GOP Sees Wright as Path to Defeating Obama

Apparently the Republican Party has been waiting in the wings and watching the turmoil Obama has been through this week with the race issue and Jeremiah Wright.

The report coming from The Politico:

For months, Republican party officials have watched with increasing trepidation as Barack Obama has shattered fundraising records, packed arena after arena with shrieking fans and pulled in significant Republican and independent votes.

Now, with the emergence of the notorious video showing the Rev. Jeremiah Wright damning the country, criticizing Israel, faulting U.S. policy for the Sept. 11 attacks and generally lashing out against white America, GOP strategists believe they’ve finally found an antidote to Obamamania.

In their view, the inflammatory sermons by Obama’s pastor offer the party a pathway to victory if Obama emerges as the Democratic nominee. Not only will the video clips enable some elements of the party to define him as unpatriotic, they will also serve as a powerful motivating force for the conservative base.

In fact, the video trove has convinced some that, after months of praying for Hillary Clinton and the automatic enmity which she arouses, that they may actually have easier prey.

“For the first time, some Republicans are rethinking Hillary as their first choice,” said Alex Castellanos, a veteran media consultant who recently worked for Mitt Romney’s campaign.

I’m not so sure this is the best strategy. Reason being that the Democrats will come back and lump in people like Pat Robertson with McCain and the Republicans. Eventually people will look at it to a point and say that you can’t hold someone accountable for what someone else says. Plus, the media may end up playing it as the Republicans playing the race card which falls into the liberal stereotype.

Here’s a video report from CBS on Obama’s electability and whether it’s been affected by this controversy:

I can’t see McCain actually going down this road either.

  • Babs

    I’ve said for months now that the real breakdown of the Democratic Party will come in spite of who the nominee is, and this news report bears that out. In years past, you many have had a favorite, but voted for whoever the nominee was to support the party. This election, voters will not do that. If you love Clinton, you hate Obama and vice versa. It’s harder this year to accept that if your candidate doesn’t get the nod you’ll support the other. I think that’s why we’re hearing so many times statements like “if he/she gets the nomination, I’ll vote for McCain”.

  • Dem ’08

    I am not voting for McCain or Obama. More Bush or a racist as a president is not a good thing. It’s hillary or whoever adds their name to the list.

  • rob

    as a lifetime democrat, who even bulked and voted for kerry in 04, i will not be voting for obama, should he be the nominee. its either Clinton or god forbid mcain. never obama. This man obama will bring shame to our country.

  • It makes me laugh that there are people who say that Obama will bring shame to this nation, while in the same breath saying they’d vote for Billary. I’m splitting a gut laughing! While I do agree that Obama would bring shame to our nation, I also know that Hillary would utterly humiliate this nation. I’m not particularly keen on McCain, but he is by far the ONLY choice we have for president in these dangerous times. Let us hope the recent circus brought about by the dems will keep both of them out of our White House.

  • Vern

    You should feel lucky to have had a president like Bush. You see how the dems are freaking out about China and Tibet? That’s the same thing they did about Iraq until Bush did something about it, then all they do is cry. You can’t have it both ways. Either we put an end to tyranny or we allow it to continue. What the heck do you want us to do, dems? Wake up, you morons. This is why we can’t have a dem as president. They are all arm chair quarterback whiners. They sit back and wait till it’s too late. We need a tough president like Bush. McCain will have to do for the next four years. Keep fighting amongst yourself, dems. Keep tearing your party apart. It’ll make it that much easier to get a president in power with juevos!