people pull the race card? I know i haven’t, then again im not the “typical white person”. As for Obama not asking for the “issue”, he did ask for the issue when he made racist statements and joined a racist church. Have you been to Obama’s church? you say people can’t know that it’s bad from one video, yet i haven’t seen any positive videos out yet. If they are such an innocent congregation why not rush to save your name. Obama claims he can unite this country, yet all i see is his words and actions causing a major divide. And as for my family and friends using the “n” word, i have heard more black people utter the “n” word via everyday life situations or movies/music than anybody i know and that is a fact. The truth is nobodody should use that horrible word white or black. And yes people i know have used that word many times, however, they are not running for office. And for the record as for me not denouncing Mccain’s comment if you read my 2nd statement, i basically said it’s not ok for any canidate to utter racial slurs. Just because your were not offended by Obamas comment does’nt mean i can’t be. So i’m calling for Obama to do the right thing and step down. In my opinion there is plenty of room in this country for a black president but absoulutley no room for a racist one, black or white.

  • patrick


    your statements prove my point there is a double standard going on. Obama makes the typical white woman comment and its the truth he offends the irish and he is just having fun, yet don imus makes a comment during a comedy routine and the country wants his head on a platter( for the record i thought what he said was wrong too). You tell me how that is fair and dont pull the one comment is more offensive than the other thing because they all hurt and offended someonbody. Everybody knows that there are things that even if you think them you shouldnt say, and with that goes the knowledge that if you slip and say those things(mr imus) your will have to pay a price. im simply saying mr obama should have to pay just like the rest of us

  • Babs

    I have to wonder if Condoleesa Rice was the one running whether these race issues would have been such a factor. I don’t think they would have. I don’t think that it’s a problem because a black man is running, I think it’s a problem because of the particular black man that’s running. Just my .02.

  • Marcus

    To Patrick.

    This is a direct quote from you. “…he did ask for the issue when he made racist statements and joined a racist church.”

    I highlight this passage for a solid reason, as a shining example of the crude logic pervasive in modern American political discourse.

    You make three gross errors. Let’s go over them. The first assumes this “issue” is befitting of serious analysis, which it is not.

    The second mistake claims the candidate made “racist” statement(s). The obvious accusation here has Obama attached to a lengthy history of uttering “racist” statements. No evidence or substantiation provided, only a fanatical reliance on the mere act of making the claim.

    Indeed, the claim that Obama has a repetitive history of making racist statements remains more a figment of Patrick’s imagination, than actual fact.

    The third claim is eye-opening for it’s brazen stupidity and false logic. This bizarre scenario has Obama a member of a “racist” Church – yet another claim with no evidence presented by patrick.

    Look it up yourselves. This Church has helped countless of people of all colours and all Americans. It has recieved accolades from many presitigous religous organizations as acknowledgement for outstanding achievement helping poverty stricken American communities.

    Patrick asks the impossible. The behaviour he seeks and expects of us all is akin to soldier resigning his or her U.S. military commission because of the Tuskagee experiments. Or renounce our American citizenship because Washington, at one time, officially measured Christian African American citizens three quarters that of a white man.

    Should I turn my back on the great congregation of people we call Americans? Should I walk out of this great Church we name America? Afterall, according to patrick, we should know it’s a racist country that for most if it’s very existence employed racist policies.

    Who will join Patrick and simply walk out on this land?

    In the end, what you’re asking us to do requires labeling, false outrage, laziness and a fierce neglect to the complexities and subtilties that shape or have shaped American society.

    My approach is to engage everyone in my community like adults. Patrick, on the other hand, approaches all of you like the village idiots.

  • patrick

    To Marcus,

    So you are saying that Rev Wrights church is really good and that the day in question was the first time in the past 20 years that anything along those lines were said, and that it just so happens that they were unlucky enough to have had someone there with video. Thats a real stretch, and you and the rest of Amercia know it. How come you didnt quote my comment that states “its not ok for any canidate to utter racist slurs”. Why? because it derails your whole argument. You cant honestly sit there and think that if the tables were turned it would be ok. I have a strong feeling you would be leading that witch hunt to bring down any “other” canidates campaign if such a thing were to happen. You call my logic stupid, yet you are the one arguing that its ok for a presidential canidate to make offensive remarks. You claim it is being blown out of proportion by people who just dont want Obama to win for other reasons, but let me remind you, that it was Obama who provided the amunition. For the record i am not a big Mccain supporter. I acctually liked Obama for a period of time, untill i began to see the real person. And i made that decision not based on political smoke and mirrors but on real facts. You say you speak to real adults, well real adults know that there are consequences for undesirable actions. So i say that Obama should step down, not because i am a racist, because he is.

  • Marcus

    To patrick.

    Conceiving four lies in your head and brazenly attributing them to me does not make it so. Let’s recap the four claims.

    Faleshood #1

    “So you are saying that Rev Wrights church is really good and that the day in question was the first time in the past 20 years that anything along those lines were said,”

    Falsehood #2

    “You cant honestly sit there and think that if the tables were turned it would be ok”

    Falsehood #3

    “yet you are the one arguing that its ok for a presidential canidate to make offensive remarks.”

    Falsehood #4

    “You claim it is being blown out of proportion by people who just dont want Obama to win for other reasons”

    The truth of the matter is I never uttered any of these words, nor proposed any of the four claims you think I did. In short, you are either a lying and deceptive adult, or an imaginative teen who spends his time daydreaming of scenarios which never occurred.

    Prove I made any of the claims you think I did quoting me directly, or save your shame by shutting the hell up.

  • patrick


    i wasnt saying they were direct quotes but your pathetic argument so far has been supporting those statements. Here is a direct quote”anyone thinking the church Obama attends preaches anti-whit gospels is an idiot, a phony and a hypocrite” which in a sense means you are saying the church is good and that the video was a fluke.(false#1). And you cant honestly sit there and say that it would be ok if the tables were turned because it would not be.(false#2) You havent once said it was wrong of Obama to make that remark(falsehood 3)if you are in fact not arguing that it was ok for him to make those remarks what it is your trying to say? Your arguemnt is week and you never actually respond to the issues at hand. So again i call for Obama to step down for his statements and his actions because that would be what anyone else would have to do.

  • Michelle

    I think it’s cute how passionate people get on this site, even if some of the statements I don’t agree with.

    On the real, I wasn’t offended by Wright’s words, and I’m a 21 year old white female. Then again, I have been offended in my younger years by the black/white divide we often face in this country. I really feel that the only way to qwell this double standard of racism is not to feed into it, which I think Obama has done. If you do feed into it, that gives validity to what was said.

    Do I think people are resentful of the way our country operates (“God damn America”)?


    Do I think that Hillary, although she is a woman, is a little more succeptable to acceptance as possible president than Obama in the eyes of white voters (especially in the South)?


    Do I care?


    Say what you will about it, but I’m above letting my feelings get hurt by someone’s words. It doesn’t hinder my life in any way unless I let it.

  • J

    A reverend and a priest – both anti-white racists, and now this?

    Had the races been reversed, a white man with two anti-black racist pastors, there would be ZERO tolerance.


  • Barbara

    I listened. I don’t get what people are making a big deal about. I guess I’m just not sophisticated. I hear a guy being candid and pretty honest about the realities of being a racially mixed child raised by anglo guardians in the less than tolerant climate of the U.S.; especially in the mid to late 20th century. I understand what he saying. I think he is exactly on the mark. I have a dad who isn’t speaking to me right now because I’m voting for a “N!!!er. I worked hard to raise my children in a climate of tolerance and diversity, with their eyes open and brains engaged. I hope all this racial crap will gradually fade, because frankly, it is B.S. In the foxhole, everybody is in it together. It isn’t about esoterica, it’s about whos got your back, and do we have enough ammo. When the going gets tough, you get to the bottom line; being American is first. I don’t give a rat’s behind about the DNA. If you are good for my country, you are good for me.