Video: Clinton’s Response to Obama’s Race Speech

Here is Hillary Clinton’s initial response to Barack Obama’s recent Philadelphia speech on race. She has not viewed or read his full speech and so most of her comments are a general and careful overview of how she would like the two campaigns to interact in regards to race and gender.

There is surely more to come from both her and John McCain.

  • She can’t extend to much praise to Obama for his excellent speech or else she looks as if she is caving in even more than she already has. Folks this is what it looks like when you have a true leader come onto the scene, all the charlatans and politicians cant help but to look up and admire… This is why Obama is going to be our next President though, he is looking to lead us to a higher ground of politics and governance that politicians and pundits alike cant seem to wrap there mind around yet, (they label it as just vague calls for change but they fail to see the real and essential change Obama is constantly speaking of and calling for from all of us…), an Officer I served under in the Navy once told me that “Leaders always look up in the best and worst of times..”

  • RD

    It’s always admirable to see a politician, any politician, truly give of himself and speak from the heart. I really do believe Obama is sincere, and I’ve never been able to say that about any politician in my lifetime (and I’m in my mid-40s).

  • Obama gave a great speech but did not solve the problem and I don’t think there is anything he can do to erase it. The bottom line is that the “Candidate for Change” refused to challenge the “divisive” remarks made by his pastor to try to effect some positive change within his own church. He never even had a conversation about politics with Wright but instead sat by for 20 years while this man spread rhetoric that now Obama says was wrong. Obama is great about talking about change but he does not have the courage to do what is necessary to make it happen. He had many opportunities over 20 years and chose not to take them.
    Obama couldn’t run on “experience” because he doesn’t have any. So he ran on “Good Judgement” which he has shown he doesn’t have. Finally, he showed how poorly he can handle a crisis, by first stammering, then lying about knowning, then by trying to defend and the finally trying to divert!, This is not Presidential material
    Obama is going to have a real tough time talking about JUDGEMENT from now on.