Clinton/Obama Agree To More Debates Before Pennsylvania – Updated

Joy, we will all be privy to Democratic debate number 21 and 22 since both candidates are agreeing to two more debates before the Pennsylvania primary on Tuesday, April 22nd. No dates have been set yet but they will happen on ABC and CBS. I believe we’re talking about national network broadcasts, not just relegate to cable news.

Here’s the details from Political Radar:

ABC News’ Ed O’Keefe Reports: The dueling Democrats contending for the party’s crown will debate again.

Taking the stage for the 21st and possibly 22nd time, Sens. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., and Barack Obama, D-Ill., could debate at least twice more before the critical Pennsylvania primary on Tuesday, April 22.

Both candidates have accepted an ABC News debate in Philadelphia and Obama has accepted a similar invitation from CBS News to debate at a location to be determined in North Carolina.

The CBS News debate would be their first debate of the 2008 campaign season.

So far there are no dates for either debate, I’ll update our Full 2008 Debate Schedule when we get more details.

I’ll also post again when there are confirmed dates and put the schedule prominently on the site so you won’t miss them.


We have some dates now:

April 16, 2008Obama/Clinton debate on ABC from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April TBD, 2008 – Obama/Clinton debate on CBS from North Carolina

We’ll have more coverage as the dates near.

  • nzpudding

    I really hope Obama steps up to the plate in these debates, because as sure as bears shit in the woods, Hillary’s going to go to town on him.

  • Babs

    I hope they get equal treatment in them, so we don’t see another repeat of the SNL thing, as funny as it was. Let’s get serious, and raise the real issues. Time’s a wastin’, people.

  • Roger
  • Sunshine

    I want to hear the candidates discuss in more detail the horrific student loan situation. How will they help hard working citizens, like myself, whose mortgage payment is less then my student loan payment?!

  • jim

    Read these comments on Obama’s cousins website. his blogs interesting they should mention if Obama doesn’t get the election there will be burning in the us. Obama campaigned for him in Kenya, they lost.
    they rioted, killing people with machete’s , burning the church with women and children inside. Nice Family.
    and here:
    read comments # 14,15,16
    do your own search, use obama and his cousin’s name together, and you will be suprised on what the world knows.

  • The situation on the dem side has become a joke. Obama and Hillary are both liars. If either becomes president there won’t be any of the change they keep talking about. Hillary has lost her mind. She can’t even remember which lie she told last. Obama has hidden agendas. He’s not coming out and being truthful at all. Neither of these candidates is trustworthy. You can hope all the day long that Obama or Hillary will solve the country’s problems, but neither of them can or will. Seriously, I’d like to know what is really going on inside Obama’s head and in his heart. He’s not eager for anyone to find out. Don’t vote dem. The world is too dangerous.

  • I cannot believe that Obama would actually say that he doesn’t want his daughters to be punished with a child if they made a ‘mistake.’ How about teaching your daughters and sons to be accountable for their actions. How about instilling values in your children and teaching them that sexual relations outside of marriage is wrong. That’s the problem with so many people these days, they’re anti-consequence. When you do A, there’s a good chance B will happen. If B is not a good thing, then don’t do A. We make it way too easy for people to not take responsibility for their actions.

  • Babs

    It’s sad that he thinks a child is be a punishment in any circumstance, maybe he was made to feel he was a punishment to his parents? I agree, we make it way too easy, and I can’t believe that Obama would vote the way he has on abortions, either. He even voted that underage teens should not have to notify their parents when getting an abortion. Check his voting record. Family values out the window.

  • Babs,
    I totally agree. You know what else bugs me? I was reading today about all the people who are up in arms about Tibet and how China is handling this issue. I don’t like China’s human rights record, but the second a country tries to do anything about it, the same people who are screaming foul about human rights violations will start crying about the country who wants to change it. I think libs just want something to cry about.

  • Babs

    Larry, my problem with the really liberal candidates is that – in my mind – the very definition of liberalism means you’re open to a LOT of change. Which means to me that one is not only openminded, which is a good thing, but easily swayed, which is not. It gives a whole to meaning to that much used term “flip flop”. Like Obama trying to court NRA’ers now. Give me a break, there’s not that much spin in the world.

  • Scoop

    Only republicans post here? If you don’t like abortion, don’t get one. Why do these theological dictators want to control everyone else? You’re not so different from the religious politicians in the mideast. Why do humans want to live in a country where they are not free? Vote for McCain if you like the pro-war, pro-torture, pro-tap everyone’s phone republican dictatorship. Obama and Clinton both are offering the best hope for changing the direction America has been moving in. In this country you are free to vote for who you like and free to leave if you like another place better. Do it.

  • frankie

    babies are a punishment if your 11 or 12 years old.
    gimme a break – thats a life ruiner and noone can argue that point.

    also, clinton and mccain both seem to share ideas and wording when criticizing obama.
    doesn’t that scare some of you?