Video: Chris Wallace Starts The “Obama Watch”

Not sure if this is just an effort to embarrass the senator or if Wallace truly believes this will get him on the show. Perhaps he smells blood in the water after the Wright controversy and is trying to pile on.


This isn’t news but it does speak to the way some media outlets have changed their stance toward Obama. Wallace seems to think he can call him on the carpet over this.

I’m sure some of you will have choice words for Wallace and some will support his effort.

  • Michael 1

    Haha, love the ’24’-themed clock.

  • Jared

    Obama and fox news has had a bad relationship together after the madrassa incident that fox news ignited.
    You can view this as Obamas way of telling fox to get their act together or that he can’t handle tough questions, like the video would like you to believe.
    Personally, I don’t care for fox news. So the fact that Obama has deadlocked communications with fox has no bearing on me.

  • Dem ’08

    Just a good example to those who say Obama is different and can bring about change. Obama is avoiding the show because he know that they will ask him questions that he don’t want to answer. He is playing the same old game here just like the others. If he was any different he would face them and prove he has nothing to hide. He may come out now that they called him out but it’s to late. We know he is a fake and I am just sorry that so many people who never paid any attention to this stuff before just now decided to get involved. There are way to many people who are just jumping on the wagon and not really up to speed about what is going on.

  • Jessica

    That’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen!

  • Paul

    I would like to see a real story on Obama pastor that more than 30 seconds long. It would seem Obama is side stepping fox and many hard question. One thing about Clinton she has never been scared to mix it up. First Obama does not wear a flag and know a man he has know for 20 years seems to hate American. I believe most American would like to hear Obama and his pastor side of the story and more than just 30 seconds. NEWS FLASH !!!
    choosing a president we should give more than 30 seconds bites.

  • David

    First, Obama has spoken about the pastor in many speeches recently denouncing and rejecting his comments. He recognizes the pastor has always been controversial. Additionally, Fox news has a history of bringing up incorrect facts and stories regarding his past. Fox news puts focus on his middle name, a flag on a lapel, and a school he went to as a child.

    Regarding the lapel pin: He wore one at one point but realized everyone in Washington wearing the pin were the ones taking bribes, sending men and women to die in a senseless war, and in his opinion doing things that underminded America. He decided that showing his patriotism through his actions would be better than wearing a pin and showing nothing.

  • Babs

    Paul, I applaud you for wanting more than a 30 second sound bite on Jeremiah Wright. Mr. Wright, according to his “talking points” section on the Trinity Church’s website practices Black Liberation Theology. I googled it (don’t we always), and found an interesting article on the study of the religon. It wasn’t what I expected, but it was eye opening.

  • In Respones to Paul and Babs, I would too like to see a story of good substance, more than 30 seconds long, on any of these candidates, it would help in creating a more informed electorate. They have all have had the spotlight shined upon them here and there, but truthfully I dont really see the media as that onesided in its coverage,.. they all get little 30 second soundbite spots, they all have had scandal coverage (Look at what is happening now to Obama because of the ties to his pastor, he has been asked repeatedly about this since the story broke and has not dodged the questions as far as I can tell). The coverage and scrutiny Obama is getting from the media is fair and I think also in proportion to that which McCain recieved with New York Times poorly put together article on his relationship to lobbyists. They are both legitmate stories, and both candidates have opended up and answered questions. Each candidates time for serious scrutiny will come if they contiue on.
    As for this FOXnews mumbo: I think we all know FOX is a bit hostile to the Dem’s. In Obama’s case, I would be still a bit miffed at some of the junk stories they have ran on him. That being said, Obama the Uniter, if he is gonna practice what he preaches, should go on FOXnews sunday… I think he is an effective enough communicator to handle the questions that will be raised by that crowd. I think it is stupid, rather low brow and cheesy for Chris Wallace to goad Obama into coming on the show in this manner, but that is what I expect from the FOXnews: lots of drama, cheesiness bells and whistles, and extreme sounds and graphics to wow the audience visually instead of intellectually. Adios.