Obama’s Pennsylvania Plan: Convert Republicans and Independents

Pennsylvania, unlike many others, has a closed primary system. This means that only registered Democrats can vote in the Democratic Primary and only registered Republicans can vote in their respective primary. Since Obama has taken a good portion of independents the last few times around, he’s working to encourage independents and Republicans to re-register to support him on April 22nd.

Story from The Politico:

FAIRLESS HILLS, Pa. — Nearly a month before voters go to the polls, Sen. Barack Obama will get an early clue about his chances against Pennsylvania’s prohibitive favorite, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In the days after the March 24 voter registration deadline, state election officials will release figures that measure the almost singular focus of Obama’s field operation until then: political conversions.

Obama is attempting to crack open Pennsylvania’s closed party primary, initiating a program to flip the registrations of independent and Republican voters to Democrat.

The Pennsylvania strategy is aimed at giving Obama a head start by expanding the rolls by tens of thousands of voters ahead of the April 22 election. The final tabulations from the Department of State could offer the first tangible indications of whether Obama can catch Clinton in a state where she holds the advantage.

Honestly that’s probably his best chance at taking Pennsylvania. The makeup is similar to Ohio where Clinton did well and she’s somewhat expected to repeat in Pennsylvania as well.

He’ll probably have some success as well given that there really isn’t a draw for the Republican primary. You may have some switch over just to vote against Hillary Clinton. Or, if Rush Limbaugh becomes an aspect of this, he’ll be encouraging people to go vote for Hillary Clinton to make sure he takes the win and sends the Democratic Party into a longer fight.

  • Babs

    This would not be the first time Obama used tactics like this to win a race. In his first bid as Legislature in 1996, he hired Thomas Johnson to challenge the nominating petitions of the 4 other candidates. They dug until all other petitions were thrown out, and he won the election unapposed. So much for ethical campaigning. If you can’t get it on your merits, get it any way you can.

  • Read for yourself



    SEN. BARACK OBAMA (D-IL), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, first of all, Anderson, you know, I strongly condemn the statements that have been shown on the tape.

    I have to confess that those are not statements that I ever heard when I was sitting in the pews at this church. This is a church that I have been a member of for 20 years. This is a well-established, typical, historically African-American church in the South Side of Chicago, with a wonderful set of ministries.

    OBAMA: And, as I said, Anderson, if I had heard any of those statements, I probably would have walked up, and I probably would have told Reverend Wright that they were wrong.

    But they were not statements that I heard when I was in church.

    COOPER: So, no one in the church ever said to you, man, last week, you missed this sermon; Reverend Wright said this; or…

    OBAMA: No.

    COOPER: I mean, I think I read in your books that you listened to tapes of Reverend Wright when you were at Harvard Law School.

    OBAMA: I did.

    COOPER: So, you had no idea?

    OBAMA: I understand.

    In his book from my father chapter 14 Obama speaks of heraing sermons where write spoke of heroshima Page 293 and also says he agrred with church blacl creed page page 284

    So why would I trust him now, I did once but cant now.

  • shannon

    I’m sure that you never did agree with him. This is a ruse, like most of these posts. Anyone intelligent to have supported Obama would not drop their support over this. I live in a “latte sipping” upper middle class White Neighborhood and I have not heard one supporter who thought less of Obama over this last Pastor ordeal. Quite the opposite actually. Everybody, and I mean no one has said anything less than what a class act Obama is to stand by his decision of 20 years and not throw this preacher under a bus, even at the expense of his campaign. That he had the most fluid and clear thinking on the issues of Iraq (backed by John Kerry), foreign affairs, domestic gridlock in Washington, D.C. which he has proven over the last 15 electiosn – 12 of which he won, that he is capable of crossing over that gridlock and reaching solutions. There isn’t a person in their right mind who would support Obama for the reasons anyone would support Obama and then change their allegience over this. Most of these anti-Obama posts and blogs are from the same people over and over. It doesn’t chance anything in reality – only the virtual, alternate universe “polling”.

  • Roy Sulyly

    So what, by listeninmg to a Sermon directed to the American government was a to be looke as Un Patrotic? You all are Jokers and Big Cynics. Having said that it is my believe that many of you will have a chnce to be more Rerasonable in the future.

    I have been in most Churches, where I had sleep off if I was disinterested to whatever the sermon of yhe was centered on, be it on Anything, I had even find my way if necssarily I need to go and Repent on my Dily sins and Not because of many distraction caused by any pastor a like.

    As such I do not believe whatever enjoyed at a sermon shall be my own Cup of Tea. My major concern shall be for my sins to be forgiven and God to hear my Futuric Goodies and bless my efforts. So One pastor saying what he feels and like ashall then be attributed to the Listeners, you must be a great Joker of all times.

    Vote and vote wisely, make sure your votes have got simplisti meaning and do not waste this on a Leader who is found of throwing Kitchen Sinks and now tending to bring thre Roof down on fellow Contender, having refuse to make public her Tax years Return to dates, That is more significant than attributing a pastor sermon on fellow listeners. Give me A sound break for EASTER MONDAY.