Michigan Revote “Likely Won’t Happen”

This is according to Michigan state Senate Democrats who say there aren’t enough votes in the state legislature to actually approve the revote, which is the governing body that must authorize such a thing.

Here’s the report on it from WWJ.com:

Lansing (WWJ) — It’s appearing more and more likely there will not be a re-do of the Democratic presidential primary election. WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick reports state Senate Democrats came out of a closed door meeting Tuesday morning and said there are not enough votes to approve a re-do.

Legislative approval is necessary for a re-vote to happen.

Speaking live on WWJ, Skubick said it would take a “miracle” to have the re-do approved, but he added it’s still possible.

There has been no comment from the Michigan Democratic Party. A spokesman said they are waiting to see what the legislature does.

Legislative leaders reviewed a measure Monday that would set up a do-over primary in Michigan.

The draft legislation included language that would approve spending privately raised funds for the election and setting the date for June 3.

So Michigan could be off the table entirely just as it appeared they may be close to an agreement. It’s not officially dead yet and a new primary could still happen, it’s just looking more unlikely now. This may be bad news for Clinton who may have been hoping to pick up delegates from a Michigan win.

We’ll report as the story develops with more updates.

  • Curtis

    In Michigan, Obama voluntarily withdrew his name from the primary ballot to curry favor with Iowa. He was under no obligation to do so. However, his supporters organized a substantial vote for ‘uncommitted’ on the ballot, thus he is represented in the delegation. Hillary Clinton obeyed all the rules in Florida and Michigan and came out ahead. She had no intrinsic advantage over her opponents other than the will of the voters. The voters of Florida and Michigan should be heard and the delegates from Florida and Michigan should count.

  • Dem ’08

    No doubt the voters of Florida and Michigan should have a voice. The delegates should count. No revote, no mail in stuff. They voted once, be done with it and count them. If any of the people in those states did not vote then I say don’t be so lazy. Get up and vote if you want to be heard!
    Obama people don’t want them to count because Clinton won both states. Oh yea, it don’t benefit Obama so lets ignore these people….sounds about right coming from Obama people. Sick!

  • Jan

    I’m so sick of all of this. The people in Florida and Michigan were told their vote wouldn’t count, so a lot of them didn’t vote. DUH. Their states screwed up, the people should be mad at the legislatures, and Hillary is showing yet another side of her being crooked and underhanded trying to takes something that doesn’t belong to her. She might as well give it up. She too is screwed. By the way, where is her flag pin on her lapel???

  • IndiMinded

    The DNC announced rules to the candidates, held them to certain restrictions, and told them “this is how it’s going to be”. Obviously, this is probably not going to be going it’s really going to play out, unless the democratic party wants to disenfranchise a lot of voters.

    But seriously, just counting all the votes and seating the delegates as if it was business as usual? We could examine if this method would favor one candidate over the other – and find in both states that it likely would do so. Especially in Michigan where one candidate wasn’t on the ballot.

    So this may not disenfranchise the voters that actually went out and voted, despite being told that it was a meaningless act – though it would still leave those who stayed home, believing that it their vote would not be counted, to stay home again if they feel that bitter about it when the time comes.

    But it wouldn’t be a fair method of seating the delegates, that much should be pretty obvious to anyone who’s willing to turn an unbiased eye to the situation. On the other hand, I think people will be hard pressed to find such a method at this point.

  • Dem ’08

    LOL, You people seem as though you have no idea what the name of the game is. This is politics! The rules always change. If people did not vote then it is their own fault. You can not tell the people of a whole damn state “hey you don’t get a say in what happens” this is America people! Everybody should have a say. For those to stupid to realize “hey maybe I should get off my lazy behind and make my voice heard anyway,” I hate it. Just because you were to lazy don’t mean you can keep those who did vote quiet. Count the votes or start a fight in your state I say. If you have to cheat the people who want to vote to get Obama elected then I will speak up about it like any AMERICAN should!

  • IndiMinded

    I certainly don’t advocate cheating a single voter.
    But the notion that seating the delegates as the votes were cast is an accurate reflection of the people’s will seems obviously untrue to me, and so it also seems like a poor solution to a the problem. I’m not saying I have a better one, it seems to me that a revote really needs to happen somehow.