Video: McCain’s Recent Gaffe

While in Amman, Jordan Senator McCain mistakenly called Iranian extremists part of Al Qaeda. This blunder also highlights an interesting relationship developing between John McCain and Independent Senator Joe Lieberman.

  • Jeff Edwards

    Lieberman certainly won’t be his V.P. as that would make the conservative base go nuts but it looks probable that McCain would make Lieberman his Secretary of State.

    The fact Liberman has accompanied McCain to the Middle East seems to suggest he is being groomed for a Secretary of State position.

  • Babs

    McCain has kept his thoughts on running mates cloaked in absolute mystery, and doesn’t that just make it so much fun to speculate. I’m betting that before an announcement is made bookies in Vegas will taking odds on the winner! *L*

  • This is not the 1st, 2nd, 3d or 20th time that Mac has misspoken on important issues… I respect McCain immensely as an American and a national hero, but maybe there is something to the fact that he may just be a bit to old for the job of the President. You gotta have a pretty keen and sharp mind at all times to preform the job, and though I have no doubts as to McCains intelligence and intellect, but I do think that he maybe suffering from just a bit of natural mental slippage that would naturally accompany a man at such an age. Look at Bush, or Clinton when they came to office: brown hair, youthful… 8 years later they look like Moses coming down from the mountain. I think an important factor when thinking about a McCain Presidency… how many 72 year old’s do y’all know who have the stamina physically and mentally to preform on of the most demanding jobs in the world?

  • Liz

    I suspect Lieberman is being sent along with McCain to whisper in his ear and keep him from looking like the befuddled old man he is. I’m sure it’s not lost on Lieberman that if he’s chosen as Vice President and the Republican ticket wins, he might very well skate right into the Big Chair. It wasn’t lost on Romney, that’s for sure.

    Do the Republicans have to put up someone of limited intellect and capability and then have a puppetmaster in second place?

    Well, heck, I guess it’s worked several times before, but still.

  • Babs

    how many 72 year old’s do y’all know who have the stamina physically and mentally to preform on of the most demanding jobs in the world?

    Well, you asked:)

    At the end of his presidency in 1988, Ronald Reagan (born February 6, 1911) was the oldest man ever to hold the office of the President of the United States. He was the oldest man elected, at the age of 69 (and 349 days) when he was elected to his first term, and ended his presidency a few months before his 78th birthday.

    Ronald Reagan is also the only divorced person to have been elected.

  • Babs good point, and I think that Reagan was a fine Presidnt, but at the time he left office he was suffering visibly from Alzheimer’s, and how many times did he utter the phrase in 87 and 88: “You know I can’t really recall that situation… just a thought…

  • Babs

    Another good point, Bennett, but gosh, aren’t we finding that the younger ones in the race also can’t seem to keep what they say straight from day to day? *L* At any rate, my Mom is 90 and suffers from early stages of Alzheimers, but was clear as a bell when she 85. And my Dad was extremely sharp minded – and still doing physical labor – when he was stricken with cancer and died at 79. So I don’t think we can stereotype a person because of their age, as natural as it would seem to do that. I mean look at George Burns, he was 100 years old and still sane. =) I think it all depends on the individual, don’t you?

  • Michael

    The issue of age is important for voters when it comes to the vice presidential nomination. Regardless of the Reagan example, McCain would be the oldest person elected to the U.S presidency, and with his previous problems with health (such as previous stroke, cancer, etc.) raise a very substantial concern over him completing his first term, let alone doing a successive one.

    Age expectancy is individual (and determined by social conditions and genetics). Right now McCain’s social conditions and recent health problems spells a significant concern, and if moderates see a very conservative VP for McCain, that could be an importance factor to consider.

  • Michelle

    I think it’s so peculiar how McCain can make a political blunder with his words time and time again and eveyone justs shrugs it off, but Obama gets condemned for the words of those around him to the degree that he is considered unelectable.

  • Babs

    It’s not peculiar at all, misspeaking and lying are two different things.