Pennsylvania Democrats Take Heat for Backing Obama

It is only six weeks before the Pennsylvania primary and already phone calls are ringing off the hook and politicians are getting harassed. Gov. Rendell has exerted a lot of support, both physically and financially, to maintain Hillary Clinton’s lead in the northeastern state. Yet there are defectors to his cause that are getting called “traitor” by fellow Democrats.

Angela Couloumbis of the Inquirer Harrisburg Bureau reports, March 13, 2008:

The April 22 primary will mark the first time in a generation that the state has had a genuine voice in selecting a presidential nominee.

And although Rendell has frequently said he believes Democrats will handily deliver a victory for Clinton – and he will dispatch a vast political and fund-raising machine to ensure that happens – there are fissures, particularly in key battlegrounds.

In Philadelphia and its suburbs, State Sen. Anthony Williams (D., Phila.), State Sen. Vincent Hughes (D., Phila.) and State Rep. Josh Shapiro (D., Montgomery) are all self-professed Obama fans.

Then there are State Sen. Vincent J. Fumo (D., Phila.), State Rep. Dwight Evans (D., Phila.), and State Rep. Greg Vitali (D., Delaware) – all uncommitted.

Beyond Philadelphia, there are Boscola and Senate Minority Leader Robert J. Mellow (D., Lackawanna). Both unabashedly back Obama.

“I respect the governor; he’s a good friend of mine,” Mellow said, “but I am for Obama. He is a breath of fresh air, and I think he represents the best chance for the country.”

Like other Obama supporters, Mellow has felt pressure – often not subtle – from the other side.

In the days leading up to Clinton’s rally Monday in Scranton – the county seat of the Lackawanna County district he represents – Mellow said he was “phone-called to death” by Clinton supporters.

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  • Sam Osborne

    A member of Hillary Clinton’s national campaign, Geraldine Ferraro, has publicly asserted, “If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position.” Hillary Clinton has been satisfied to brush aside this bigoted remark by saying no more than, “I do not agree.”

    Clinton’s mild rebuke of Ferraro’s bigoted assertion is in marked contrast to her tongue-clicking disapproval of Obama’s denunciation of Louis Farrakhan for an anti-Semitic remark. Clinton said, “We’ve got to be even stronger,” but apparently “stronger” words do not apply to her denunciation of racist remarks made by a member of her own campaign.

    So what say members of the Democratic Party of Pennsylvania? The leading Democrat, Gov. Ed Rendell, says of his state, “I think there are some whites who are probably not ready to vote for an African American candidate.”

    Pennsylvania Republicans from the time of the Great Emancipator Abe Lincoln and Quaker abolitionists have vigorously insisted that the color of a person’s skin in no way lessens an individual’s worth. In 1863 and far more trying times than these, Lincoln came to Pennsylvania and looked out on a war scared battlefield at Gettysburg and reminded the assembled mourners that our country is “dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

    Now as an interested nation looks on to the political tussle taking place in Pennsylvania, will Pennsylvanian Democrats affirm that a respect for the worth of all people extends well beyond an African-American performing well on the field of play in Penn State’s Beaver Stadium?

    When we vote we say as much about whom we are as we do about for whom we are voting.

  • jim

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