Dates for the Obama/Clinton debates in April!

Alright, we’ve got some dates for the upcoming debates in April between Clinton and Obama. The first will be aired on ABC from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the second will be a few days later on CBS from North Carolina.

Here’s how they break down:

April 16, 2008 – Obama/Clinton debate on ABC from Philadelphia, PA
April 19, 2008 – Obama/Clinton debate on CBS from North Carolina

Here are the details from Washington Wire:

With more voting, comes more debates. Democratic presidential hopefuls Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama announced today that they have accepted invitations to two debates ahead of the next round of primaries.

Clinton sent a statement at 4:48 p.m. EDT announcing she had accepted an invitation from ABC to debate Obama in Philadelphia on April 16. The Obama campaign followed with a statement at 5:02 saying it had accepted that offer and another from CBS for a debate in North Carolina three days later on April 19. The Clinton campaign did not immediately return a call regarding its decision on the CBS debate.

Pennsylvania, with 158 delegates, and North Carolina, with 115 delegates, are the two biggest contests remaining. There are no more primaries scheduled before Pennsylvania votes on April 22. North Carolina follows that two weeks later with a primary on May 6.

We’ll have more details such as the exact times as soon as they become available. I’ll also post information on tickets if I find it. Leave comments if you have more information.

  • Robert Rickover

    If Clinton and Obama want to make sure one of them actually wins the election, they need to stop flinging dirt at each other. Here’s a simple way to do this:

    Both publicly pledge that if are nominated for President, the other candidate will be their first choice for the Vice Presidential spot.

    This immediately puts a stop to personal attacks, or calling their rival’s ability into question; you don’t disrespect the person you’ve chosen to be your second-in-command. The candidates can still debate the issues and clarify their differences, but the main focus of their anger and outrage can now be directed at the Bush-McCain policies of the past 8 years.

    This fall, Obama or Clinton will need to lead a unified party if they want to ensure victory. This requires the enthusiastic support of the other, and of the voters who voted for him or her in the primaries and caucuses,

    Obama-Clinton, Clinton-Obama – either “dream team” is McCain’s worst nightmare. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama can make that nightmare a reality for him now.

  • Calista

    Looking forward to seeing Hillary!

    I love her in the debates. It reinforces the reasons why I’m picking Hillary for President. =)

  • Don

    Hope Obama wins these debates as well. He presents himself just like a president should. He always gives clear answers, focussing on substance and not so much on character, and counters any attack.

  • IndiMinded

    Debate #21, I wonder what this episode’s going to be about.
    Will Obama further analyze Bill Clinton’s credibility as an african american?

    Will Hillary criticize Barack for doing something that she’s doing herself — right that second, like with that “Change you can Xerox” line?

    Will we finally find out who the “monster” is?
    Will they, at long last, talk about healthcare?

    Do you think when this is all over, they’ll release the whole season as a box set?

  • Hillary always seems to do regain the numbers after debates.

  • Guy

    Obama can win without hillary’s baggage, but hillary can’t win without Barack’s positive appeal. That is why she is tearing him down and doing the Devil’s work by Attacking his CHURCH! How Evil is Hillary! How Low to Attack a Man’s Church! I bet Hillary is responsible for the IRS investigating the Denomination. The IRS is investigating the Denomination Only because BARACK spoke at the National Denomination Meeting. However, he was invited Many Months before he announced his candidacy. The IRS only started investigating after Barack started beating Hillary Badly in the Elections.
    Those few Comments by the Pastor were taken out of context. Prophets have always pronounced damnation and Hellfire and Brimstone on Sinful Kings. King George Bush deserves to hear the prophets condemn his arrogance. Even Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. condemned the War in Vietnam in very strong language. Jerry Falwell and other Televangelists also came out after 9-11 and said America was Sinful and must repent. Why is that when a White Evangelical says a Disaster is a Judgement from God he is a Prophet, but when a BLACK Prophet says God Judged America somehow he is Racist? That is ridiculous. Everything Pastor Jeremiah Wright Said was True in the Ears of Black People. Hillary and White Racists don’t have a problem until Black People act as they do and speak thier mind about the RACIAL Issues facing this Country. If you can’t stand HONEST CRITICISM then don’t ask for the TRUTH. IF you CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH about American History and Hillary’s baggage and Jealousy of Barack’s Success then Don’t pretend that it is a problem with the Messenger, just remember you have a problem with the Message and of the Prophets that Quote the Bible and tell you that You MUST Love Your Neighbors (Your Black Neighbors if you would allow your Racist White Daughters to have Black Neighbors.) Hillary Didn’t grow Up Loving Black People. She was a Republican Girl. A GoldWater Girl. Yes, she Changed, but her old Racist Instincts have surfaced when Barack beat her fair and square so she has to destroy his message, destroy his Pastor and Destroy his Church and Bring the IRS to Destroy the Denomination so she can win what her Racist Mind thinks she is entitled to have that even other White Folks Reject. Race is still an issue, but even more so when Black People are Winning. (Tiger Woods, OJ, you name it. If they were white you wouldn’t have any problems with thier winning).

  • Binky

    Hillary and Obama should just join forces together and become the DEMOCRATIC DREAM TEAM!!

    They sould really be a perfect team because their strengths are completely opposite and hillary’s weaknesses are Obama’s strength vice versa. I think they really need each other and we, America, need all the help we can get to rescue this country so we need both of them.

    I just fear their continuing campaigning only puts a wedge between each of their fan base. Because if they do end up on the same ballot I hope America is willing to accept the other candidate they have not been supporting all along.

    OBAMA CLINTON 2009!!

  • Babs

    Guy, you certainly have a right to your beliefs, as we all do. But please don’t lose sight of the facts. Clinton has gone out of her way to not even comment on this situation, and I don’t believe anyone believes she’s attacked Wright or his church. She may be guilty of a lot of things, but you can’t tag her with this mess.

  • Hillary has been caught in yet another lie! How did she think she’d get away with saying she had landed under fire in Kosovo? What a dishonest person she is. We don’t need someone like that in the White House. She’s a liar. Obama’s a liar. We don’t need a liar in the White House. I hope the Dems continue to bloody each other’s noses and the Republicans run away with it. We don’t need a liar in the White House during these dangerous times!

  • Babs, unfortunately part of the reason Clinton might not be getting into this mess is that she and her husband also have connections to Jeremiah Wright, and that every presidential politician has had relations with at least a couple unsavory religious leaders in recent years.

  • Stalin


    I think the problem for Obama is that he has not quit the church. This is why he is getting pounded on this issue. I find it funny that people are up in arms about attacking Obama’s church, yet there was virtual silence when Mitt Romney was railroaded out of the race because of his church…

  • Babs

    Michael, not denying that one at all. Was commenting on Guy’s insinuation that Hillary initiated the bashing on Wright and the IRS investigation: “so she has to destroy his message, destroy his Pastor and Destroy his Church and Bring the IRS to Destroy the Denomination”. That’s what I was referring to, I believe it was Fox News that initiated the Wright controversy, wasn’t it?

  • The Clintons have taught their only child how to lie. When asked if she thought her mom or dad would be a better president, she lied and said she thought her mom would be a better president than her dad was. Bill even told the same lie while speaking to an Israeli reporter. You know Bill doesn’t think Hillary would be a better president. Now that his presidency is in the past Chelsea thinks it would help to tell this lie. The Clintons will say anything to get power and they’ve taught their child to do the same. Pathetic,!