Video: Obama Responds to The Ferraro Race Remarks

After his win in Mississippi, Obama made the media rounds where he was asked about the comments made by Clinton surrogate adviser Geraldine Ferraro concerning Obama’s race.

Here’s his full interview this morning from ABC News:

His response: My race is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage.

  • Uri

    It’s ridiculous how usually the frontrunners against crime and corruption are the ones doing it themselves.
    Utterly disgusting. Im glad hes resigning.

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  • James Moats

    I think it’s interesting that after the discussion of race and Geraldine Ferraro’s remarks, the interviewer can only come up with basketball legend Michael Jordan to use as an analogy for hard work and “taking it to the hoop”… We’ve got serious problems in this country.

  • Michael

    Amen to that James.