Video: McCain Can Just Keep Taking His Sweet Time

A CBS News video report looking at the possibility of the Democratic race continuing to play out well after the primaries and caucus are over and what it means for McCain. Essentially he’s got time to raise money and build support, both of which he needs to do desperately. He started by skipping town to Iraq over the weekend.

Here’s the report:

Basically the danger for the Dems is that while Obama and Clinton keep badgering each other, McCain continues presenting himself as “Presidential” by appearing to be above the fray at this point. Everything he does now will be done as the Republican nominee. Therefore, it holds more weight and he’ll get plenty of positive media coverage because he’s not taking much criticism from either Obama or Clinton since their locked battling each other.

This could be the window of time McCain needs to raise cash and get on a more equal footing with his Democratic opponent.

  • Babs

    Nate, I follow your concept that McCain needs to be campaigning, but skipping town to Iraq? How many American soldiers that vote are in Iraq? I don’t see Hillary or Obama going after those votes, why not McCain? =)

  • McCain08

    You raise some good poitns about money and other things but McCain is very smart to go to Iraq now. He is there so he can prove to everyone he is right about all the thigns he has said and to show the nation he cares about the soldiers unlike Hillary and Obama who have never gone there to actually see how much better it is than what they talk about.

  • IndiMinded

    Gotta give it to the man, it’s a balsy place to go campaigning. I’ll bet he doesn’t try for a merry platoon-backed stroll down the street to demonstrate the area’s safety again, though. I don’t think it reassured people last time.

    Seems like his campaign is going to rest on convincing everyone that “staying the course” is the way to go, and if he’s going to visit now’s probably the best time. So it seems like a good idea to me – I hear opinion polls show people are becoming increasingly convinced that we’re winning.

    I’m not convinced – seems like everyone who believes this is going well is focused on winning a military victory, when the goals we need to focus on are political and nowhere within sight – but I’d really like to be convinced, so I guess I’m glad he’s still working to do so. Can’t fault him for lack of commitment.