Geraldine Ferraro Steps Down From Clinton Campaign Following Comments

This news is just coming in and isn’t all that surprising. As reported yesterday, Ferraro had made the comment that Obama wouldn’t be where he is today without his race. Obama responded earlier today as well.

Story on the resignation from Reuters:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former Democratic vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro stepped down on Wednesday from her finance position with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, a campaign spokesman said.

The decision came after Ferraro, the only woman to run on a major U.S. party’s presidential ticket, said Clinton’s rival, Barack Obama, would not be ahead in the Democratic presidential race if he was not black.

Ferraro was a member of the campaign’s finance committee and raised funds for Clinton’s White House bid, the campaign spokesman said.

So it’s basically running 1 to 1 now. An Obama campaign adviser makes a comment calling Hillary Clinton a “monster”, she ends up stepping down. In return, Ferraro makes a comment and also ends up stepping down.

This stuff really isn’t productive to the campaign nor do they speak to the issues.

  • Robert

    I don’t see how her comments are racist; there are African American scholars who agree:

  • Rachel

    *Because*, if a scholar makes that comment it’s just a scholar making a comment, but when a senior member of a political campaign makes a comment it’s only done as a way to bring race as a wedge issue into the campaign.

    And it’s utterly disingenuous to suggest otherwise. It’s also completely transparent and no-one’s fooled. The sad thing is, it’s almost as if people don’t *need* to be fooled as to the motives to be led by it.

  • Rachel

    Just to add – it’s of a piece with the release of that picture of Obama in Somali gear. Everyone with any intelligence knows the picture means nothing more than the traditional courtesy done by any political visitor. But for a losing campaign to throw it into the media whirlygig days before primaries where the votes of older low-income white males are a big factor, is a blatantly political act. That’s why people talk about that being a smear even though the fact of his dressing that way (once) is undisputed. It’s *why* it was done and *when*.

    I mean, even if i *was* an older low-income white male and even if I was racist as well, I think I’d be sufficiently pissed at such a blatant attempt to manipulate me, and the *assumption* that I was racist, as to do the other thing just to be ornery. But then, I guess I don’t really get how older low-income white male racists think. 🙂

  • Len

    If Barack Obama were white he’d have had this nomination sewn up months ago. Mrs. Clinton had best thank her lucky stars that he happens to be black.

  • Jared

    Why does it have to be about race all of a sudden? Why can’t someone vote for a candidate that shares their stance on the different issues facing this country. I realize that looks play a role in politics but saying that a candidate’s supporters are voting for that person simply because of their race is an insult to the candidate, the supporters, and a whole race of people. Obama has said that he wants to focus on the issues at hand and I agree with him. This is old politics at play. We don’t need to tar and feather Ferraro, we just need to simply move on but boy does the media keep on hitting on this issue.

  • Michael

    Jared, it has never not been about race. Race is at the heart of identity politics and is also there. It is just sometimes moving in the background. People in the South complain that racism exists in California and the northern states, but it is just not blatant. It’s hidden, and for a large part they’re correct.

    Ferraro’s comments were racist. I have to laugh when someone like Keith Olbermann or Ferraro start with a line like, “this is not racist, but…” There is a reason for this hesitation.

    The media mostly has been ineffective at targeting and assessing the power race plays in the election. They aren’t “hitting on the issue,” they’re hitting around it.

  • Nisey01

    It’s apparent that rules are made to be broken from the looks of the Clinton‘s campaigning. The Clinton campaign have betrayed America to the fullest in all efforts. It goes to show that America is merely a joke to her. Her entire political campaigning goes to show from her actions that anything goes in America for choice sectors. How can America allow this female to ponderously distort our country via lies, deceit, mistrust and show no respect for our country. Apparently, her advisors felt that if she could do it, then so could they, in which Geraldine Ferrara just decided to voice her opinion as a result. Hilliary needs to be disqualified. She is constantly stirring up stink making the democratic party look aweful to the American people. Sure Geraldine resigned but, not before getting her point across. The damage is already done. This campaign needs to be closely monitored that occurrences of this caliber doesn’t easily continue to happen. A slap on the wrist for every time this happens appears to make me think that this is exactly what the people in charge wants to happen to distract Obama. Clinton has ponderously bought shame on this country. It’s sad and very unethical. Then too , this could be a part of politics to keep Obama from acquiring the seat, who knows, except those in the game. In all efforts, I still support Obama to the fullest and I admire his audacity to continue in all efforts to politic with the best interests of the American people as a whole. After speaking with so many fellow Americans they commend Obama on a job well done as far as staying out of the Clinton drama and/or even responding to her in any form or fashion other than respectful. We sense that Obama sincerely have much love and concern for America to have to deal with the mess of Hilliary’s campaign, yet continue to soar above it like an eagle to great heights. Something that this world and our future generations really need to see in the midst of this corrupted world and it’s abundance of problems. Last, but not least , it appears as though those in charge embrace this corruption , solely to keep Obama out of office. Merely to put McCain in office, should Obama continue abreast. Politics manifesting at it’s best, I’d suppose.

  • AND…. what did she “think” was going to happen? If she did in fact HONESTLY think this was going to be left untouched then she does NOT deserve to be anywhere near a possible presidential election. Can you imagine what she might say in a foreign relations situation… gosh I’m glad she LOST when she ran for VP…. ugh. I do not care HOW she said it.. or what “context” it was said in…. it was a very unethical and horrible thing to say and there is NO WAY she meant anything but what people think she meant… and they obviously said…. take a hike lady…. as Ms. C told her….. you are HISTORY lady…. what an idiot. I’ve said some pretty stupid things…. but I’m not in the political spotlight… can you imagine Obama say about Ms. C…. oh she is just where she is because she is “WHITE”….. and she is just there cause she is “WHITE” and a “WOMAN”…. now there is the kiss of death for Obama~~~~ STUPID POLITICIANS… might as well go pay someone for sex….. oh wait……. that already happened…… A g a i n~~~~~ ugh…

  • Hirom McFarland

    Geeraldine Ferraro,
    As hard as you have fought and all that you have accomplished
    do not let this statement stop you. Get back in there and go
    for the gold. You have earned everything you have worked for
    and if someone thinks that said the wrong thing due to Obama being black, so be it. Do not let that stop you. I have followed you for many years and find you to be a honest woman who tells it like it is. I will vote for you in a “heartbeat.” Thank you.
    Hirom McFarland

  • Robert

    Is it racist to make an analysis on the effects of race relations? If so, then every sociologist who ever lived was a racist.

    Certainly, there is a conflict of interest in Ferraro’s case, but I think the readiness with which people are labeled “RACIST”–with all the career-ending devil that implies–should be scorned as much as real racism itself.

    Willy-nilly labeling of racists merely waters down the severity of the historical problems. Obama, himself being a “conservative black,” recognizes this as well.

  • nzpudding

    I don’t think she’s a racist, but her comments had a definite uncomfortable racial tone to them.