Videos: Obama Responds to Criticism on Wright

Obama was in the host seat last night appearing on several cable shows to answer some of the questions surrounding his denouncement and rejection of Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s statements

Here’s a few of the videos.

First, MSNBC:

Next, Obama was on Fox News:

Finally, Obama also appeared on CNN but I don’t have that one just yet. You can watch it direct from CNN here.

However, Obama also released a web statement to his supporters and detractors:

This is the first time I’ve seen his campaign in cleanup mode having to deal with a touchy story. They obviously felt the need to venture out into the world of cable news and take the questions on this topic.

  • Vote Dem08

    Lie, Lie, Lie. Obama knows the guy well. The whole church is racist and radical I say. Wake up people, Obama is not going to beat the republicans! Hillary is our only chance. The republicans know it, Do you?


    Obama is officially done. Im just scared now because many believe and say Cliinton will beat McCain, and that is something i cannot tolerate. McCain 08′

  • Vote Dem08

    LOL, be scared! Clinton ’08 Oh Yea, It’s coming! McCain is worse than Bush and the whole country knows it. McCain never had a chance against either Dem. Obama screwed himself so that just leaves the future to our only hope. Clinton ’08 OH YEA!

  • PrayforMore

    It’s funny how so many people think that Hillary is the Savior of this country. That woman is funded by some of the same companies that fund Bush. I refuse to vote for ANY candidate that will eventually OWE momey to these large industrial Corporations because when the time comes for payback, WE SUFFER. It happened with Bush and it’ll happen with Hillary. I was a Hillary supporter until then. I won’t be the fool again. Neither should you. OBAMA 08!!! And McCain?!?!? haha! ’nuff said
    The republicans know damn well he is one of the weakest Republican candidates in YEARS. So many republican have already confessed to voting for Obama for this very reason. Wake up people. read a newspaper or two.

    It’s a democratic president this next term. hate to tell you all.

  • Michael

    Sorry folks, but really this is just a hiccup in the Obama campaign. I suspect this will blow over in a matter of several weeks.

  • Clinton ’08

    Let’s see, Obama has done nothing, no experience, he is part of a church who believes the government sells drugs to blacks just so they can take them to jail. He can’t say he didn’t know about his minister buddy because he has been a member of the church for 20 years. He’s got nothing going for him except being black seems to be working for him. His dad is Muslem which will surly weigh against his decision making, he belongs to a radical church who preaches “God damn America” and now he lies about that. I remember when bill was in the house. No war, economy was rollin and we were better off than with any other president in recent history. Everybody wants to judge Bill for his personal business. His sex life is between him, his wife, and GOD people. Stop judging the man and claim to be christian at the same time! Hillary may not be magical but she is way better than a racist and an idiot Bush wanna be.

  • Hillary ’08

    Obama has no experiance, nothing going for him except being black and that seems to be the only qualification that some stupid democrat voters need. He is tied to a radical church who teaches that the government sells drugs to blacks just so they can put them in jail. And what about the “G D America” comment.
    Wake up and get off the wagon people before November because I am Democrat but I will not vote for a racist black idiot with a muslem dad and I am not alone. You seem to not understand but people will not put him in the white house. Rally and beat Hillary if you want to but you are giving it away to the Republicans in November if you don’t think now.
    Even the media is pushing Obama in your face. Even this web site does the same. The Republicans want Obama to win because they think they can beat him easier than Clinton.


    HEy michael it cant just blow over in a couple weeks if Hillary wins Penn Obama will be done and this type of stuff cant blow over Republicans like myself and JOHN MCCAIN wont let it happen especially if Obama wins the nomination i will make sure this crap comes up. IF he goes head to head versus McCain people will realize the main question of this election. WHO WILL KEEP MY COUNTRY SAFE, MY CHILDREN SAFE, AND MY HOUSE AND COUNTRY comPLETE? THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE!!!!!!


  • IndiMinded

    Seems pretty obvious that Republicans would rather run against Hillary – just ask Rush Limbaugh. He’s been driving them to cross over and vote for her. Perhaps with some success too, to see the exit polling from texas and ohio. Obama’s got his faults, and here we see one of them. But how big a deal is this crazy preacher really? These aren’t Obama’s words, or anything resembling the sentiments he’s expressed in his campaign.

    I’m really looking forward to hearing the “he’s only winning because he’s black” line repeated endlessly and without substantiation for the next few months by all the anti-Obamians out there. I’ll bet it never gets old.

  • Michael

    Clinton ’08: I cannot believe you actually tried to use the drug example as a means of ridiculing Obama’s campaign. You need to look more into our penal code, legal system, and racial discrimination figures before hauling out a comment like that.

    For instance, one gram of crack is equated with 100 grams of powder cocaine under the U.S legal system. This is already being addressed by Congress, because of how it directly penalizes and hurts lower-income and poor people more than wealthy, since crack is the cheaper substitute to powder cocaine. And as the U.S Census shows, African Americans are the only ethnic group in the last eighteen years to not experience an increase in financial stability. These two go hand in hand.

    I am not arguing that the U.S government is trying to sell crack to African Americans to put them in jail, but I am saying there are clear details that demonstrate the racial/class prejudice regarding drugs and penal time in the United States.

    Obama_Is_Done: Right now the issue is not Penn., since North Carolina is very heavily in Obama’s camp and has the second largest pledged delegate count. The issue is Michigan and Florida.

  • Don

    Obama will win. This will all blow over in some weeks time. Obama is better than Hillary for the country. But that is my humble opinion. Obama is the future.

    Obama ’08!

  • PrayforMore

    I agree with many of you out here about people trying to hard to push a good man out. I think the last thing we need to do it rely on Hillary because her HUSBAND did a good job. This is also a woman who said she voted for something but didn’t want it to pass. I’m sorry but thats a MAJOR strike right there. Who the hell does that? I have to say to all of you on here you SERIOUSLY hold Obama to what SOMEONE ELSE SAYS. Are you serious???? So I guess We should all hold judgement against each one of you for what your friends and family says? Seriously This is ridiculous. Im barely 27 and seem to have more sense then some of you 40 and 50 year olds out here. I guess when someone is doing so well, you really have to try HARD not to like them. haha… this is hilarious. Next we’ll hold Obama on what the grandfather of the clerk at the 711 that Obama drove by said.

    Seriously America. Let’s be ADULTS. There’s a reason the rest of the world laughs at us.

    And I swear, if ONE MORE PERSON says that (black people) or people in general are voting for Obama because he’s black, GIVE IT UP. How dare you insult the intelligence of black people or otherwise. Yes there are many who will for him for that (ridiculous) reason. But there are people who will vote for Hillary because she’s NOT black. So get over it. This is the very reason people WANT a change like Obama. To get past the underlying bigots in America. FINALLY we are voting as a country for a man because of his message and beliefs in the country and in the PEOPLE..AS A PEOPLE and someone has to do whatever it takes to keep us separated.

    …and you call yourselves “American”. Hilarious.

  • Dem ’08

    “Pray for more” How about changing your name to “pray for me” because you need help. You at 27 are a good example of how young punk kids who have never had to be the working provider of a family in this country are bringing us down. Obama is doing well only because BLACKS and young college kids are voting for him. Just like Obama you all (College kids) have no experience in life and it’s taking longer these days for you all to mature.
    Obama is getting over 90% of the black vote but no where near that in white vote. I guess you are saying that the blacks are the only ones who can understand what the country needs. GROW UP kid and then when you have some experience in life, come back and put your 2 cents in. Untill then jump in that SUV your parents bought for you and leave the decisions to the grown folks! Have a nice day.

  • John

    Hello from London.Yes we are laughing,because Obama is clearly the best way forward,but the old and the uneducated are dragging you back into doom and gloom,war and racism,McCain and Clinton.You are correct,it’s the young ones who seem to have the vision to break with the past.

    Sorry but the old ladies are just pissed because they wan’t a women in power,which I have no problem with except NOT HILLARY.

    The joke is she is a blatant liar and political oppertunist.

    And McCain just wants continued war?? I just don’t get get it?

  • Melvin

    I think if we want to co scandal for scandal Hillary has much more experience in corruption, bribery, and business partners in prison than Obama and McCain combined. The last thing we need is her in office.

  • Babs

    Melvin, you make a good point. And considering Obama hasn’t been on the scene long enough to equal her experience, but McCain has been around much longer, what does that tell you?

  • James Webber

    you people keep harping about experience, look at all the experience those in washington have now and look where this country is: in a rediculous war to fight terrorists, with no one sure WHO the terrorists are, an economy that gets worse everyday, millions without proper healthcare, millions who cant get off the government payroll because of the decline in jobs, a government with more people under indictment not doing their jobs and still getting paid for it. Obama has had to spend so much time reacting to inflammatory remarks from preachers who just “want to be on TV” he hasnt had time to reiderate the plan he has to help the american economy by re inventing energy and upstart the economy buy bringing back our manufacturing base. I think you should all look at what needs to be done.

  • Babs

    “you people keep harping about experience”

    I don’t think my surgeon’s nurse has enough experience to take out my appendix. The surgeon might not either, come to think of it, but the surgeon has a lot better shot at it than the nurse does.

  • Dreadsen
  • That’s a good point Deadsen, I’ll check it out.