Clinton, Obama Trade Barbs Over Iraq

Hillary Clinton, speaking with a lovely Irish-themed scarf this St. Patrick’s Day, took on Obama over the Iraq war and the two traded barbs in the media throughout the day. Obama responded as well.

Here’s the video report on it all from ABC News:

I can sum up the argument for you. Obama says Clinton has bad judgment, voted for the Iraq war, therefore she can’t lead. Clinton argues that Obama “gave a speech” and has no experience to make “change” happen. They both claim McCain wants a “100 year war” and is a third term of Bush on the Iraq issue.

Democrats can decide which one to believe.

  • Dem ’08

    Bad as I hate to say it….Gotta hand this one to Obama. “It’s not enough to stand up 5 years later in the heat of a campaign and say your ready on day one, you have to be right on day one”. Clinton has to find ways to put herself on the positive side of comments like these or she has no chance.
    I think she would be a better president but this guy with no experiance knew enough to say no to the war 5 years ago. I can’t really say she did wrong because I don’t know what information the leaders were given but…
    Now she should make it clear why she voted for the war. And we need to know why Obama did not vote for the war so that we can better understand their decisions.
    I don’t like it but this is a blow to the chin for Clinton. She better come up swinging with new stuff that works. I am not an Obama fan but I try to be fair. Obama gets the points today!

  • Babs

    Do I recall correctly that while Obama says he was against the war when Clinton voted for it, he actually did not vote at all as he was not in the senate at the time? I think it’s pretty easy to say you were against it if it’s convenient to your campaign today, when no one can prove otherwise by a vote you didn’t cast back then. All we have is Obama’s word, and the credibility of his word is not worth much. But you’re right, Clinton will lose on this argument because Obama’s stance can’t be proven one way or another at the time of the vote, and hers is on record.

  • IndiMinded

    I was against the war back then too, but don’t ask me to prove it to you by showing you a senate voting record. Afraid I couldn’t meet your gold standard there either – pretty sure Clinton voted for it though. I’m pretty sure she did, and she doesn’t think it was a mistake.

  • Babs

    That’s what I mean, IndiMinded. This is one of those points that are really moot because there is no proof of how Obama would have voted one way or the other. Cinton needs to move on here, she’s beating a dead horse trying to prove something where proof doesn’t exist.

  • Curtis

    I thought Hillary gave a great speech outlining new proposals building on her three-part plan to end the war responsibly.


  • Frank

    Babs, Obama gave a speech in 2002 in wich he opposed the war. His opinion on the matter is therefore documented.

  • Cher

    We need a Commander-in-Chief who is both committed to ending this war and who has the strength, experience, and leadership to do it the right way. Hillary Clinton is that candidate.

  • Raymond

    As usual the mainstream media has spent more time focusing on Obama’s time at the podium than Senator Clinton’s point of view. While Senator Clinton is a polished speaker who says more with less dressing if you will, it is still upsetting to me to witness the majority of this video being devoted to Obama’s presentation of himself. This is the kind of obvious one sided garbage that the press is running.

    There is NO DOUBT in my mind that the press would like to see Senator Clinton out of this race. The media is OBSESSED with Barack Obama and will do everything in their power to subtlety guide the American publics view on this election into his corner. By allowing Obama more speaking time on this video ( speaking time in which he used to undermine Senator Clinton and attack her ), the media has ensured that Obama’s message has reached you. While Senator Clinton’s brief appearance was lost in the ongoing blather of the Freshman Senator with only one year of national experience. And let’s not go into how little even THAT experience is!

    I hope that others will start getting in-tune with the obvious love affair that is being conducted between the press and Barack Obama. No matter what your opinion of Senator Clinton is, it is unfair that any candidate should be scrutinized so much and while another’s record ( or lack thereof ) remains void of inquiry. It is unfair that one candidate gets a statistically proven amount of favorable press coverage, while another is picked apart because she is viewed as the “establishment candidate”.

    The media has decided that Obama is their new golden boy and they are doing everything in their power to shift this election in his favor and therefor make some form of historical moment that they in turn can define. The suits at ABC, CNN, and MSNBC are trying to start a grass roots revolution via Obama. Ironic, isn’t it?

  • Babs

    Frank, I stand corrected. A public and published speech is indeed documentation. Let her rip, Hillary.

  • IndiMinded

    Raymond, with all due respect, barring a coup of the superdelegates or a MASSIVE change in the hearts of voters – neither of which have we any reason to expect – Senator Clinton is more or less out of the race. I’m surprised the term “mathematical impossibility” hasn’t begun floating around yet.

    Of course the media is more focused on Obama. They ought to be.