McCain, Obama, or Clinton, it’s all a Crapshoot!

In my opinion, they’re basically the same candidate with a different name. They’re all senators, none of them have executive experience, and they all, at times, become the media darling for their liberal views. Let me break this down by candidate so I can illustrate just how absurd the notion is that one of these candidates is “the lesser of the three evils”.

First of all, Barack Obama is a man with a short senate record and an Illinois state senate record that makes Hillary Clinton look “experienced”. He’s a very liberal politician who happens to be part African-American. Aside from that fact, he would be nowhere in this campaign and Geraldine Ferraro, bless her liberal heart, couldn’t be more correct. In fact, if Obama was white, the media would probably have done their job already in exposing his lack of experience and a message so fluffy it makes a marshmallow look like cement. Remember, Jimmy Carter was going to “change” Washington too. Obama has charisma and can captivate an audience. It’s very similar to a cute puppy playing with a tennis ball. Count me underwhelmed in giving the role as Commander-in-Chief.

Next, John McCain is basically a Democrat with an (R) next to his name. He’s not even running to the center yet and he’s made it clear from the onset of his campaign that, under his administration, waterboarding will just be an activity related to synchronized swimming rather than a tool for interrogating terrorists. Plus, he’s going to lead us all down the immoral road of “carbon credits” which, aside from lining Al Gore’s checkbook, will almost ensure that the government has to create a new “Department of Greenhouse Gasses” to administer and monitor our carbon footprints. In fact, aside from wanting to win in Iraq, it’s difficult to find many major issues where McCain differs from the Democratic Party. Finally, the icing on the cake, McCain has essentially warned all his campaign staffers that they dare not speak ill of his opponents. In other words, McCain wants to voluntarily lose in November. Hopefully he won’t impose the same restrictions when discussing al-Qaeda.

Oh wait, I forgot, McCain wants to make the congressmen sponsoring pork barrel spending “famous” by exposing their wasteful spending ways. That’s a great idea. Hopefully he’ll be as eager to expose radical Islam’s plan to take over the west but I won’t hold my breath.

Finally, the woman I’ve oft referred to as “the Devil in red”, Hillary Clinton. She supports all the same socialist programs that Obama does and she’s pretty keen on running against John McCain since he won’t attack her. A debate between Clinton and McCain would probably look like the debates between Clinton and Obama. The question will be illegal immigration and both candidates will agree on “comprehensive immigration reform”. Plus, they’ll both claim that that a wall “isn’t the solution”. At that point, they’ll realize they should just join forces and run a McCain/Clinton ticket. That way no one will be fooled into believing there is a Conservative Republican choice this time around.

In closing, I don’t mean to sound pessimistic but where are the candidates for the rest of us? Basically there is no candidate representing conservatives or libertarians. Instead we’re being asked to “rally” around John McCain and just pretend he doesn’t oppose conservative principles whenever the opportunity presents itself.

  • Dave

    The real difference is how the candidates will deal with other countries if/when they become the president, as well as how they will address the economy.

    When it comes to Iraq, what happens if things get better over there? What if things get worse? If staying in Iraq will upset the people over there, does that not encourage more terrorist activities against the USA by fundamentalists all around the world?

    When it comes to the economy, will any of the candidates push corporations to pull out of China and move their manufacturing either to the USA, Mexico, or Canada? If more manufacturing were pushed to Mexico, that MAY help reduce the number of immigrants(legal and illegal) from swarming into the USA, forcing the government to provide services in Spanish as well as English(which increases costs and will upset those who feel immigrants should learn OUR language rather than us being forced to learn theirs).

    And then there is the realistic approach to immigration that the candidates really need to look at. What sort of penalties should be imposed for hiring those here illegally? What about large companies that hire illegals? Would it be possible to require people to speak English in order to stay in this country? How difficult would it be to enforce any of these laws, since without enforcement, laws mean nothing? And finally, what should be done if someone is caught in this country who is not here legally? Sending them back home at our expense so they can return later really does not make sense. Do we need to “tag” those caught in this country illegally so we can monitor them via a GPS and make sure they do not re-enter the country?

  • Babs

    CG, does being a conservative mean that you must always follow a conservative path to a conservative solution, even if that path might be the wrong one in any given situation? To me, departmentalizing candidates as “liberal” or “conservative” is restrictive when we’re asking them to solve a multitude of problems. It’s just labels, like categorizing them as “Designer Labels” or “knock offs”. And I think you would consider liberals the knock offs, right? =)

  • Teri

    Hi GC, there is just one comment that I would make. I do feel that McCain is indeed a “democrat in Republican clothing”, however, his voting record has been consistently more conservative than Barack’s or Hillary’s. This would make him indeed the “lesser evil”. I will be holding my nose in November nevertheless.

  • KathyRay

    RE: “McCain, Obama, or Clinton, it’s all a Crapshoot!”

    Well said… Its a Sh-TShoot… I don’t have a Dog in this race

  • It’s not a crapshoot. On one hand you have Billary lying to no end. Obama harboring secrets that are sure to keep coming out and on the other hand you have a war hero who is looking to do the right thing. Sure, he’s a little less conservative than some would like him to be, but there’s no comparison between the dems and McCain. Hill has proven she will say or do anything if it means winning. Obama has hurt himself and will continue to do so till Nov. We’re left with one choice. Like it or not, McCain is on his way. Especially, if the dems keep bloodying each other’s noses every day.